Paul Smith and Calvary’s Alt Right

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  1. JM says:

    Thank you for the update, Michael.

    My next comments I will own as conjecture. Paul Smith seems to have followed everything his brother did without question. I have to wonder if, in addition to his pursuit of “pure” doctrine for CC, he also rationalized covering up his brother’s disqualification way back when. To do both is blind hypocrisy and has probably contributed to the odd way he continues to interpret things now. The poor man’s sight has been skewed. He, like so many, never saw his brother for who he really was and never will. While all of this is not unexpected–it is sad.

  2. Chris says:

    Who are the leaders of the “alt right ” portion of cc?

  3. Michael says:

    This conference was Roger Oakland, Chic Chikales, Chris Quintana, and Paul Smith.

  4. Siggy the Terrible says:

    How do we know your sources are factual and unbiased? Seems like you are pulling a lot from the CCGN side of the split.

    What if the third party is right? Is that impossible?

  5. Michael says:

    I was covering this story before there ever was a CCGN.
    Years before.
    I was talking about this before Chuck died…and now the same people that wrote to tell me I was full of it have written to apologize for saying so.

    I frankly don’t care whether you believe me or not…I can simply stand on my record.

  6. Siggy the Terrible says:

    Why should you care? But from a readers stand point, aren’t any of those who apologized willing to put their name down here and say Gee, guys and gals, Mike was right!

  7. Corby says:

    I’m a little surprised, but not totally. I find this all so fascinating. On the one hand, why split the split further by trying to become even more “purest?” Why not try to unify this side of things? At the same time, its probably the “best” time for really drawing lines, from their perspective. Kind of surprised Bryson wasn’t a part of the mix.

  8. covered says:

    Michael, do you know if Bryson will be attending the shindig in So Cal next month?

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Siggy, are you not acquainted with CC methodology? They NEVER admit their sin publicly.

  10. Michael says:

    Bryson will be speaking at this same church next month.

    He is in a kind of no mans land…both Brodersen and McClure have no use for him,so this is about the only place he has to land.

  11. Siggy the Terrible says:

    Oh, I am, I so very am. But there has to be an outlier amongst all the informants Michael has. Since CGN is less distinctively Calvary you’d think someone would start to let the chips fall.

  12. The Least of These says:

    One would think that the lawsuits by Jan and Paul and Jeff speak towards their own motivations. Their cash cow has died. They must find another…

    As for McClure and the Philly Posse, they are not evil men. They are men who can not face their own disillusionment that the promises of Jesus’ return have been met instead with the death of their leader. They bought what Chuck sold them, and for a season back in the day the Jesus People has a spiritual Camelot. It was one which they now want to continue to try and reinvent, only this time it’s their turn to call the shots. It’s all about the power, which leads us back to money, which leads us back to power… and so on.

    Brodersen. Sigh. He has a good heart. And he hung in there, taking the beating, championed by his wife who never let him forget that they were the anointed ones and this was their inheritance. They got what they worked so hard for… but be careful what you pray for cause you just might get it…

  13. Siggy the Terrible says:

    I like that allusion to Camelot. Might we go a step farther and say Alexander the Great?

  14. What? says:

    Michael wrote: “My sources said…”, “My sources told me…”, “As I discovered from my sources…”.

    Not admissible in a court of law, due to being hearsay.

    Ultimately, doctrine isn’t based on anything Chuck Smith said anyway. It’s based on the Bible. And by the Bible, Brodersen is wrong, and CCA is afraid to really state the truth on a lot of things.

  15. Michael says:

    This isn’t a court, it’s a blog.
    Brodersen is biblically wrong about the same things Smith was…

  16. TombstoneBlues says:

    Good Ole Calvary Chapel. I remember my pastor telling us ad nauseum that following Jesus and leadership was not about “building your own little kingdom”. That CC was better than that. I think that was one of the oft repeated CC lingo, same as ” the pastor is not a hireling to the sheep”, “If you don’t agree, there’s the door” and, ” where God guides, He provides”…
    But in the end that’s all it was/is. Personal kingdom building.

  17. bob1 says:

    as with any leader, church, secular or otherwise…

    Look at what they do, not what they say.

    Anyone can talk a smooth line.

  18. pstrmike says:

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least that the group who tossed out Bryson and then stole his mantra (Stay the Course) would have their own detractors who are now asserting their own definition of purity. Glad I left the building. There is a much bigger Christian experience out there that does not concern itself with such skewed perspectives.

  19. Corby says:

    @11 “Since CGN is less distinctively Calvary” While I know what you mean, I’d say that it is distinctively more Calvary, meaning it’s more what Calvary is supposed to be, or should be, compared to where it was going. I get it, I really do, but I really like where CGN is going.

  20. Disillusioned says:

    Yes. Turns out that’s all it was: personal kingdom building.
    We also referred to it as their private pool. When they started pooping in their own pool, we knew it was time to get out.

  21. Banja says:

    Michael answer me this, Why did Rob Yardley resign? Are Cheryl and Brian financially supporting Kay? When was the last time they saw Kay? Who are your sources if you can’t list them by name it’s just another he says she says? Years back my friend Teri donated a van to the church for a teacher at MCA who really needed it, Brian gave it to his son instead. Look what happened when Brian took Monday nights over when Greg left. It went from being packed with Greg to maybe 2 dozen people. I don’t know much about the law suit by Jan, Jeff, and Paul, but who is helping Kay, Chuck’ s faithful wife?

  22. Michael says:


    Do you think that Chuck Smith died a pauper?
    Do you really believe he didn’t make provision for his wife before he died?

    You folks crack me up…

  23. JM says:

    Banja, I have questions.

    Or…maybe you can answer these, Michael.

    Rob Yardley was on the Board at CCCM for a very long time. How long was he there?

    Also, did Rob Yardley know about Chuck Smith’s adultery?
    This is important because Yardley was simultaneously on the Board of Berean Call and they recommend CC as “the best there is” at one time.

    If Yardley knew all this time about Chuck’s disqualification and didn’t leave over the cover up, what excuse does he give for leaving now?

  24. Michael says:

    Rob Yardley knew everything.
    Rob Yardley resigned because he is on the CC far right that upholds some of the older “distinctive”…like a contempt of psychology and psychiatry and a whole host of adiaphora that they make primary doctrines.

  25. JM says:

    Disgusting–but less surprising than it used to be.

    More questions, if I may. Are you able to confirm if Dave Hunt and Bill Gallatin knew?

    Also–Jacob Prasch, who was a staunch supporter of David Hocking and what Chuck did by bypassing Scripture and letting Hocking teach at his church–Do you know if anyone ever successfully informed him of his support of sin and hypocrisy? (Not that he has a reputation for caring, mind you.)

  26. Michael says:

    I assume that everyone that was around in the early years either knew or had heard.

    Jacob Prasch is a a hot mess…he made big bucks on the CC circuit.

  27. JM says:

    Michael –

    It sounds like we have come to the same logical conclusions about who might have known.

    hmmm…Jacob Prasch….yah…it was all about him and still is. He loved all the venues that CC provided. Don’t ya know–the world would be moved off of its axis if he wasn’t allowed to speak! What he had to say was even more important than righteousness or holiness. He’s a railer, an opportunist and an idolator. Whatever brilliance he thinks he exudes is overshadowed by having an ego bigger than a certain Kardashian’s backside. Looking for my barf bag again….

  28. Michael says:


    You will note that among all the “issues” in the current split, transparency in finances and child protection from abuse are not on either list…

  29. JM says:


    Good and appropriate to point out the omissions. Sad as well.

    Again–disgusting doesn’t cover it.

  30. Stephen Carlton Smith says:

    Paul Smith and his wife Ruth are not what they appear to be….Don’t think so? Just check out the rest of their family!!

  31. Brian McNamee says:

    Hi one or the reasons Paul was dismissed from the board was his book New Evangelicalism: The New World Order,” I read this book and Smith is sounding off strong doctrine and pointing out that the emerging philosophy is entering Calvary Chapel. The warnings published are consistent with Chucks Smith’s book Calvary Distinctives. The story Paul tells of Brodersen being asked by Chuck to leave with papers to that effect is a line in the sand that one side is lying as this narrative is either true or not. Chuck has in the past sent people off with the blessing of the LORD when they leave the Calvary distinctives he would say go do your own work and may the LORD bless it but it is no longer Calvary Chapel. Brian has kept company with many who do not hold the Calvary distinctives and embraced the very emergent ideas Paul Smith Warned of in his book. Smith and Roger Oakland have strong stance defending the faith and I would take their word over anonymous sources at this point.

  32. Bert says:

    Of course, it is entirely possible that these are lies an that Paul Smith is correct, right?

  33. Michael says:


    He and Oakland are both full of it.

    Thanks for asking.

  34. JM says:


    Thank you!

    I am happy to, “Amen!”, about anyone who knew the truth about the sordid goings on at CC and the rationalized silence by those who were supposed to protect and lead the sheep– and thought idolatry of Chuck was okay. They are even worse than being “full of it”. You are being kind in my book. Some of these people are as responsible for the harm caused by perpetuating the lie that Calvary was practicing scriptural holiness as those inside the organization who actually indulged in and recruited people for their immoralities. Under their “doctrinally pure” facade lived all kinds of filth and many knew about it. To be fair, this information came to some late, but I still haven’t seen those people come clean and decry what happened or the fact that, because CS was their idol, they were blind and should have been more careful. Even the ones who claim to be discernment ministers who came to this information late are spiritually impotent and unworthy for not exposing the lies of which they are now apprised. They grieve me. Unconfessed sin in the camp can never be pleasing to God and hurts every single believer. Repentance is needed but not forthcoming. It won’t be too soon when everything comes out. We can do better if we learn from this debacle and quit being loyal to our spiritual idols and start being loyal to what God wants and the straight-forward prescriptions laid out in His Word. Why do we gild the lily when God’s recipe for faith is simple, makes Him more approachable and does not require an idolized “specialist” to be our middleman.

  35. Michael says:


    Stay tuned …. more coming next week or the week after…

  36. JM says:

    Thank you, Michael. As I have implied, my time and availability have changed, but this I will try to follow. Again, thank you!

  37. Kevin H says:

    See Michael, I told you that as I scale back on writing that you’d have start making up more stuff about CC to fill the space. Looks like you’re going to follow the plan. 😉

  38. Michael says:

    To a tee… 🙂

  39. Eric S says:

    Is Calvary associated with NAR and heading their way?

  40. Michael says:

    Eric S,

    Not in the slightest…weird question…

  41. John 20:29 says:

    is that the National Association of Realtors? or was it supposed to be the NRA? 🙂 and cavalry, not calvary? idle questions, i know

  42. Michael says:

    New Apostolic Revival

  43. John 20:29 says:

    Michael, thank you (… blush …)

  44. Michael says:


    It’s all good…

  45. Captain Kevin says:

    Chik Chickeles was my best man at our wedding 27 years ago. It is depressing and stomach-churning to see his name included in this terrorist group.

  46. Michael says:

    Chik is on the front lines of this stuff…

  47. Captain Kevin says:


  48. Clifford Solomon says:

    GOD knows it all and from fruits I hired seen for My one self hired thangs in My own ears from a leader of one of the Calvery Chapel perfect love from the fruits of two one a leader one goes thair the part of the name PERFECT LOVE should not be a part of the Name of the gathering place cause it’s far from perfect love it’s favior My friends and lie and OH now Lie again to cover up lying play incent.

  49. BStan says:

    MLD – I was born, raised, infant baptized, confirmed, etc etc in the Lutheran Church … I did not become a Christian until I was 21 years old and heard about Justification By Faith FOR THE FIRST TIME !!!! at a Calvary Chapel … You want some WFT lit on Justification … I recommend the simple little book … The Gospel According To Grace … It was CS short primer on the Book of Romans … That’s where I started… After reading that, I read William Newell’s commentary on Romans as Chuck recommended it in TGAG … From there I would recommend listening to Chuck’s ENTIRE verse-by-verse teaching on Romans …. Over 50 hours of teaching on Romans, Only 2-3 verses per sermon …Chuck said the first time he took his congregation through Romans his church size doubled …
    Romans 5:1 states “Therefore, having been JUSTIFIED BY FAITH, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” … As J. Vernon McGee would would say “what is the Therefore there for?” …. Paul is saying I have just spent 4 chapters teaching you what Justification by faith is … he then goes on to teach about justification by faith for another chapter before moving on to Sanctification ….
    All that to say … my personal experience is you’ll learn more about Justification and the Bible in general in a Calvary then a Lutheran church ….
    After 21 years in the Lutheran Church I had read maybe 5 chapters total of the Bible …. After 3 years at a Calvary I had read the Bible through 3 times and NT six times, had read Book of Romans 50 times (G. Campbell Morgan’s suggestion), listened to 50 hours of Chucks commentary and read following commentaries on Romans: LUTHER, Lenski, Newell, Ironside, Jon Courson, J. Montgomery Boice, Wiersbe and Chuck Missler … and committed chapter 1-8 to memory (ch 9-11 dealing with eschatology were not committed to memory) ….
    Had I remained in the Lutheran church I never would have experienced that last paragraph …. Also, I do not have a dog in the race as they say … I left Calvary Chapel when they started replacing reading your Bible with viewing Fox News … and they left their first love for Donald Trump …

  50. Andy says:

    Maybe religion is a substitute for getting one’s head out of their unmentionable part. Alternatively, if there is a living God who is new every day to those who will have life in Him, I don’t see the need for all this intricate power-tripping. It may be unpleasant, but some actions result in done-deals consequences. Period. Move on, in love.

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