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    Links to some free blues music. 118 songs by Blind Willie Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt and Memphis Minnie. All free and legal to download.
    I love sharing free stuff.

  2. erunner says:

    This was really encouraging and I know somehow it ties into so much that happens when scandals come to light in the church. Anyway Doc Rivers has my respect.

  3. I was just out cultivating some more rows to plant in. So far, I have corn and pole beans sprouting.
    My wife is getting some tomato plants to plant.

  4. Muff Potter says:

    Thanx Derek! Blues fan here from way back when.

  5. No prolem, Muff.
    The Internet Archive is a source of a lot of good stuff.

  6. Fyi says:

    Michael, Kings and Blazers–an oasis in the middle of a difficult week! 🙂

  7. Well, the Grizzlies are out so everyone in Memphis is sad now.

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