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  1. Muff Potter says:

    Netanyahu is a monster.

  2. Victoria Noble says:

    This is verse 4 of a hymn from the Lutheran Seminary Lenten devotional you posted the other day:
    I fear in the dark and the doubt of my journey;
    but courage will come with the sound of your steps by my side.
    And with all of the family you saved by your love,
    we’ll sing to your dawn at the end of our journey.

  3. John in AZ says:

    To mark the 100th anniversary this month of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck released a banjo version of the piece. Like the original, there are different versions ranging from a small ensemble to a full orchestra. You must listen to this!

  4. John in AZ says:

    In other musical news, Paul McCartney got back his famous bass guitar which was stolen in 1972.

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    John, I’m not a big McCartney fan, but Gershwin… now there’s some great music!!

  6. Reuben says:

    Baseball season is just around the corner!

  7. bob1 says:

    The only way I get through the frozen tundra winters up here is going regularly to springtraining Yes, bring on America’s pastime!

  8. Dan from Georgia says:

    Amen bob1!

  9. Muff Potter says:

    @John in AZ,
    Love Gershwin!
    ‘An American in Paris’ is my fave.

  10. Captain Kevin says:

    Muff, I can hear those honking horns now!

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