Pray for DMW: Update

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  1. London says:


  2. Apple of His Eye says:

    Joining in prayer for John and Debbie…

  3. Xenia says:

    Lord have mercy.

  4. Sarah says:

    So sorry to hear this, amen to Xenia…Lord have mercy.

  5. Tim says:


  6. Tim says:

    I cross-posted this at SMP, since probably a bunch of them haven’t gotten the new PP address yet.

  7. Sarah says:

    Michael…we may need to start a prayer thread.

  8. Michael says:

    I’m getting one ready right now…

  9. Erunner says:

    Spoke with Oden and he is calling John. Oden sounds so exhausted. A prayer thread would be a good thing Sarah. I confess to feeling very sad with so much taking place with so many I care for.

  10. Captain Kevin says:

    Joining all of you in prayer. God, please…

  11. Sarah says:

    Oden was visiting someone who was near death yesterday, right? Doug Potter? Has anyone heard how he is?

  12. Erunner says:

    I haven’t heard anything. I knew Doug while we were at Poiema. He had had previous heart problems.

  13. nomans says:


  14. victorious. says:

    I gave Sarah my cell % offline. I can visit John tomorrow afternoon if someone can get me info where he is at.

  15. Glenn says:


  16. Erunner says:

    vic, I don’t know where he is at but I do have a cell # if that might help.

  17. Nene says:

    Prating along with the rest…so much going on..

  18. Nene says:

    uhhh…praying I mean

  19. Linnea says:

    Praying …

  20. victorious. says:

    Erunner: I have John’s cell. I will call him tomorrow. Will keep praying. If Debbie wants me to visit John will you give her my cell. I have to go to bed soon. I will email you my cell.

  21. victorious. says:

    Erunner. UGM

  22. Erunner says:

    vic, Just responded.

  23. paigemom says:

    Dear Lord, have mercy on Your beloved ones. Lord, help.

  24. Rob Murphy says:

    Vic – email me murphspeak at hotmail. com tonight if you’re still online.

    It was really cool meeting you!

  25. London says:

    Nene – I kinda like the word “prating” 🙂

  26. Michael says:

    Just updated with a report from the hospital…

  27. Michael says:

    A great friend of John and I just visited him in the hospital.

    He is in much pain.

    Pray for wisdom on whether he should stay for IV treatment of cellulitis from the accident or take treatment at home.

    Pray also that he is able to bear up under the incredible stress and sadness of the last couple of weeks.

    Pray for John and Debbie.

  28. jlo says:

    I’m about 45 min from DMW, let me know if I can do anything!
    Will be praying.

  29. jlo says:

    I can be reached through our website at Jody(at)artoftar dot com

  30. Mrs.TDoS says:

    When it rains it pours, and I just dont understand. Why??? Much love to you John, dear cyber friend – praying for you and Debbie too.

  31. nancy says:

    Ohhhh …. praying along with all of you.

  32. Please Note says:

    Praying for John here, too.

    Michael or Dusty, please feel free to give him my number if he’s considering amputation.

  33. Erunner says:

    John is on heavy antibiotics. Trying to reduce leg swelling. If this doesn’t work they may cut his leg to relieve pressure. He is in a lot of pain. Victorious may visit John this afternoon and may update further. Spoke with John a few minutes ago.

  34. nancy says:

    Thanks for the update E .

    Vic … if you go to see John … please tell him he is in our prayers!

  35. paigemom says:

    I am wondering who is taking care of Debbie? Is there a crew of folks to help under these circumstances? I have been begging God to “come through” for John and Debbie. I don’t even know them, but the thought of going down to SoCal to help has crossed my mind…. Does anyone know the status on this issue?

    Folks, this site has created, by God’s Spirit, a really awesome prayer force!

    Thanks. To God be the Glory!

  36. Nonnie says:

    Praying for John and Debbie and sending our love.

  37. Reuben says:

    SMP board is praying!

  38. Sister Christian says:

    Heartfelt prayers for John and Debbie

  39. 4Jesus says:

    Praying for John and Debbie…
    Does he have any support from the church he used to pastor?

  40. dusty says:

    John, joining so many others here and across the country in prayer for you and for Debbie. I get really mad at whatever or whoever it is that is causing you and Oden so much pain (emotional, physical, spiritual…)I could just…just…well I’m just really mad! 🙁

    Sending lots of love and hugs your way dear friend.

  41. dusty says:

    Hey Big brother, you went to visit DMW? That is pretty cool…I want to know how much trouble the two of you caused while you were there… 😉 So glad you were able to go for a visit…I bet it was a blessing to you both.

  42. dusty says:

    Hay Rob is back! Hi Rob…so good to see you.

  43. Erunner says:

    dusty, We visited by phone. When he picked up the phone he thought I was there and seemed happy. One day it’ll happen. God bless!

  44. Rob Murphy says:

    I’m stuck doing other ministry stuff that I can’t get out of, I couldn’t get down to see John today.
    4 Jesus: Yes, John is supported by his church family at CCLE. That church family is awesome.

    Good to ‘see’ you, Dusty . . . my wife passed on your ‘howdy’ a week(?) or so.

    Prayers are very appreciated, we need to pray specifically for God to move and expedite the insurance from the accident and for locals to come together and offer real, practical financial help for John today. We’ve made some appeals, but this is a VERY tough time for everyone financial. We will need many mites to make a dent. God can do this through us.

  45. victorious. says:

    Hi everybody. Just back from a good visit with John. Saw him sleep, saw him wake with a little growing pain, show much kindness and appreciation to the nurses and tell me in detail the story of how his Harley encountered a Honda. 🙂

    He appreciates the love, concern and prayers very much. I am no medical prognosticator much less a practitioner; but it looks positive in terms of his antibiotics starting to take effect, but he has several good doctors who will continue evaluating his condition and possible solutions. So continue to pray for his body and soul to prosper in the grace and care of our Lord.

    John has challenges but he is being cared for. I asked John about Debbie, she is being taken care of and from John’s estimation seems to trust that Jesus is taking care of John.

    Of course none of this is even close to easy , but there is help in the hardship. Prayers move that help and instill hope.

    Hey Murphy. Got your email. Thanks! I will be in touch.

    It was my pleasure to represent this family.

    Back in a little while . . .

  46. grendal hanks says:

    Victorius, Rob, all good news to hear, especially that CCLE has got John & Debbie’s backs!

  47. dusty says:

    Thanks to everyone who is keeping us updated about John…and those who have kept us updated about baby Seth.

  48. Erunner says:

    vic, I would like to post this on FB and post it as from an anonymous source. Well let’s say I’m doing so now! Many are anxious to hear.

  49. Erunner says:

    this = your update

  50. victorious. says:

    Erunner: No problem.

  51. nancy says:

    Thanks for visiting John for all of us. Updates appreciated too. Now I can sleep better knowing things are looking a bit better.

  52. Captain Kevin says:

    Continuing to pray for John and Debbie tonight. We’ve got an awesome cyber family here.

  53. sister D says:

    Praying for this dear family. Make a way, Lord, PLEASE~~~

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