Pastor Saeed Abedini Beaten and Removed From Hospital

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  1. dswoager says:

    It makes me sick that it doesn’t seem as though anything meaningful had been done by our government to help this man.

  2. Michael says:

    It needs to make us all sick enough to do something about it…

  3. Ricky Bobby says:

    US isn’t the big dog anymore. You’re better off asking Putin and China for help.

  4. I have come to the conclusion this year that the current administration has no interest in stopping Christian persecution abroad, even of it’s own citizens.

    My wife and I pray for Saeed, but I am at a loss for what to do otherwise.
    My wife has thought for a log time that martyrdom awaits him and I reluctantly believe this may be so.
    This fate awaits many Christians around the globe this year who I will never even know their names.
    This administration uses a lot of opportunities to speak a lot , but their actions are non-existent.
    Just like the twitter hashtag of Michelle Obama. is that the best we can expect from the wife of POTUS?
    We have become a nation of talk and little else.
    We usually haul off and do things about the wrong things and ignore the situations that matter.

    I pray for those I know of.
    Not going to quit praying.

  5. Don’t mean to be a downer, but this is how I see this whole situation now.
    I have always had a heart for the persecuted church abroad.
    Saeed seemed like a situation we could affect at one time.
    Now, it just seems to be another to pray for and see how God was glorified in it all later or when I am made perfect.
    This whole situation is sad, but I wonder how many have turned to Jesus in the Middle East because of Saeed?
    My guess is we don’t know now, but we will be surprised by it when we find out.

    If you want to be encouraged by what is actually going on in the Muslim world read “Which None Can Shut: Remarkable True Stories of God’s Miraculous Work in the Muslim World”

    If you want to have a fresh view of God’s miraculous work read this book, especially the parts on the dreams and visions he is sending to people.

  6. Ryan Ashton says:

    Thank you for this, Michael. Writing a letter to officials right now.

  7. Dodger Dog says:

    My earnest prayers are with this precious brother right now. He is bearing the marks of his Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord supernaturally deliver him from the evil one. May his face shine even like Stephen in the face of his captors. May Saeed not lose hope. May God see fit to end his trial and time of testing. Lord, please have mercy on our brother and his precious wife and children.

  8. Shall we rally the people again?

  9. I for one am all rallied out, BD.

  10. Monk says:

    “Our government is either impotent or uninterested or both…we must take a stand.”

    Let’s look at this from another angle point. Where is the Lord God of Elijah?

    He is either impotent or uninterested or both…

    The stand all of us must take is to storm the gates of heaven.

    Fervently storm the gates of heaven in prayer and petition on behalf of our brother in Christ.

  11. Ian Elsasser says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Michael. I have tweeted it. May the Lord save him from this torment and return him to his family.

  12. I am not rallied out. This just in from Naghmeh.

    Hi All,

    Writing letters to Saeed in prison is a great way to let the Iranian government know that there are many who are concerned about him and it helps keep him alive and treated better at the prison. Here is the address to Rajaei Shahr prison. Please join me in writing letters to him. It should cost $1.10 for postage. You can share scripture and about Jesus as long as you are not attacking Islam or the Iranian government.

    Saeed Abedini
    Zendane Rajaee Shahr
    Bulvare Moazen
    Karaj, Iran

    God Bless


  13. Michael says:

    I made a separate article for that.
    Thanks, BD.

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