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  1. nomans says:

    Good morning beautiful blog family. =)

  2. mk says:

    Good afternoon, Nomans! 🙂

  3. DavidH says:

    Have a great day, one and all.

  4. Em says:

    open blogging – i am wiped out tired and feeling cake deprived as i spent the morning watching Cake Boss … i am ashamed to say how much i am lusting after cake now … guess i’ll go see if i can goose up some white cake mix, that i keep for emergencies, to where it is palatable – ugh
    praying for all as i do so

  5. As opposed to what we usually hear about sanctification – I like this.

    “Luther, therefore, does not envisage the spiritual life as a process of gradual self-development, but as a process of ongoing reception from the Triune God. It turns proud, self-sufficient individuals into humble beggars before God.” – Dr. John Kleinig

  6. MLD, I’m copying that one right now! There’s no way that it could be self-development. Since the word sanctification means “to be made holy,” how could that possibly be accomplished other than through the power and working of The Holy One!

  7. Jtk says:

    Howdy, y’all!
    Is anyone here voting for someone other than Obama and Romney?

    Anyone watching the third party debates?

  8. Scooter Jones says:

    No, I’m not. I received my ballot in the mail today and couldn’t wait to vote for Romney. More of a vote against Obama than for Romney too be honest. Judging the way things are going nationally, I suspect many others are joining me in that sentiment. Obama had his chance, it’s time to let someone else give it a shot.

  9. Here in California it is all wrapped up for Obama – and how often do you find Roseanne Barr on the ballot. So, I think this year is a no brainer.

  10. I’m voting for the Bill Cosby and Larry the Cable Guy ticket.

  11. DavidH says:

    I’m voting for Alfred E. Neuman.

  12. Reuben says:

    Like ^

  13. Em says:

    cake update 🙄 turned out great by adding 1 tablespoon of vanilla and a little lemon extract …

    FWIW – i didn’t need Luther to tell me that sanctification (of the Believer) is not gradual self improvement (although improvement should happen over time), but it is nice to agree with Luther and Dr John Kleinig (whoever he is) today … especially on such an important truth

    waiting for a realtor to ring the doorbell at any moment and lead another bunch of lookie-loos thru the house doesn’t make for reasoned and clear posting here … but i sure wish the Church could get this sanctification thing squared away for our own sakes

  14. Em says:

    CNN has an item on Hawaii, they have the lowest voter turnout of all 50 states – i’m seriously thinking of skipping voting for President as i resent the obvious scorn that both parties have for John Q. Public … and, i suspect, if the vote is close enough, the best cheaters will win … God IS in charge of history, but He’s not tasked with making evil good, just working this through to a good end … or so it seems to me today

  15. I had not heard / seen this before – have you?

    B – Book of
    I – Instructions
    B – Before
    L – Leaving
    E – Earth

    OK, it’s all wrong, but which half do you think is the worst theology – that the Bible is a book of instructions, or that we have some goal to leave the earth?

  16. Pilgrim says:

    “Honour the king.” We owe an honor to the office of the man who rules over us. I have never voted for a president whom I really wanted. I have always voted against the other candidate. I have never known a president who I felt was really capable. However, regardless of who is president and regardless of his inability, he should be honored because of his office. I am not impressed by some Scripture-spouting, pious individuals who attack the president of the United States, The office is to be honored.

    — J. Vernon McGee

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