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  1. Em says:

    “Lord, You know there are some that have not yet begun to live for You, and the prayer is now offered that they may today be born again.” amen
    i sometimes wonder if, while we groan, “how long O Lord?” the Lord is answering – ‘pray more and we’ll finish this saving of men much sooner – i could have returned much sooner’ … dunno … i just wonder

    i am going to “purpose in my heart” to pray/read this long winded prayer of Spurgeon’s every morning this week

  2. Donner says:

    Superb. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Em says:

    i would be remiss in not asking for prayer for the Entiat River Valley as we stand a better than even chance of being burned out of here (we’re like a chimney) in the next 2 or 3 days if the predicted winds come
    just biding my time here on the PxP website – with my essential stuff packed up – pray for the critters and the firefighters, too

  4. london says:

    I need some prayer. I have been talking a bit on here about this young (just turned 18) guy that I know from ABQ that is stranded in a bad situation in TX.
    I’ve been waiting for him to reach out to me to get him out of there, which I am more than happy to do. i just don’t know where he’s gonna go…
    I know it’s not up to me to find him a place, he’s got to do some stuff on his own, but I need prayer that I give him sound advice and offer him some encouragement in a way that gives him hope.

    Also, that something would work out for him that’s good for him.

  5. Em says:

    still praying for the lad, London

    just got a call from my daughter (they’re watching the smoke from the hospital) and she says to start loading up the car – darn, i was hoping for a day’s respite here, but if it is taking off, it will cover the 20 miles down this valley very fast according to old timers who saw it happen before… unplugging the computer to load it, too

    hopefully in a couple days, i’ll be back here to carry on with my vacuous observations

    God keep

  6. London says:

    Be safe Em

  7. Xenia says:

    Lord, have mercy.

  8. Uriahisaliveandwell says:


    Traveler’s Aide: available at airport and bus stops —- call 800 number. Will get that young man back in Alburquerque or other place where he might have friends or family that are willing to help him.

    Praying for Em and the entire west coast states. Praying for early rain, not a lot, just enough to cool things down, put out the fires, and gives us a wee bit of reserves to enable the plants to take root and to thrive—-no mudslides, floods, or causing more to go to homeless. There are so many homeless out here already. Lord have mercy upon us all-those who are and those who may be one day.

  9. London says:

    Thanks Uriah.
    I can get him wherever with frequent flyer points. The problem is finding the “where” to send him.
    The kid said he hasn’t eaten in three days, which I believe since the person he’s staying with is not really in a position to feed him, nor should he have to.
    I’m not a mom, but when a kid is telling me he’s going to go look for berries that he learned how to gather in scouts causes he’s that hungry…it breaks my heart.
    I know this kid since he was just a little boy. I also know he’s not telling me the whole story…cause I know what the story is…I just worry that he’ll give up hope since he has always been homeschool and kept from any form of alleged “evil” which included stuff like having G rated movies “edited” by a parent cause that parent didn’t like the way the movie maker told the story.
    I feel bad for him in a situation that I don’t think he’s prepared to handle and want him out before it gets really bad.

  10. Em says:

    thank you for prayers the predicted winds did not kick up last night and we are in a holding pattern right now… praying that the weather prediction of light rain comes to pass

    (still praying with Spurgeon up there 🙂 )

    God keep

  11. Michael says:

    Em…thank you. I’ve been waiting all morning for a good report.

  12. Em says:

    “….. Grant us also the peace- speaking word of promise supplied by the Holy Spirit, that being justified by faith we may have peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Let us be forgiven and know it, and may there remain no lingering question in our heart about our reconciliation with God, but by a firm, full assurance based on faith in the finished work of Christ may we stand as forgiven men and women…” amen, Lord, let it be so

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