Lie Exposed in Philippine Child Abuse Case: Updated

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15 Responses

  1. Nonnie says:

    I hope folks in Coffey’s church are seeing this.

  2. Michael says:

    You and me both, Nonnie…

  3. The Dude says:

    Lies have a ways of exposing them selves.Those two dweebs have put a foot in their mouths.Lies create the need to back track and the lie spins out of control.

  4. papiaslogia says:

    This has been confusing from the start. I had no idea who to believe, but now I have a better idea.

    Thanks for the follow-up on this one Michael.

    Is it possible that it was Tom that lied, and Joe is just passing it on? His tweet and the Court Order were on the same day.

  5. Michael says:


    It’s possible, but Coffey was corrected on the matter twice in that Twitter exchange.

  6. dan says:

    Knowing the the culture after living there for nearly 25 years, it is common to tell people what you know they want to hear. It is very difficult in certain situations to get a negative answer. It will almost always be a positive yes answer to your question. (I learned this the hard way while driving down a hill after asking if my brakes had been fixed) It is highly possible that Tom may be getting information from his lawyers that is only positive (even if untrue) so that he will hear what he wants to hear and conflict will be avoided…and the legal fees will continue to be paid.

  7. DR. D says:

    It is the practice of Religious Cults to blame the Media when they get called out on the carpet.

  8. Byron Watts says:

    I really appreciate getting information on this matter.


  9. Josh Hamrick says:

    “Somebody was either greatly confusedā€¦or someone was telling a whopper of a lie.”

    I agree. I see no motivation for the lying though, when it was easily proven to not be true. Seems there was a big misunderstanding here.

  10. Nonnie says:

    Dan’s number 6 is absolutely correct. The Philippines is a “don’t rock the boat” culture and those with the power/$$ are told what they want to hear.

  11. Megan says:

    #9,10, and 6. Getting the truth out to prove that Tom Randal is not being honest is not easy because he is going to great efforts to cover it up. He is actually very motivated to lie as the truth will destroy him. To think that abuse has been going on in his orphanage for years, by the man whom he gave 100% power and trust to and by Toto’s son, whom Tom also views as a son. There was no system of checks and balances- Tom, Toto, and Jake were accountable to Tom, Toto, and Jake. At this point few have said things against Tom, just Toto and Jake. It’s not Tom’s character is question, it’s Toto and Jakes (and in my opinion, the character of all those who did stand silent and still are now) Those who strongly defend Tom should ask them selves if they know Toto and Jake well enough to vouch so strongly for them. It’s not ironic that the churches in the philippines have NOT come out in support of Toto, Jake, or Tom (with the exception of the few receiving huge amounts of money from Tom). The people of Lucena know Toto is a creep. That’s no secret. When numerous people, including victims, came to Tom for help, he silenced them. There were 5 victims ready to testify of abuse that day in court. Who is listening to them? Has any of Tom’s supported asked the victims who have escaped from the mission home what was really going on there? To find the truth, one must consider talking to people NOT on Tom’s pay role. Many are benefiting by keeping silent. Payment for silences is disguised as “donations to help the children and their families” and sometimes distributed the a local church in Lucena (yes, the pastor is in on it and also benefiting financially) But, they can’t be silenced forever. Those who have spoke out received death threats and threats of deportation as well as attacks from the christian community and being financial cut off. I feel like I will get stoned by the Christians community for speaking of what I know. My only motivation is for the protection of innocent victims. I hope that in the future, churches will see this horrific situation as an example of what zero accountability does and be much more careful about where they put there money and whom they blindly support. I hope that through this situation, hundred of other innocent children and youth will be protected. The Philippines may be a ‘don’t rock the boat’ culture, but that doesn’t explain why Tom hasn’t been listening to the chorus of voices telling him otherwise on the volume of evidence illustrating abuse and pointing towards Toto’s horrific character and disasters moral choices. Tom has hired some pretty fancy pancy, top-notch lawyers and he is well connected. If they are even remotely honest, they would not simply be “telling Tom what he wants to hear.” It’s Tom’s responsibility to at least attempt to get valid information. The victims and those speaking for justice have no money, no connections, and nothing to gain. The children are being represented by over-worked, underpaid, government prosecutors who are fighting against Tom’s well-paid private lawyers. Gee, I wonder who will “win.” But, this battle is not against flesh and blood. Honestly, I’m afraid for my life. It costs $250 to have some one murdered in the Philippines. I”m afraid that if I speak out, it will be me or someone I love. If anyone else out there knows the truth, please don’t let me stand alone is sharing it. I have so much more to share, but I’m afraid. This is not over. I imagine in years to come, or whenTom’s pockets dry up- there will be a an out pouring of voices attesting to the shameful acts done at Sankey Samaritan Mission home. Some have already said “When Toto is unbailable, I will talk.” As long as Tom has money and Toto is lurking about the streets, much of the truth will remain hidden. And according to Tom’s recent tax records, he has over two million dollars of assets- this may take awhile. I’ve know a lot of missionaries and Christian workers. But, I’ve never know one with that much money. If you want to know the truth, follow the money trail. It’s disgusting.

  12. psh877 says:

    You say to follow the money; therefore all your accusations are worthless as there is no money available to pay your alleged attorneys and alleged co-conspirators. Tom does not have that kind of money and neither does the ministry which depends on donations. The Philippine system of justice is not about justice when a jealous person; whom Tom stood up to and rebuked. can make false allegations to satisfy his own image of importance. The children of the orphanage became missionaries of their own based on their upbringing. Where is your money coming from, Michael?

  13. laura says:

    World Harvest Ministries IRS 2013 filing Form 990

    Public viewing for nonprofits – please read 16 page report, page 15, Line 11,

    TOTAL SUPPORT: $3,730,067

  14. brian says:

    This was helpful thank you.

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