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  1. Alan says:

    A number of high profile people are coming to some measure of faith or either outright conversion. Russell Brand and Kat Von D have both received baptism. Jordan Peterson’s wife, Tammy became Catholic and his daughter Mikhaila became evangelical. He preaches far better than most preachers (Check him out on Jesus and the Serpent on the Pole). Joe Rogan seems to have become a theist as has Dave Rubin. Something is afoot.

    There seems to be some thread related to the disconnection of culture from its Judeo-Christian foundation that helped facilitate some of this. Nihilism really is nothing.

    Have you noticed any of this and are there others you have noted.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve never paid much attention to celebrity conversions…but Justin Brierly thinks somethings afoot in England as well.

  3. Xenia says:

    Jordan Peterson has been touring with Orthodox Jonathan Pageau and he’s been wearing clothing embroidered with Orthodox iconography. So who knows. He can’t seem to take that leap of faith.

  4. Xenia says:

    And just in general, there have been a lot of baptisms, mostly of young men, at our tiny parish.

  5. Xenia says:

    I should add, most of these young men had no religion until they came to our parish. It wasn’t a case of sheep-stealing.

  6. Reuben says:

    Anyone else a fan of the original Doctor Who stuff? I have been binge watching online lately in my down time. Such fun old sci-fi

  7. Reuben says:

    Tubi has a channel dedicated to it. 24/7 Doctor Who… bliss

  8. Alan says:

    Justin B is usually worthwhile.

    I wasn’t paying attention to celebrities either. Just among the podcasts that are interesting they keep rising.

  9. Eric says:

    In the last month I’ve been listening to that Surprising Rebirth podcast, which feels like good news in a time when the Church has been in retreat.

    For those unfamiliar: The “New Atheist” movement of before 2010 used to see Christianity as their biggest opponent, they splintered in culture wars, with some atheists on board with progressive ideology and some seeing it as an enemy to free-thinking, to the point where Christians are a lesser evil. People are also realising that Christianity formed much of our culture including human rights, care for the weak. Jordon Peterson, popular with young secular men, talks a lot about the bible. A feminist spokesperson talking about how the 60s sexual liberation was bad for women and the Christian sexual revolution made society better. Worth a listen if you’ve got 25-30 spare hours (I listed while washing dishes or walking), or maybe the book is better.

    Xenia, how did the young men in your parish come to faith?

  10. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Today is the 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, which granted the status of citizenship to Native Americans who did not already have it at the time (about 150,000 of the 350,000 if memory serves). Many Native Americans enlisted and fought under the United States armed forces in World War I despite not even being citizens and by 1924 it was seen as a wrong that needed to be rectified.

    In a second layer of irony I can’t resist pointing out, in the Pacific Northwest there had been practicing Christians in the Presbyterian tradition since about the time of Chief Joseph, quite a few years before the Citizenship Act, something Christian nationalists might need to read about, especially if they hail from the new Calvinist theobro schools. I’m still a Calvinist/Reformed type myself but the older I get the more and more grateful I am that my exposure to Reformed theology came through my Native American relatives rather than white Southern Presbyterian and Baptist influences (nothing against J Vernon McGee as such, though).

  11. R'as al Ghul says:


    1) Classic Doctor Who is also on Pluto TV (another free streaming channel).

    2) Doctor Who had some very interesting cameos and guest stars (such as John Cleese of Monty Python fame doing a cameo in “City of Death”, which was written by Douglas Adams).

  12. Reuben says:

    R’as al Ghul,

    I remember seeing John Cleese in a story, couldn’t remember which. Now I can go back and watch, thanks! And I did not know Pluto had a channel as well! Time to download another app…

  13. R'as al Ghul says:


    The Doctor I am most familiar with is Tom Baker of course, followed by Peter Davison. Didn’t care for Colin Baker, and well Sylvester McCoy never really had a chance to develop before the show was cancelled.

    There were some really good episodes when Davison was a doctor, including a couple of the best ever IMHO. “Earthshock” and “The Caves of Androzani”.

  14. Reuben says:

    Tom Baker for me. He started in 74, the year I was born.

  15. Josh says:

    Reuben and I were born the same year. Rumor is we are twins, separated at birth.

    Also, Pluto is absolutely all I need for TV. Everything is on there. My kids still make me pay for a couple apps, but I stay on Pluto.

  16. R'as al Ghul says:

    Josh and Reuben,

    You guys are the same age my baby brother (I got 4 years on you).

    Anyways, Pluto has lots of good channels, from Star Trek to classic comedies, game shows, to old Johnny Carson Tonight shows, plus much more. They even have a movie channel for all those cheesy mockbuster knock-offs.

  17. Josh says:

    I watch all the Godfathers in a row on Pluto a couple months back, and watched a couple old Survivor episodes today.

  18. Josh says:

    And…a lost triplet?!?

  19. R'as al Ghul says:


    Speaking of the Godfather, a famous scene was parodied in the Simpsons when James Caan was the guest voice in the Episode “All’s Fair in Oven War.”

  20. Josh says:


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