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16 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    This was revelation knowledge…

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    Very interesting take by Jethani, and I agree 100%. I too get afraid. Good reminder.

  3. Dan from Georgia says:

    my bad…not just a take. But dang truth!

  4. Michael says:

    There are a ton of things I’m afraid of right now…and I have to keep reminding myself that Jesus is in my boat.
    Our job as clergy is to constantly remind us all of that truth…not that we’re all doomed.

  5. Em says:

    Michael @11:17….amen
    An odd question here
    I’ve been wondering at just how we arrive in Paradise, IF our mortal bodies decay in an earthly grave? ? ?
    Disembodied spirits or ? ? ?

  6. Dread says:

    Absent from body – present with LORD

    Bodies are for resurrected life

  7. AA says:

    That was good.

  8. Duane Arnold says:

    On the issue of fear, I always heard that, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

  9. Em says:

    Thanks, Pastor Dreadd….
    Are we, then, disembodied spirits in the interim? ? ?

  10. Em says:

    2 teachings,as I understand them troubleme…
    1 the soul sleep of the SDAs
    2 the LDS teaching of each man getting his ow.n planet for Eternity? ? ?

  11. Michael says:

    “Are we, then, disembodied spirits in the interim? ? ?”


    Those other teachings shouldn’t trouble you unless you are an Adventist or a Mormon…

  12. Em says:

    Point taken, Michael…. Thanks

  13. Officerhoppy says:

    The most difficult thing about retirement, at least for me, is getting used to being a nobody. No emails, no phone calls, no sense of purpose, no voice. I’ll eventually adjust, but for now, it’s a difficult transition

  14. Michael says:


    As I wind down, I actually look forward to being a “nobody”. I’ve never been fully present where I actually was…always had one eye on the blog and another on my phone. I was somebody, but I wasn’t me. On the other hand, I’m very introverted so it all took a big toll on me…

  15. Dread says:


    EXACTLY, 100% …I totally understand so I am learning to simply abide … Finding a new life trying to simply be a child of God detached from any functional status.

  16. JD says:

    I’ve been a nobody for some time, but I thank God for the great honor and privilege of belonging to the community of saints known as the offscouring of the world.

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