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  1. I would like to recommend a book on ‘sanctification’ that gives a view 180 degrees opposite of something like Victorious Christian Living or any of the Chuck Swindoll type writings.

    I think it gets to the heart of the matter.

  2. Em says:

    i would like to recommend a book… oh, that ‘s right it’s already been recommended (see Aug. 20) – sorry

  3. Em says:

    i read slowly these days, so don’t know if i’ll get to MLD’s recommendation above – but i do think sanctification is, after redemption, as important as breathing is to natural life

    Packer’s understanding of sanctification is explained for us pew sitters very well in Sam Storm’s book recommended earlier here, beginning on pg. 91 …..”We are talking about God’s work of character change in Christians; about the life of God in the soul of man; about the fruit of the Spirit; about the outworking in our behavior – our new, supernatural life – that is hid in Christ with God.”

    and, of course, there’s much more – should probably be the most important topic on living as a Christian, eh? should be topic one, and maybe that’s why our discussions bog down theologically tangential so often? dunno

  4. Scott says:

    I listened to the audio of the most recently released undercover video of planned parenthood’s gruesome abortion practices.

    The “nurse” (a pig) says, “watch this” and taps the recently aborted (well along) babies heart and it starts beating! Then she proceeds to do something that Hitler & his Nazi exterminators would of been proud of. I cannot even repeat it.

    I wept out loud…

    No wonder the Muslims hate us! I remember my wife’s step-sister’s Muslim husband saying years ago, “what country kills their own children?”

    I despise our so-called leaders on both sides of the isle for tolerating this legislatively and even more for funding these pigs who murder innocent children to the tune of a half billion dollars a year of our tax money!

    Isaiah 59:7

  5. Scott says:

    Michael, another story in the news that hits close to home.

  6. Em says:

    the good, the bad and the ugly… strange how well that describes comments 4,5 & 6 … not in that order… i’ve been fascinated by those news spots that i used to see on TV where someone is trying to outrun the law in a car, their wheels start to come off and they just keep going: faster, faster faster… seems like that is what the world is doing today… trying to outrun God? …

    but maybe i’m affected by the fact that the world is going up in flames again up here…
    the small fire that the forest services ignored up here south of Lake Chelan is now a big one burning thru pristine hiking country… and coming our way, but i think they’ll be able to put more resources on it soon … praying for those who are in danger
    it is dead quiet up this valley – very eerie – the horses are always at the fence neighing at supper time – not a peep out of them tonight and the deer, who leave when they see you, browse just yards away as if you weren’t even there… tempting to see how close you could get, but the bucks are getting a bit defensive now… lots of confused birds fluttering about… glad my son was able to get over to stay with us (his boss told him to come), but he needs those paychecks

    nice to stop by here and be reminded Who’s running the show

  7. ? says:

    Important reading for all Christians.
    Aborted babies, Christianity, and vaccines.

  8. Steve Wright says:

    I’ve read about people having their emails used without permission but apparently it was pretty easy to put someone else’s photo on that Ashley Madison site…

    This sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen..

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