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  1. Paige says:


  2. Nonnie says:

    Please continue to pray for some dear friends of ours who are having visa problems. I can’t give any details, but please pray for this couple. I truly believe this is an attack from the enemy on a couple who is giving themselves away, in the love of Christ, to the poor and oppressed of their community. Thank you. Lord have mercy.

  3. Em says:

    praying with you now, Nonnie
    oh Lord, Your will be done – protect and strengthen your servants who are giving their lives away to minister Christ today – all of them, Lord

  4. Michael says:

    We really need prayer for the boys over in Germany. Trey is having some issues that threaten both boys getting well.

  5. Nonnie says:

    Praying for your boys, Michael.

  6. london says:

    praying michael

  7. Michael says:

    Thank you, Nonnie and London.

  8. Em says:

    praying with

  9. Linnea says:

    Nonnie…praying for your friends’ visa problems and that they might be able to continue ministry.

    Michael–praying for Trey and Jonny–that they both are able to heal in Germany.

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you, Linnea.

  11. mk says:

    Joining in prayer this evening for Nonnie’s friends as wells as Trey and Jonny.

  12. mk says:

    Joining in prayer this evening for Nonnie’s friends as well as Trey and Jonny.

  13. j2theperson says:

    Prayer for Nonnie’s friends and Trey and Jonny.

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