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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Linnea says:

    How are you, CK?

  3. Hi Linnea. Better than I deserve, that’s for sure. How are you and yours?

  4. PP Vet says:

    Tebow ….

  5. Tebow will be alright. I think he saw this coming. The quote I posted yesterday made me think he knew.

  6. Michael says:

    I will never understand the phenomena that is Tim Tebow. I was more surprised that Vince Young was cut as he can actually play the position at times.
    Tebow will find a good job in broadcasting.

  7. Linnea says:

    CK-we’re doing good, enjoying the sometimes fall air (not today–downright hot!). I have young hens and they will start laying soon– I’ve enjoyed seeing them grow up and I’m looking forward to fresh eggs 🙂

  8. erunner says:

    Music is up for the week so feel free to drop by. Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

  9. Haven’t had farm-fresh eggs in years.

  10. Good stuff, erunner!

  11. Nonnie says:

    Our little JOY Place ministry is having our Sept. service tomorrow. Prayers are appreciated!

  12. Michael says:

    “Justification is the truly dramatic transition from the status of a condemned criminal awaiting a terrible sentence to that of an heir awaiting a fabulous inheritance.”
    J.I. Packer

  13. Jtk says:

    Such a good Packer quote, Michael!

    WHO do you think the world and/or the church would have the hardest time with their conversion in 2013?
    Modern day Sauls->Pauls

    Abortion clinic workers?

    Gay people (for the world? For the church?)

  14. Michael says:


    I defer to Dr. Packer on that question…
    He left the Church of England because he felt that by accepting the sin of homosexual behavior, the church denied the Gospel to gay people.
    You won’t repent if you don’t think you’re in sin.

  15. Linnea says:

    or God will use Tebow’s notoriety as he used Eric Liddell’s moment…parlaying his NFL experience into a chance to share the gospel. I like that outcome more.

  16. I like the gracious response he just posted on FB. All the failures he has been through lately and he still shows class, grace and trust in the Lord.

  17. Rob Murphy says:

    #14- the simple goodness of Packer’s demonstration of truth and conviction, tied to logic and Scripture, driven completely by love.
    Love is the most critical casualty in the war of politically correct fascism.

  18. Wary says:

    Kenneth Copeland reportedly says, “Avoid vaccinations.”

    Surprise, surprise: measles outbreak at Kenneth’s church.

    What a shocker.

    Money quote: “Health officials in Oklahoma, describing measles as capable of “spreading like wildfire,”

  19. PP Vet says:

    Tebow is an example of something we see more of lately: decent, humble, likeable Christians thrust into the limelight where their essential Christlikeness is put on display. The women that talked to the school gunman is another. How deeply encouraging.

  20. “Tebow is an example of something we see more of lately: decent, humble, likeable Christians thrust into the limelight where their essential Christlikeness is put on display”

    I was thinking the same thing. Good stuff there.

  21. So was Kareem Abdul Jabbar – all those years he was a likeable Muslim who put his Allahlikeness on display. So was Bobby Moore when he became Ahmad Rashad and married Mrs. Huxtable.

    Tim Tebow is a bore. If I want to listen to a preacher, I will go to church. He took his eye off football and gave a poor testimony to his god given vocation. He was called to quarterback and lead – not preach.

  22. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. Ready for this. The First Question…the one he has been running from all his life. Doctor who?

  23. Well, MLD, I will go ahead and like him anyways.

    I know it is de rigueur to hate on celebrity Christians, but I see a real Christian, in Tebow, that is trying to live his faith through the Spirit’s help.
    He is a man like any of us and has his faults, but don’t we all.

    We can only do things in our chosen profession?
    That doesn’t seem to be working out for Tebow.
    Instead I have seen, in a time of trouble for him, he says that whatever happens that he trusts in the Lord.
    I hope that in a time of trouble in my own life that I could do that through the Spirit’s help.
    Sorry, never heard him preach a whole lot.
    Just heard him saying things we all need to be saying and living by the Spirit of God.

  24. Derek,
    What about the good Muslim athlete. Does he get your admiration also? For his play or his Muslim witness.

    I didn’t say I hate Tebeow … I don’t think of him any differently than the poor caliber QBs on my Raiders .. who I can’t even name.

  25. MLD,
    I don’t even follow football.
    I like Tebow, because of Jesus in him.
    If you can point out Jesus in that Muslim, maybe I will extol his virtues.

    I will be waiting on that. No pointing out good works, ’cause I see where you are coming from. This ain’t my first rodeo here.

  26. PP Vet says:

    Just for the record, Jabbar is considered brittle and unlikable, and Rashad has moved on to the next wife.

    Although I have always felt Jabbar should be in the greatest-of-all-time discussions more prominently than he typically is.

    Muslims in my limited experience can be very pious. My own religion demands that I stand out for being loving, which is a wonderful daily challenge.

  27. Michael says:

    I don’t think preaching affected his football.
    He simply has limitations as a passer that don’t work on this level.
    There are a lot of Christians in the NFL…Adrian Peterson on my Vikings.
    Tebow tapped something…and I don’t really understand what it was.
    I’m guessing he filled a void we have for heroes we can identify with…and that’s a good thing.

  28. I don’t like it when ball players cross themselves when they come to the plate or point to the sky when they get a hit.

    I think Muslims who change their name give a great witness to their faith.

    Michael, i wasn’t speaking about Tebow formally preaching – just his general “preachy attitude.) Plus i hate all those southeastern schools. 🙂

  29. Michael says:

    Tarkenton to Rashad…when he played for us, I didn’t care if he worshipped a goat.
    He was really good.

  30. I don’t follow football, but I know why everyone hates those southeastern schools. But. I won’t go there. 😉
    At least all my National Guard buddies are happy. My unit was in Oxford, MS and Ole Miss won their game yesterday.

  31. Derek, I like Ole Miss from back in the Archie Manning days

    Michael, you should like Rashad from before that when he was at the University of Oregon.

  32. Michael says:

    Nobody gave a rats rear end about Oregon football until Nike bought the team.
    I still follow the Vikings much more fervently than the Ducks.

  33. Friend of mine has all three signatures on one Ole Miss helmet, Archie, Eli and Peyton.

    The sad thing is, all my friends have high hopes every season lately, but Ole Miss hasn’t really done all that well for a while.

    A lot of “Hotty Toddy” to start the season on FB and then it usually degenerates into getting mad at the coach.

    I have just never gotten all that big into sports myself.

  34. Well, just got disappointed. Initial reports had said that some of the Classic Doctors were participating in the 50th Anniversary Special, but now it appears the BBC has wussed out on that.
    I was looking forward to seeing Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy. 🙁

  35. Shaun Sells says:

    Victory Lap Bragging – As of yesterday AM, I have lost 50#’s since June.

    Now comes the harder task – maintaining it.

  36. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    “I will never understand the phenomena that is Tim Tebow. I was more surprised that Vince Young was cut as he can actually play the position at times.
    Tebow will find a good job in broadcasting.”

    Tebow is awful as a QB. I think the fascination with him is that he is Lilly White, Good Loooking and has an “awe shucks” qaulity about him. Still pays to be white and good looking in the this country. He fits the Cultural Christian archetype of the good looking boy next door who doesn’t say anything of substance. He took the cowards way out when he refused to preach at that Church in Texas in fear of the Homosexual’s. So he is really not much of an inspiration for me. Instead I will take a guy like Ray Lewis who inspires his teammates with awesome emotion. They don’t admire Ray because he is perfect as his mistakles are well documented but the love Ray because he loves and he cares and he has passion and he is a Man’s Man.

  37. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Me too being Viking fan am excited for the season and I have no use for the local Hollywood College teams such as USC (University of Spoiled Children)_

  38. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Could someone explain to me why so many Christians have a problem with this?

  39. I didn’t even know that was a pressing issue, SolRod.
    You are sort of race focused aren’t you.

  40. “Could someone explain to me why so many Christians have a problem with this?”

    This is what the typical race baitor like SolRod does.

    SolRod, I saw nothing in the article that said Christians have a problem with this. As usual you cater to scum. No wonder you can’t find a church home.

  41. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    alot of presumtions there guys; I say this because on Facebook some of my brethren from Calvary Chapel were up in arms over this.

  42. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    “SolRod, I saw nothing in the article that said Christians have a problem with this. As usual you cater to scum. No wonder you can’t find a church home”

    I already have a church home, who said I was looking for one?

  43. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Just because my church home doesn’t have an expensive mortgage or stained glass windows. A church home is the brethren not the building.

  44. Come on, you don’t tell the truth. You are always complaining because you have to leave you house church because the leaders asks for money … or the one time one of them wante ed you to fill out a pledge card.

  45. London says:

    Congratulations Shaun!!
    Way to Go!!

  46. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Yes MLD You caught me

    I left ONE home church cuz of $ and a Pledge. Glad you remember tho cuz it means you care ♡

  47. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    And yes I bitch and complain a lot

  48. Shaun – I just got on the scale … I found your 50lbs. 🙂

    OK, the wife and I are off to our local Native American Mission Center – to support the indigent Native American. Some have also called this place a casino. 🙂

  49. PP Vet says:

    The average net QB rating of eight great QBs (Montana Elway Brady Aikman Brees P_Manning E_Manning Rodgers) over the first equivalent two or so years of their careers is a couple points lower than Tim Tebow’s (73 vs 75).

    Is it possible to pull out some single statistic to create a misleading impression about any player? Yes.

    Is the QB rating perfect? No.

    But as a general indicator, the QB rating is respected. And the facts indicate that Tim Tebow is an effective quarterback.

  50. Bob says:


    A problem with what?

    No the fact Tebow keeps getting cut, I do have a problem with that!

  51. Michael says:

    If any NFL coach believed that Tebow could help them win, he’d have a job.
    It’s just that simple.
    Faith is irrelevant to the job description.
    The guy is a horrible passer…and the NFL is now a passing league.

  52. Linnea says:

    Would you like a woman’s perspective on football? Who cares? The mid-East is erupting, our economy remains in shambles, but God is still on His throne. I realize football is a nice distraction, but so is fiction and shopping 🙂

  53. Scott says:

    “If any NFL coach believed that Tebow could help them win, he’d have a job.
    It’s just that simple.
    Faith is irrelevant to the job description.
    The guy is a horrible passer…and the NFL is now a passing league.”

    So, I wonder if those same assertions could be applied to anyone out of a job?

    Just fill in the vocation…

  54. Michael says:

    Tebow got to audition his skills and he’s judged solely on those skills, not his age, sex, or other factors.

  55. Linnea says:

    I embrace being ignored….had lots of practice here….

  56. Michael says:


    It’s Sunday…people are out and lots of folks on vacation.
    Football, I know.
    Dont read fiction and can’t afford to shop. 🙂
    You are valued here…

  57. Fiction is a good distraction for me.
    Reading Stephen Hunter’s “The Third Bullet” at the moment.

  58. London says:

    Don’t read fiction? 😯

  59. Nonnie says:

    Linnea, my eyes glazed over with all the football talk. But I wanted you to know I heard you!!! I’m just now catching up here.

  60. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I love my football but hate the way Roger Goddell is pussyfying the league

  61. Linnea says:

    Thanks, All…. Nonnie, hope the Joy Place went well today 🙂 I’m contemplating what I contribute, what is important in US conversation and what the Lord desires…

  62. PP Vet says:

    Same thing was true of Warren Moon and Doug Flutie. Quarterbacks who could not get a job because the conventional wisdom was against them.

    It is always safe to hide behind the conventional wisdom.

  63. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Tim Tebow couldn’t hold Warren Moons jock strap

  64. Tebow should go play in Canada and show the NFL that they were wrong – like Moon and Flutie. Look, Kurt Warner went and play Arena football to better himself into a NFL QB.

    I guess now we will see if Tebow really wants to play.

  65. Scott says:

    “Tim Tebow couldn’t hold Warren Moons jock strap”…or, Warren’s arrest record.

  66. Reporting back on my #48 above, we delivered enough funds to feed a couple of families for the week.

  67. Dave Sloane says:

    Proud of you Shaun! I rejoice with you.

    Not an easy task, persistence and patience along with perseverance got you there and will also keep you there.

    Stay active and look at stairs and walks as a form of exercise.

    I used to hate the stairs and used the escalator or elevator when available. Now I choose the stairs every time knowing that it is really good exercise for me.

    Metabolism maintenance = activity.

    Just something so simple as stairs helped me lose a few pounds each week. I always park as far from the front door of the supermarket or where ever I am parking so that I can have a bit of extra walking.

    It works for me.

  68. Nonnie says:

    Thank you, Linnea! The JOY Place service was wonderful. Each time I am thrilled to see the folks coming, most have their carers bringing them. Their faces light up at the opportunity to be a part of the worship service, to be acknowledged and reminded that they are precious to Jesus. During our prayer time, we pass around a Bible. Anyone who wants to pray for something or thank God for something raises their hand and they are given the Bible to hold. We have been teaching them that God speaks His truth to us through His holy word, the Bible, and He wants us to speak to Him. Holding the Bible is a tangible way of emphasising their relationship with Christ. Thank you to all that prayed for the JOY Place.

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