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  1. I don’t have any shows that I never miss. I watch Survivor pretty regularly. When I can’t sleep, I watch The Office in reruns.

    I don’t know if it is still running, but Dog the Bounty Hunter is the most unsatisfying half-hour I’ve spent in a long time.

    I get my news from the grapevine.

  2. Bob Sweat says:


    This season, I never miss the new show The Blacklist
    I cannot stand Dancing with the Stars
    NBC – I like Brian Williams even though he is left of liberal. Can’t stand Sean Hannity

  3. Bob Sweat says:


  4. I outfirsted Bob Sweat!

  5. Bob Sweat says:


    You never claimed it! Therefore, FIRST!!! 😉

  6. jamesk says:

    Never miss: Once Upon A Time
    Can’t Stand: Glee
    News: The Daily Caller

  7. You are the master.:)

  8. gomergirl says:

    Can’t Miss: Doctor Who, Castle….(Buffy and Firefly in re-runs and marathons) ( Confession time: Toddlers and Tiaras is my very guilty pleasure, although I can’t stand it for too long. But its like a train wreck…), Oh and Auto races dominate my DVR…and Timbers matches.

    Can’t Stand: Most anything that is popular… Family Guy I just do not get. Sister Wives…I want to tie that dude up and cut his hair and then five him a long lecture) most network “news” “reality tv” yeah, most everything else…..

    News: CNN, FOX, BBC World News on tv…. on line mostly otherwise from a variety of places, both domestic and other parts of the world. I like to get as many sides of a story as possible before making up my mind or thinking I understand it.

  9. Nonnie says:

    Breaking Bad was the best show I’ve ever seen. It was an incredible morality play and Greek tragedy combined. The acting was some of the best I have ever seen. The writing was unbelievably excellent! If you haven’t seen, start from the beginning and watch the entire 5 (?) seasons. Excellent!

  10. Bob Sweat says:


    Everyone I have talked to loves Breaking Bad. I hope to start watching next season.

  11. Bob Sweat says:

    This is for Josh

  12. I don’t have shows I can’t miss – we DVR shows – I think I have 65 shows on DVR I havn’t watched. We only watch 1 show a night, when my wife goes to bed I debate Steve Wright online 😉
    Our 1 show now is on Netflix – the old reruns of The West Wing – but I do want to find Boston Legal.

    I don’t have any shows I hate – just don’t watch them

    All my news comes from the KTLA morning news while I am getting ready for work. I can claim great knowledge in weather and traffic.The rest of my news comes if someone sticks their head in my office and says “did you hear …?”

  13. Bob Sweat says:


    You were probably a fan of George Putman.

  14. Ixtlan says:

    Since it’s required:

    I never miss Longmire.

    The show you can’t stand is? I rarely watch anything else, most reality TV shows are really stupid, like Duck Dynasty.

    I get my news from the internet, although I’ll watch local news once or twice a month.

  15. Michael says:

    If not for Trey I could do without a TV.
    I do watch football and try to catch a Kings hockey game now and then.
    I’ll watch the “wilderness survival” shows with Trey, but watching a sitcom or series is torture for me.
    Don’t watch movies much either.
    Twitter is my newsfeed…I go to other online sources for details.

  16. Bob,
    “You were probably a fan of George Putman.”

    Weren’t we all?

  17. gomergirl says:

    #13 #16 😀

  18. Bob – That’s all the news I need for today!

  19. Xenia says:

    I don’t watch TV much. Sometimes I watch The Mentalist and Criminal Minds. I like Duck Dynasty if I’m at my son’s house and he has it on. I adore Uncle Si! For news it’s hard to beat my police scanner. But I do listen to NPR for as long as I can stand it each morning. I don’t think they lie but they sure are slanted sometimes. I only watch TV news if there’s something big happening. Not a fan of Fox News, they always seem a little hysterical. And paranoid.

  20. erunner says:

    Breaking Bad was awesome and I loved how they ended it. So many shows end with terrible finales. I never miss Revenge, Arrow, or Haven. Oh yes….. Downton Abbey!

    Can’t stand next top models, or the bachelor.

    My favorite is COPS: Buen0 Park! :mrgreen:

  21. Dude says:

    Star Gate sg 1 and Atlantis
    Anyrhing Star Trek
    Foyles War on PBS
    Navy NCIS
    Colledge football

    Get my news online , TV’s about 1or 2 days behind.

  22. Steve Wright says:

    What Nonnie said @9. I second every word of her post. Probably ruined me for any other fictional drama that might come around…too high a bar (and I had a high bar to begin with)

    My wife and I enjoy a couple shows that we’ll set the DVR for and watch eventually – but not really “must-see TV”

    Little Couple is one as they are adopting two kids.
    Intervention is another as it relates to both of our careers.

  23. London says:

    Never miss: once upon a time
    Can’t Stand: breaking bad (couldn’t get past the scraping the bits off the floor after the bath tub scene)
    News: twitter of Flipboard

  24. Steve Wright says:

    On the news thing, yesterday I heard a Democrat get upset with a CNN anchor for a story that was critical of Obamacare, using real lives getting hurt – and his criticism was that the story was on CNN and he kept saying it sounded like something that should be on Fox News not CNN. He could not believe CNN would run such a story. No criticism of the facts on the story.

    If they are willing to be so open on camera, imagine the pressure on CNN from the White House behind the scenes to cover for this guy’s failures.

    Anyway, I get why people hate on Fox. But with a Democrat in the White House, you at least will learn a few things there you might not elsewhere.

  25. The show was Breaking Bad… I watched every week from the very first episode as they were released. Of course I am from Albuquerque. So now I am in between. I would never miss Newsroom if I had HBO alas I cut it off this year. I also never miss, drum roll… Say Yes to the Dress which of course cost me my man card but I watch it with my sweet wife on Friday nights. She loves it and it is fun. She also makes me watch the house shows…

    Sports Center on ESPN does that count? That would also be my news source since I quit watching the news. I read it online typically on Yahoo which leads me to other sources.

    Frankly I read the news on Huffington Post which I hate because they are so horribly liberal.

  26. Oh yes and the show I hated was West Wing… until I fell in love with it and watched every episode and grieved when it went off the air.

  27. filbertz says:

    I’m watching very little television these days, but usually take in a session of Sports Center on ESPN. Time to watch has been replaced by long hours at my jobs. I get my news from Bob and Tom in the Morning. 😉

  28. parker says:

    Wow! I am even more impressed with this site and the regulars. A group who may not agree with each other, but a lot of real deep thinkers here who are not afraid to use their brains.

    …… and no Fox News Addicts …….. at least not yet. I’m impressed.

    You can tell a lot about a person by what they watch (or don’t watch) on TV.

    Best show ever in the history of television – Breaking Bad.

  29. gomergirl says:

    I totally don’t get the Breaking bad thing, or Duck Dynasty. I tried to watch BB on Netflix. I could not wait for it to be over. I forced myself to watch 2 whole episodes, and it kept being so boring. I could not garner any anything for the characters. Sorry… why do you all like it so much and should I give it another shot?

  30. brian says:

    I dont actually have a tv anymore. I guess Law and Order and Babylon 5.

  31. I have never watched Breaking Bad – had no idea what it was even about. Yesterday I met my 2 sons (both mid to late 30s) for lunch. I asked them what BB was about, so they told me and said it was the best show ever.

    I asked them “would I like it?” and they bot said “No”

  32. Jim says:

    Breaking Bad was an amazing series. Blacklist is looking promising. I also get my news from my twitter feed. I use an alias : )

  33. jamesk says:

    I find it interesting how much people hate Fox News. I used to watch it when I had Dish. Only have boring old rabbit ears now. But the hatred for Fox is amusing. As if CNN and MSNBC aren’t shills for the left.

  34. j2theperson says:

    We don’t have tv, but when we go over to Rob’s parents we watch a lot of Ancient Aliens. I don’t know what show I would hate because I don’t watch a lot.

  35. Steve Wright says:

    I heard Cranston interviewed recently and he said the thing is, some people have no interest in going into the dark journey that BB will take them – and that is expected. (We see that here. If you bail after two episodes and hate gomergirl and London…you hate it. No big deal)

    Those who are willing to get into it though, are quite rewarded by its quality in every aspect a television show can be judged. Story, acting, dialog, scenery, direction, musical score..everything.

    And it does have a message fully true to Scripture without even remotely being “religious” in any way.

  36. Becky says:

    Hello Dearies! – Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Parks and Rec, New girl, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, CSI, Kitchen Nightmares, Castle, Bones, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, and The Originals. The reason I never miss them is because of HULU

    I dislike reality shows in general & Football.


    I have started watching Breaking Bad thanks to Nonnie. I am beginning to appreciate it. The writing is superb, the acting is excellent and The Directing is amazing. I think if one knows anything about acting, writing etc….They would enjoy this show. The characters are unique and complicated. The storyline is crazy realistic and crazy in general. Why do people do the things they do? What makes you break bad? I’m still on season 1. Supernatural is another show I’m currently watching on Netflix and I am still on the fence with that show.

  37. Gary says:

    I love Love LOVE Fox News!!!! yes! YES!! *dancing around, jumpin’ up ‘n down*

    Can’t stand the left leaning, falling over sideways for Obama news used-to-be’s.

    I’m off now to watch Breaking Bad.

  38. mono says:

    The shows you never miss are?SONS OF ANARCHY

    The show you can’t stand is? Dancing with the Stars
    I get my news from? CHANNEL 09

  39. pstrmike says:

    the Sons are cool, but I missed all of last season.

  40. Reuben says:

    Never miss Doctor Who, Top Gear, Torchwood.

    Hate Once Upon A Time. Wife worships it, as we can see.

    News is Al-Jazeera or BBC. Hate FOX. Watched it for years. CNN is also laughable anymore. MSNBC is a joke.

  41. Linnea says:

    Ok, I’m a Duck Dynasty girl, and that one snuck up on me!

    Breaking Bad got a little dark for me in the 2nd season, but I forced myself to watch it to the end because it is my hometown, you know, and the writing was unsurpassed!

    News? Can’t wait to hear the reaction when I say the Drudge Report and Real Clear Politics, but let me also say I balance it with the Huffington Post. Amazing how people can see the same situation so differently 🙂

  42. Linnea says:

    Oh, and ladies, anyone up for tea and Downton Abbey?

  43. Gary says:

    Just watched Breaking Bad. What a letdown. This is the best thing on cable?? Who are you peeps? Ned Flanders gets kicked off the set of The Simpsons after to many doodle-dee-doos and ends up in the real world.

  44. erunner says:

    Linnea @ 42, You must have missed my list!! 🙂

  45. Linnea says:

    Ah, e, so you’re a Downton Abbey fan. I love it!

  46. The captain likes Whale Wars and Deadliest Catch. I wouldn’t classify them as must-see though. I like Castle. Good mix of drama and humor.

    Can’t stand Toddlers in Tiaras, Honeybooboo or any other shows that feature obnoxious, spoiled little brats.

    I’m kind of all over the map when it comes to news. Mostly I just avoid it.

  47. Lowly and Broken says:

    #42… of course. Are you watching The Paradise? I watch all the Masterpiece shows. Sherlock, Downton, Selfriges all of them. Sigh… even the stuff on BBC…Broadchurch was great. I am a total Anglophile.

    And yes, Reuben, I total forgot Top Gear and the Stig!

    Becky, I think you have great taste….

  48. Becky says:

    Yes Linnea we must not forget Downton Abbey.

    Thank you Lowly. And I do watch Dr. Who and Torchwood with my Hubby. However, I can’t stomach the old Dr. Whos. But our 6yr old will watch the old ones with his Daddy.

  49. Nonnie says:

    Sorry, I forgot Downton Abbey AND please be sure and watch” Call the Midwife,” another BBC production. Sadly, a lot of men won’t watch Call the Midwife, (as they think it is just about “having babies) but please let me encourage you to watch it. The story lines are compelling, the characters are quirky and interesting, and there is a strong spiritual story line as well. It is a beautiful show. If you haven’t seen it, find series 1 on Netflex and watch. It is wonderful!

  50. LurkyLoo says:

    What, no votes for Dexter yet?! Michael C Hall is AMAZING as Dexter Morgan, a Miami PD lab guy (blood spatter analyst) who is a serial killer but only kills murderers. Great writing, intense,even jaw-dropping at times, dark humor, and first person narrated which lends loads of character development. It just finished it’s final (8th) season and is available on Netflix. First and 4th seasons are the absolute best, but I enjoyed all. It’s based on Jeff Lindsay’s book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which is pretty darn good too.

  51. LurkyLoo says:

    Oh yeah, and Season 6’s grotesque re-enactments (pre-enactments?) of scenes from Revelation were pretty crazy. Colin Hanks perfectly played a nut-job end times “disciple maker”.

  52. brian says:

    I watched some of breaking bad, what a clown act. Real drug dealers dont act like that, I know trust me, I lived in that life on the cheap end for many years. They glorified some piece of crap as he came to grips with his dark side. What a bunch of horse poop. On my darkest day I would have never done what he did, ever. Goes to show what a piece of trash I am. I should have given in to the dark side. Puke on the dark side it can kiss my hairy backside. Drugs are evil and vile things. I mean Breaking Bad I should find some redeeming theme with this character. I vile murdering drug peddling scum. Granted that gives the character major props on turning a profit and trust me I get that is holy ground, always. If someone missed that. MAKING MONEY IS ALWAYS HOLY GROUND ALWAYS. ALL THE TIME, EVER SINGE TIME ALWAYS. Hope that clears that up.

    Even in that event I cant stand Breaking Bad, why would I ever wish to do that, granted they make money and that is a primary if not only concern. But I cant seem to let myself think that way. I am sure that is a sin on my part. If the lead character can turn a profit, that is all that is needed. Always. Trust me it is always. I still struggle with the show, having been on the receiving side. People made bank selling drugs, that is profit and profit is always holy. If one does not think so get in the way of profit and see what happens to you in the church. The witch trials would be a bit more merciful. I get all that, well actually I dont but lets just say I do. Can you please point me to some good news here. I see none what so ever.Not even a little. Just a pov.

  53. Ricky Bobby says:

    Rarely watch TV, but when I do it’s usually sports.

    I think Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy etc are/were compelling, though I’ll have to watch the dvd’s someday if I ever want to see most of it.

    Besides sports, I watch Duck Dynasty, Chopped and Pawn Stars with the kids, they love those shows. I like them, too.

    Can’t stand that guy Rachel Maddow. Not b/c he’s a liberal, I love Colbert, Young Turks and others who have talent.

    Honey Boo Boo is a train wreck. TBN is the religious equivalent.

    Redeye is hilarious. So is Tosh.o. So is Daily Show and Colbert.

    News? I do my own extensive online research from too many sources to list. Drudge is a great aggregator.

    I highly recommend TED Talks if you want to go get out of your bubble. Probably the best use of time in this list (besides the spending time with the kids part).

  54. Andrew says:

    White collar
    CNN or Fox

  55. jamesk says:

    Can’t wait for the latest season of Psych to come on Netlix! That is my favorite comedy of all time. James Roday and Dule Hill are perfect together.

  56. Rob Murphy says:

    Al Jazeera for news?
    But Fox and CNN are a joke . . . that’s a distinct third party choice.
    Reuben, God bless you, but that’s the intellectual equivalent of a spite tattoo.

    I love the defense of Al Jazeera by Dave Marash of ABC “They certainly aren’t anti-Semitic, but they are anti-Netanyahu and anti-Lieberman and anti-Israeli.”
    That’s like saying the KKK didn’t burn crosses in EVERY African American’s yard.

    TED talks is interesting, but I’ve only had a few cursory glances. Drudge for news.
    Couch time with the kids is the best- we like the Duck guys and this new ‘Agents of Shield’.
    I was pretty impressed with that BBC show ‘Broadchurch’, dvr’ed that show every week and watched it. David Tennant is pretty great, whole cast was quite good, actually.

  57. Jim says:

    Current least favorite program-CSPAN. Big govt liberals here should be watching the hearing with the ACA website contractors.

  58. Nonnie says:

    I also really enjoy Big Bang. That show is just downright funny.

  59. filbertz says:

    Breaking Bad set in the 1800’s in an epic Gone With the Wind storyline…I could watch that!

    …call it Breaking Wind.”

  60. Chile says:

    Don’t watch much TV, but my guilty pleasure has been watching HGTV at times. I wish I could fix old homes like that.

    Now if you’d ask what radio I listen to I’d admit to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” and reruns of “The Car Guys.”

    News? French channel news, BBC, and read the Wall Street Journal daily, and the Christian Science Monitor when I can get to it.

  61. Gary says:

    filbertz- some (un)forgettable lines from your Breaking Wind;
    “Tomorrow is another *razberry*.
    “Frankly, my dear; I don’t give a crack!”
    “I dunno nuthin’ ’bout cookin’ no crystals”
    “I’m going to live through this script and when I do I’ll never do cable again.”
    It ain’t workin’, it ain’t workin’, it just ain’t workin’.”
    “With enough advertising, you can do without a plot.”

    Best shows of the last 20 years;

    Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Bret,
    Law and Order: Criminal Intent with Vincent D’onofrio,
    Lark Rise to Candleford,
    Gilmore Girls,

    That’s about it.

  62. Gary says:

    Ned Flanders: “Fiddle-dee-doodle-dee-DEE!”.

  63. Nonnie, I can’t believe I didn’t include Big Bang Theory in my list. I teach a gifted ed. program, and those guys remind me so much of some of my students. Bazinga!!!

  64. Gary says:

    Would your Breaking Wind star Carol Burnett?

  65. Chile says:

    Aw, Carol Burnett! Now there’s a show I used to watch a bazillion years ago.

  66. Gary says:

    “I saw it in the window and I just had to have it.”

  67. Classic line, Gary! I crack up every time I see that skit. Carol Burnett is one of the greats!

  68. erunner says:

    I recall Harvey Korman not being able to keep a straight face when doing a bit with Tim Conway. Seems like variety shows have run their course…

  69. Gary says:

    That was part of the shtick.

    Variety shows came back as contests. There’s American Idol and America’s Got Talent, etc. Neither show has much to do with America, by the way.

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