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  1. Michael says:

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about…mandates would be political suicide.

    Those of us with multiple co-morbidities who will mask in public places will soon learn that there will be a price to pay to just avoid the bugs…and will become more and more isolated to avoid the public backlash.

    Some already have…people who had nothing to do with lockdowns or mandates but do have the misfortune of being vulnerable in a time when politics trumps tolerance.

    We live in a cruel and graceless society here in this “Christian” nation…

  2. Nonnie says:

    I have no problem with people with co=morbidities to wear masks that (possibly) can protect them. Wear one, if you need to I certainly want people to feel as safe as possible. . I’m wondering though, ….did you wear one before 2020? What changed? There were people with co-morbidities before 2020 and no one was demanding that everyone else wear masks.

  3. Michael says:


    I think it was 2009 when there some flu pandemic and everyone at work wore a mask for about three months.

    I lost half a lung in 2012 and was advised to wear one whenever I was in a public place during flu season…I’m prone to pneumonia which could kill me now.

    I started wearing one in the pharmacy last week and immediately had to deal with the “Do Not Comply” zealots while standing in line waiting for an inhaler.

    I’m having everything delivered now…all the liberty warriors don’t give a damn about mine.

  4. Michael says:

    What’s actually happened is that masks are now a symbol and political billboard.

    Whoever came up with that is a political and divisive genius…instead of addressing the grave mistakes made during the pandemic and preparing for the next one, we’ll just keep demonizing each other until we run out of ammo.

  5. Nonnie says:

    Well, I would never say anything to someone wearing a mask, but I draw that line at that person demanding that I wear one. I affirm you wearing whatever you need to, to protect your health, but I will not wear a mask simply to virtue signal that I am a “good person.” You know I care for you, but I also know you know that me wearing a silly cloth mask does nothing to help you.

  6. Michael says:


    We can do dueling studies about masks, but until they became politicized they were an accepted and expected part of health care.

    I do not know one single ,solitary human being who wears a mask to “virtue signal”…they just don’t want to get sick.

    They do anything, however small, to keep life.

    They are in for a terrible time.

  7. Nonnie says:

    I affirm you completely wearing a mask. If the mask protects you, i am happy that it does. Just don’t demand that I wear one. {I see healthy blue and green haired 20 and 30 somethings wearing masks all the time here in the university city I live in. It is definitely virtue signalling .}

  8. Michael says:

    I mainly deal with 55-85 year olds who want to stay alive.

    So…I need to think about this.

    If you see folks are wearing masks to virtue signal…what virtue are they signaling?

    Care for other human beings?

    Compliance with mandates and institutions?

    There are no current mandates I’m aware of and young people are usually at odds with institutions.

    What are they actually demonstrating?

    Perhaps there is more than one reason for what you see?

    Maybe, just maybe…the world isn’t painted in black and white on this issue either.

  9. filistine says:

    I not only survived the first week of school with students, it was actually a good, productive week. Starting with optimism instead of dread is worth gold. Now if I can stay healthy and upright… 🙂

  10. Michael says:


    May God allow you stay both optimistic and upright… 🙂

  11. filistine says:

    I provided my students with masks because we were sanding reclaimed tongue and groove boards for a wall we were finishing–they, to a person, refused to wear them. I explained why I was providing them–dust from the wood and old varnish could be hazardous for their lungs–but no dice. So I moved the sanding spot to a breezy area across the parking lot to at least minimize the potential intake. I sense they are overly sensitized to the discomfort of mask wearing even when it is advisable, even safer. They really didn’t like the mandates and now can’t see past it for their own benefit. I wore one–not just as an example, but because I’m 65 and need to be cautious about what I breathe in. They seemed cool with that, but I hope their stance will soften with time and explanation.

  12. filistine says:

    I spent a lot of years breathing in bondo dust, paint fumes, and fine particulates from sanding auto and truck paint and find it miraculous my lungs are as clear and healthy as they are. But I’m not going to bet against the house anymore–masks and respirators regardless.

    This has been a hobby and sideline business since I graduated High School. Like I have a lot of spare time to do it…

  13. Michael says:

    Here’s what I think I’m seeing.

    Many people are rightly angry about many things that happened during the pandemic.

    Huge mistakes were made through either incompetence or avarice or both.

    Because we have no leaders in the church or politically calling people to come together and discuss what happened and prepare wisely for the next round we simply take shots at each other and the ubiquitous “them”.

    People demonize masking even though my doctor wore one during flu season on the 60’s.
    My vet informed me that some of the faithful now refuse to vaccinate their pets…because vaccines= bad.
    People choked on forest fire smoke because masks=bad.

    Scorning masks and putting a “Do Not Comply” sign up on Facebook is also virtue signalling…because anything is better than an actual discussion to solve issues.

  14. Michael says:


    I would think wearing a mask while woodworking would be common sense…but what do I know?

  15. filistine says:

    Funny thing about my students is that they will wear ugly-ass, uncomfortable, foggy goggles over their eyes to protect their vision from flying debris when using the chop saw, but won’t protect their lungs from inhaled garbage. Evidently vision & blindness is a more immediate sale where infection or lung compromise is over the horizon…

  16. filistine says:

    common sense is a rarity anymore…

    you are correct about it.

  17. Michael says:


    We live in strange times…I’m glad I get to stay home most of the time.
    I just don’t have what it takes to deal with all this mess…

  18. The New Victor says:

    “My vet informed me that some of the faithful now refuse to vaccinate their pets…because vaccines= bad.”

    That’s horrible!

    Fil- I’m surprised that it isn’t a safety policy that can be enforced with prejudice. I’m responsible for multiple labs in private industry and we can lock out anyone who violates policy (then good luck doing your job!). It used to be a Chem labs in my previous role, but the nastiest stuff went away. Now the most danger is working with high voltage. I’m surprised that your procedures aren’t reviewed and enforced by the school nurse.

  19. filistine says:

    TNV–my district doesn’t even have a single nurse in any building! We are in the process of building a clinic on school property that will serve the district and community. My procedures are similar to those in the metal and woodshops, but I agree with you that safety is a priority that needs to be emphasized consistently and rigorously.

  20. The New Victor says:

    I’d ask what would happen if you were to enforce it on your own, but I think I know the answer: you wouldn’t be supported.

    Having been in my industry for 31 years now, I’ve heard horror stories from “the old days” about people who didn’t take safety seriously. I’ve seen my share of accidents as well. Last year, I learned of an accident at another site where an engineering tech (who should have known better) took a battery pack for a lawn tool into work to charge in order to do a favor for a neighbor. He hooked it up directly to power. It overheated and started a fire. Chargers have circuits for a reason! Other lab personnel, quick thinking, used gloves and tossed the battery into a nearby temp chamber and slammed the door closed. The battery exploded. Safety and $ damaging a $15k temp chamber. Oy vey…

  21. Linn says:

    I am masking up at school because I sent home two sick kids at the beginning of the week who had COVID. There are so many new cases of COVID in my area that it’s almost impossible to pick up a test at your local pharmacy.
    I am coming to the conclusion that some in the world are just not using common sense. I will let them think what they want and politely carry on. My area is probably more pro in terms of masks.
    By the way, there is nothing worse, in my opinion, than accusing people of virtue signaling if they wash their hands frequently, wear a mask, get a shot, or anything else that is medically considered a way to protect oneself. As an adolescent I had to use a cane due to my limp (not cool). People would often come up to me and tell me I didn’t need it. They had no idea how tired I got after walking a block without it, the fact that I would never have managed the walk to the bus stop and moving around a three-story urban high school, etc. without it. My cane gave me a life. Now, I do life on a walker. Thankfully being older make me less a target of ignorant comments, but sometimes I get them. Some people have been in their silos way too long.
    For the record, if COVID levels and morbidity ever reach the peak levels of a few years ago, I will mask and avoid places where they aren’t encouraged,

  22. BrianD says:

    My position is somewhere between the two extremes.

    If you want to wear a mask when you are sick, or because you feel like you need to protect yourself, that is fine with me.

    If I need to go somewhere and there is a mask mandate, I will comply unless the demand is so outlandish my only real choice is to go somewhere else. If there is a mask mandate and I don’t have to be there, I simply won’t go. I won’t wear a mask anywhere for the sake of wearing it.

    It is hard for me to wear a mask when it is hot, like a supermarket without air conditioning in the middle of a hot humid summer.

    I question anything mass media says from whatever source nowadays. They all have a bias. It’s as bad, if not worse, than the yellow journalism of the late 19th century. Regarding Covid, you have to have your b.s. filter on to figure out what’s true and noble and good and what is utter b.s.

    I am older, and obese, and have to lose weight and get in shape. I seem to be the only person in my life besides my doctors who realizes this.

    I do believe being in good shape – or simply moving -, eating well, getting enough rest and avoid stress as much as possible helps as much as anything and better than simply getting a vaccine and living like a fat couch potato who is informed about the world by some numbskulls on TikTok.

    I have taken the vax early, and caught Covid several times and, thank God, it wasn’t worse than the flu. I do believe in natural immunity. I also try to listen to sensible people on the matter of the vax – they are hard to find, believe it or not – as opposed to right-wing TikTok, X, Facebook, streaming media that tells me it is of the devil.

    I don’t talk about that to anyone, because of the evangelists who will descend and try to get me to repent.

  23. Linn says:

    BrianD-Thanks for sharing. I was vaxed each time the new one came out and I’m waiting on the next one. I still haven’t had COVID, but I can also go an entire school year in a snot factory without getting so much as a sniffle. I’m sorry the vaccines didn’t work as well for you.

    As far as news sources, I just unfollowed someone on Facebook who is daily posting”I shall not submit” memes on a black background with masks and syringes. I hope he doesn’t believe in lizard people, but I don’t want to wait to find out.

  24. Michael says:


    Good word about taking care of ones self …I’m learning to be real intentional about getting up and moving even when I don’t want to…which is most of the time.

    I’m trying to maintain grace to most over the Covid debates.

    In hindsight, the vaccine mandates were bordering on criminal and a great many people suffered and lost their livelihoods because of them.

    I do not blame them for being angry.

    It is strange to me that instead of addressing that, they are demonizing people wearing masks.

    We still have little accurate information about the risk/reward benefit of a shot forced upon millions…that is simply wrong and has done much damage to public health now and in the future.

    This conflict will get worse as the season intensifies…I will be at home with Prince Liam the cat taking deliveries to avoid the combatants.

  25. pstrmike says:

    I worked construction in particular, painting and drywalling and tile work for about 10-12 years, masks were optional although most employers provided them. I usually wore one but there were times when I didn’t bother to get one. I’m still waiting to see if the shoe will drop with my lungs as I also did asbestos removal—not much of it fortunately—and I wore my respirator rather than the paper particle mask that most of the guys were using.
    I haven’t been on a full commercial construction site in five years, but most of the people who worked on them didn’t wear masks.

  26. Officerhoppy says:



    Hope there are no repercussions

  27. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael, how can one possibly know if they’ve been harmed by the vaccine. I got the first one, then a booster maybe two years ago, and I honestly haven’t been the same since. Most of my issues came on pre-Covid, but have been getting worse over the last 3 years.

    The latest is my heart is beating too fast and too hard. This started about 3 months ago. Cardiologist put me on a med to slow it down, but while it did work, it kicked all my other conditions into overdrive, so much so that after only a week, he told me to stop taking it (I have a follow up on Tuesday). I’ve been off the med for 4 days but the side effects, if that’s what they are, remain intense.

    I just have no way of knowing if any of this is from the vaccines, or because I actually had Covid twice, or this is just what my body was going to do anyway.

  28. Michael says:


    This is a difficult question.

    I had two shots before my operation to replace my valve. I had to go to the hospital by ambulance four times before the operation due to tachycardia…the ;last time I was pegging 220…the shot they gave me to stop and restart my heart failed and they had to shock me back to normal.

    I was feeling really good after the operation…really good.

    I had the surgery in June and got my Covid booster in November and went downhill fast after that.

    My doctors will not even consider the possibility that the shot did me in…I believe it did.

    This has all become so politicized that they won’t even do studies…which is a grave disservice to the world.

    The only Covid booster I will ever consider is the Novovax…which has been made intentionally difficult to get

    I take atenolol and losartan for both my high blood pressure and heart rate now…if things go really sideways I have access to clonidine as well.

    Praying you find the right combination to help you, my friend.

  29. Michael says:


    The other thing to consider is that Covid can do long term damage to your heart and lungs even if you recover .

    You may have a form of “long Covid”…another group of studies that need to be done as we have a significant amount of people suffering things they never suffered before Covid.

    You may end up having to do your own research and treatments…there are a lot of folks on Twitter who suffer from Covid related issues who may have some answers for you.

  30. Captain Kevin says:

    Thanks Michael.

  31. The New Victor says:

    Covid is going around our schools here again (my kids told me more yesterday) and also at work after mandatory Vax. I won’t get the kids boosters due to reports of heart issues with teens. We also had it a year ago. One (plus getting it) and done. We’ll still get flu shots.

  32. Linn says:

    The New Victor-
    It is in schools (I work in one) in the SF Bay Area, and I think it will continue to worsen over the next few weeks. After sending a very sick kid to the nurse on Tuesday (who tested positive), and with whom I was closely sharing air, I started masking up again.

  33. Officerhoppy says:

    Covid is here to stay…me thinks

  34. Michael says:


    I think your decision about boosters for kids is wise…

  35. Michael says:


    I think you’re right…so we better learn how to deal with that fact and with each other…

  36. The New Victor says:

    Linn, I’m where you are. Tested kids tonight. Negative. D11 and I were a little coughy and congested the past two days though. Flu season is imminent… I’ll get us vaxxed for that.

  37. Linn says:

    New Victor-most of the students are back within a few days, but they need to mask for 5. They do seem to shake it quickly.
    Meanwhile, this teacher just bought two more boxes of masks…

  38. Em says:

    my nurse daughter was let go by he hospital as she and many of their doctors refussed the Covid shot
    she is back on the job now – God IS good

  39. Josh says:

    Was God good when she was let go?

    When patients were put at risk because their provider had an axe to grind?

    When hundreds of thousands died from the pandemic?

  40. Michael says:


    I think at this point, the vaccine mandates are indefensible…we got sold a bill of goods…

  41. Josh says:

    Maybe. Was God good when the mandates were made or only when the nurses were allowed to work again?

  42. Michael says:

    I would guess if you lost your livelihood for no reason, then got it back, you would think it was an act of God’s goodness…

  43. Josh says:

    If my employment of financial well-being is evidence of God’s goodness, then God is not good. And that is my point. And a lot of people are way worse off than me. It sort of reminds me of the player who scores a touchdown ands thanks Jesus, as if God is against the other team.

  44. filistine says:

    the study (studies) to definitively link or absolve the vaccine(s) to a wide range of medical issues is a non-starter. First, it is massive–far too broad to manage and form scientific conclusions. Second, it is next to impossible to reproduce the scenarios present when the initial vaccine was given. Thirdly, Covid itself may have produced the maladies even when the person didn’t realize they were sick with C19. Fourthly, there is no will among politicians and scientists to bark up that tree, much less finance it. That said, to change the minds of those whose illnesses and conditions began with the vaccine or contact with Covid to be willing to take another shot has just as much chance.


  45. Michael says:


    Truth…sad, but truth.

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