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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    The real question about the Tullian comeback is this – why do evangelical churches have this constant need for guest pastors?
    In my 10 plus years at my church we have never had a guest pastor. Those who have filled the pulpit have been other staff pastors or the once a year from the district president.

    They feed the beast.

  2. Dallas says:

    This was just posted by a friend of mine this morning, thought I would share.

    May the Force Repel You

  3. Dallas says:

    Oh wow, it’s up there. If you added it thanks… and actually even if it was just there to begin with and I missed it, thanks. Good read.

  4. Jean says:

    Why does anyone care about Jen Hatmaker? Or, for that matter, the woman dating Wambach?

  5. Dallas says:

    The Ed Stetzer article on evangelicals seems a little “adventures in missing the point”. There are a bunch of people out there right now that think that who are not going to be persuaded by an article on what an evangelical is. You don’t get out of this misconception (if it even is one) by explaining yourself, it’s more complicated than that, and it’s a complication that I saw a lot of people predict before the election. Even if you weren’t one of the ones that made the bed, it is one that you will have to lay in.

  6. Duane Arnold says:

    People identified as “evangelical” seem to be very concerned about what to call themselves these days…

    As for me, post-CCCM, post-Shiloh, post-Charismatic, post-Calvinist, post-Lutheran, post-Anglican, post-Evangelical, etc., … all seems a bit difficult.

    I think I will simply try to stick with “Christian”…

  7. Bob Sweat says:


    Most churches today have only one pastor, which means guest pastors are called to speak when the pastor is away.

  8. Jean says:


    You wrote: “As for me, post-CCCM, post-Shiloh, post-Charismatic, post-Calvinist, post-Lutheran, post-Anglican, post-Evangelical, etc., … all seems a bit difficult.”

    I thought “post-Lutheran” is the Parousia. 🙂

  9. Erunner says:

    I’m guessing these guest speakers such as Tullian don’t do it for free???

  10. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Bob Sweat – I think these churches that afford the ‘guest’ pastors have more folks on staff.

    I just remember how CC did it – you never, never saw the Jr pastor preach on Sunday. If the CC Pastor was gone, he called in one of his heavyweight buddies to sub for him — most likely the pastor was at some other Big Guy’s church. I think they figured out a way to double dip – get paid at their church and collect a fee at the church they visited.

  11. Potatoehead says:

    Actually Chuck Smith Got paid by the church, but then put the entire pay check into the church offering.

    And he paid a few people’s bills and for a few people’s medical expenses.

    Chuck was a complex man, tighter than two coats of paint and yet generous beyond what you could imagine.

    I personally have been on the brunt of the thrifty side of him and I have been on the incredible generous side of him.

  12. Potatoehead says:

    Duane sounds like God made you a man of much experience.

  13. j2theperson says:

    The article about how to help a friend who’s struggling with mental health issues was supremely unhelpful. Simply not having “stigma” around mental health is not going to help people get better. People with mental health issues do need help from those around them, but they also need to take responsibility for themselves and they need to work at getting better. A person can have a ton of help from caring and patient family and friends, but still not get better. Just because they haven’t gotten better doesn’t mean stigma surrounding mental health issues was to blame.

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