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5 Responses

  1. Paige says:

    Beautiful prayer….amen…. “make Your will more precious than anybody or anything”

  2. Em says:

    and amen …”I shall not waste time deploring my weaknesses” forgive me, Lord – i am very self-centered… help me to celebrate Your strength and live in it

  3. London says:

    Today one of my co-workers told me that everyday he deals with the thought of ending his life. I was pretty shocked cause I don’t know him that well and we were IMing and kind of joking around about a computer issue when he said it.
    His wife has been hospitals for about 4 months or more with a stroke, heart attack etc. They are pretty young and he’s going through a tremendous amount of stress while working etc.
    He’s kind of a quiet guy who doesn’t have much of a support system except his mom and a couple friends. His mom stays with his wife most days while he is at work, then he goes over to the Hospital.
    Having done the work to hospital to work to hospital routine myself a few times, I understand a bit of the stress he’s under.
    We were able to talk a bit today, and get some help for his immediate need from a social worker, but he could still use some prayer.


  4. Em says:

    praying London… praying that yours will be an affirming voice, a help to this man… praying for his family… praying he hears our Shepherd’s loving call now, too

  5. Em says:

    i must thank God for His mercies… this latest wildfire seems to have awakened someone in authority to how poorly firefighting has been conducted in this state lately … and thank You, Lord for the rain last night

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