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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    The lessons on Luther and the Jews would apply to many many things…

    Thanks for commenting on End Times Madness… and the fact that reformers and revivalists are often soaked in it… Some existed in the Great Awakening… much existed in Cane Ridge and Finney revival era, and the Jesus People Revival was probably the most immersed in it.

    I am sure you have gone through Eskridge’s book fascinating stuff.

    Is the residue of Luther’s diatribe a part of the sitz im leben within the German populace … is there any connection to the Final Solution thing? Any academic work on this?

    Good podcast… for the record as a renewal person I remain unconvinced of healing in the atonement … but I believe healing is a part of natural normal church life. As for it being in the atonement the questions are too large as per the lack of healing.

  2. Jtk says:

    Can you get Phil to get new intro music? That’s not soli Deo Gloria- tactic.

    So did Lazarus live to 400 years of age?

    The guy who was initially only partially healed by Jesus in Mark 8?

    That was mentioned as the standard for modern healing (if it was real).

    No need to answer, just some thoughts on the show.

  3. Dude says:

    Martin Luther was simply a imperfect human being like the rest of us .We need to be careful about judging people in hindsight .I will give him kunos for what he did ….he had the courage to look at his church ….then call the sin for what it was and then stood his ground .

  4. Kayfabe says:

    Calvin and Luther were far from Men we should look too or Model. Calvin was a persecutor!

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