Prayer & Praise: 03/20/2022

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  1. Michael says:

    I don’t usually do this, but my friend John Shaffer has moved me to post this with his heart for the situation:

    “..a dear friend of mine, is trying to rally some help for her daughter Christine. This past Monday, she was in a horrible car accident that totaled her car and broke many bones in her body. At the moment, she is dealing with nearly uncontrollable pain. She really needs some encouragement as she tries to deal with the huge expenses she is now facing.

    Please, please take some time to click on the link and read her mom’s sweet words about Christine, her situation, and her appeal for help.

    If you can with a gift of any amount, please help here:

    PLEASE help by sharing this post on your pages if you are willing.

    This is a loving way to help someone in great need. If everyone unable to help financially simply shared this post to their wall, (so easy to do) we could make this massively more visible and procure a greater amount of assistance from those who do have the willingness and the means. It’s all about the math people. So few actually respond. Will you share?

    I will be posting updates from time to time about her condition to keep people informed as to how Christine is doing.

    If you need to vet this situation, please just PM me. I know this sweet family personally and can vouch for their legitimate need. Any amount, whether small or great will be helpful and much appreciated! Even if you can’t help, you can pray for her.
    Thank you sooo much!”

  2. Captain Kevin says:

    I miss Dusty’s posts.

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