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  1. Paul A. Lytton says:

    Almighty Heavenly Son of God, Lord Jesus,

    Come soon PLEASE…. Eradicate all evil, both in this world and in the spirit world. There is absolutely no absolute right to be agreed upon by those self-righteous derelicts which deny Your Holiness and proclaim their own majesty.

    There is no wonder that we can not agree with each other when we refuse to even agree with You. We humans have lost our own value because we desecrated the basic meaning of the purpose of the existence of life as a whole; concentrating on the individual aspect as if that were the true purpose of life.

    We have fallen short of wanting to live for the reason to worship You and instead we want ourselves to be worshiped. We have become a disgusting race and are living very close to being as those were in the days of Noah.

    Thank You for the offer of the cleansing grace of mercy which we do not come close to be deserving of. But how long oh Lord will You allow our ignorance until You cleanse us with Your Righteous Justice?

    Glory will be that day.

  2. mike says:

    Praying for and with all families in the Body of Christ who have lost immediate family members this last year. Mine included.

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