The Weekend Word

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2 Responses

  1. Michael,

    Another great sermon that ministered powerfully to me.

    Was wondering if you received the book I sent to you? Was it something that you can use in your library?

    I love to comb those few old book stores that have survived Amazon.

    Every now and then I come across a gem or two in them.

    I have a very large library in my home. We have had to build bookcases in two rooms of the house and my man~cave has three large book cases.

    Like most people from my generation, I am an avid reader. Every since those Tom and Jerry readers and my introduction to Dr. Suess as a young child I have an unquenchable appetite for books.

    Unfortunately my 35 year old son is not much of a reader.

    I will ask him, “Son did you read the article I sent you?”

    And he replies,”No dad, it was just a wall of text to me.”

    On my blog I have since learned to make every sentence a new paragraph, because studies have shown that this generation will not read anything on the net unless it is formatted in separated sentences.

    Alex has mentioned this as if it were unusual, which it is, but if you want readers of anything on the net to continue to read studies have shown you have to separate each sentence.

    As I have done here…LOL

  2. Michael says:


    I did receive it and I thank you for it…I think it will be helpful, and interesting as well.
    Thank you!

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