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  1. bob1 says:

    According to this historian who specializes in Christian nationalism, there’s a “new” brand of fanatical Christianity appearing lately. She calls them “Spirit Warriors.” At least to me, explains a lot. Not a fan of the article’s graphics — really stupid — but I don’t think her audience is the church…

  2. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    OUP has a book out about Making Christianity Manly Again

    Starting into it and I gotta say I think people would be better off reading Jessica Johnson’s Biblical Porn so far. Read the Johnson book first, then the Brad Vermurlen Reformed Resurgence. The new OUP book has half a dozen claims in the first dozen pages that I systematically disproved so it’s disappointing to see those claims repeated in a book published by OXford University Press. 🙁

    There’s simply no substitute for going to primary sources and doing fact-checking.

    Of course it hardly helps that Driscoll and company of redacted and purged so much of his content and the old mirror sites that had the Mars Hill contact vanished into being replaced by slot game sites and you-don’t-wanna-know sites.

    Between the Cosper CT series and the new OUP book I’m wishing people who were actually at Mars Hill could put together some books. I used to think I could do that but I’ve got no energy to try tackling that since Lief Moi’s death and a death closer to home in the last few months. But if someone else wanted to write a book I’d be open to helping network, dig things up, etc.

    It’s becoming clearer that the father away from events he gets the more spectacularly unreliable Driscoll’s accounts have been getting. He probably believes what he’s saying, which makes it worse.

    I am really grateful the interminable slog of the CT podcast is finally over. At most half of those episodes will be useful for any future historians of Mars Hill wanting to draw on thoughts from David Nicholas’ widow and Dan Allender on the founding of Acts 29 without Driscoll and Allender’s thoughts on being plagiarized by Driscoll respectively … but there was a ton of chaff to sift through for that wheat.

  3. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    I gotta say, since last December I’ve finally gotten around to Paul Dini and Alan Burnett’s new Batman: The Adventures Continue run building on the BTAS continuity and it’s really good!

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