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  1. Josh says:

    I grew up with some Mormon friends and was interested in their religion, studied it on my own, then did some more study on it in undergrad and seminary.

    It seems to me that most of the founding documents, speaking specifically of the Book of Abraham, are easily outed as fraudulent. I guess the official stance is that those without faith can’t see what Joseph Smith saw, or maybe its just non-believers trying to persecute Mormons and making up lies.

    I’m shocked that such a fishy beginning could still have millions of adherents today.

  2. Dread says:

    There is not single piece of validating archeological or historical proof of the Book of Mormon. But then I read people who think The PassionTranslation was given supernaturally to Simmons.

    Unbelievability has never been an impediment to fanaticism.

    But Mormonism is the perfect natural man’s religion, women, empires, glory, immortality. You don’t have to deny yourself anything except caffeine.

  3. Josh says:

    And if you look at the book of Abraham – He bought scrolls from a travelling Mummy exhibit. Just coincidentally these scrolls contained the original writings of Abraham and Joseph, written during their time in Egypt.

    That Egyptian text was translated by people who actually knew the language, and its largely funeral texts for named people, probably the mummified people that the scrolls were accompanying.

    But these are still considered scripture in the Pearl of great Price, even though we know the orignals don’t say what Joseph Smith claimed they said. That’s wild to me.

  4. Interested Bystander says:

    The Mormons themselves fascinate me.

    They’re highly recruited not only as dealers in Las Vegas, (due to their perceived honesty and being non drinkers) but are highly represented in the CIA. That is because they are already fluent in the language spoken in their mission country, they have grassroots contacts there, and a fail safe cover story in place. They’re also usually highly patriotic still, and open to the call of working for the government.

    We can’t shake the predominant image we have of them easily – the clean cut kids on bikes, who only want to share their gospel. But they were hard men and women in the not too distant past, murdering other settlers and forming the Mormon Battalion ( the only religious unit in our history) They marched almost 2,000 miles.

    And they make the best neighbors I’ve ever had.

    So at odds with the unusual theology and utter ruthlessness on occasion- to say nothing about their outsize presence as spooks throughout the world.

  5. Jean says:

    “I’m shocked that such a fishy beginning could still have millions of adherents today.”

    10 years ago I would have felt the same way. Now the most popular man in America has a fishy history, to say the least. Therefore, I am interested in the mechanics of how belief works.

  6. The New Victor says:

    I cringe that 18-19 year old male kids are called “Elders” yet in general they seem to be fine folk on the outside.

  7. Reuben says:

    I still play Angry Birds.

    There. I said it.

  8. Muff Potter says:

    Mormon, Muslim, Christian, Jew, or no religion at all, I’m intensely glad that in our form of Government, no religious ‘test’can be applied for holding office and civil employment.

  9. (Mystik) Dan from Georgia says:

    Hey, I won the Kentucky Derby LOL

  10. Owen says:


    You’re not alone 😊

  11. Idahoan says:

    I’ve heard lots of bizarre things from pulpits over the years, but this one from last Sunday is sooo super-bizzare! Myrtle Beach’s Solid Rock has had one or 2 business-as-usual services and it’s time for the altar call. Let me paraphrase JP Miller….
    Y’all hear the one about the tall, good-looking preacher? He was real humble, too! Cue audience laughter.
    So now with every mind closed and on your feet ready to slip out REAL quiet-like— I need a break! It may be a few days or it may be 20-to-life, but make sure y’all keep attending and giving! Oh, one more thing, I almost forgot… remember that crazy lady who used to hang out with me and had a big wedding ceremony with me and sing up here lots? Well, it’s hard to get folks their meds sometimes, and she had a self-induced accident yesterday and the funeral’s next Sunday. Pay no attention to any videos – oh- what’s her name again?- may have made about abusive abusers, cause she was loonier than guano and I gaslighted her real good. Now brother Randall will pray for me as y’all keep your traps shut and don’t touch the lord’s anointed!

  12. Reuben says:


  13. Captain Kevin says:

    Idahoan, What the frickity-frack?!?!!

  14. Idahoan says:

    The victim’s family aren’t buying the husband’s “self induced” story and held a separate memorial today under her maiden name at the same time as the funeral at the church. Even if he had nothing to do with it, what husband would put on a show the next day after his wife is shot and then just mention it for 30 seconds at the end?

  15. Captain Kevin says:

    Wow! That guy is one sick bastard!

  16. Idahoan says:

    Amy Smith does great work exposing abusive preachers. Meanwhile this perp’s mentor (some sort of bishop, apparently) had been standing by his man.

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