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  1. Jean says:

    This confession was written for me. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Nonnie says:

    Please pray for my husband who has been suffering with shingles in his left eye for over a month now. He has been on antiviral drops and steroids for 3 weeks and the eye seems to be improving but he is in so much discomfort and can’t sleep. I’m been told about a nerve medicine that can help and will ring the doctor tomorrow. Praying he can have some relief. We are in the middle of moving house, (on the 30th) as well as in less than 3 weeks have an overseas ministry trip.

  3. Michael says:


    Will do…that has to be miserable.

  4. JD says:

    Nonnie, we lift up your husband in prayer; for complete and speedy healing, with no lasting adverse effects.

  5. Paige says:

    Praying for you and your husband Nonnie…so sorry this ordeal has gone on so long…. and moving on top of it all as well.Lord bless, heal, help and comfort…. ….

  6. Linnea says:

    Nonnie…praying for your precious husband and you. I’ve been told Neuroton helps relieve the pain from shingles.

    An update on my sons’ friend Steve—still no return of smell/taste, but he was able to return to work and did not lose his job. Thank you so much for prayers! He and his family are special to us–we’re praying that this trial will bring them to the Lord.

  7. Paul A. Lytton says:

    Linnea, I had a loss of smell and taste after my sinus cavity was fractured. I am not aware of Steve’s situation but I hope and pray he can also have some recovery. I was told that the loss of my taste was caused by the loss of my smell. This happened in 2003. I still have a close to total loss of smell, but the taste started to return (slowly) after about five years and is now good.

  8. Linnea says:

    Paul…thank you so much for your prayers. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for you to recover some taste. i don’t think we realize how much pleasure we take from taste and smell. Blessing to you…

  9. mk says:

    Nonnie – joining in prayer for your husband, for complete healing.

    Linnea – will pray for Steve today.

    Update: Back in October, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and many of you have lifted her in prayer. She had a successful surgery and has been on chemo ever since. Her numbers originally started at 8500 (and the cancer had not gotten to her lymph nodes). Last count a couple weeks ago was 61! She needs to be between 0-35 to end the chemo.

    So today she will get her new number before she starts another round of chemo (hopefully one of her last rounds).

    Her faith and spirit are amazingly strong. Her attitude so positive that one would forget she’s battling a giant disease. She’s even been playing 9 holes of golf once a week through this summer!

    Please join me in praying her chemo session this afternoon goes well and her numbers come under the 35 so she can be cancer-free.

    Many thanks,

  10. Linnea says:

    mk–thank you for your prayers for Steve.

    I’m so sorry your Mom has had to endure cancer treatment. It is so invasive, physically and emotionally. I hope her chemo session went well and this treatment will be her last. She must be an amazing woman to endure with a strong faith and resilient spirit.

    Prayers for her, you, and the rest of your family.

  11. mk says:

    Thank you, Linnea. She got through another round yesterday and her number remains at 61 for now. Hopeful she’s toward the end of these treatments – she has another round next month…will keep you posted. Yes, she is one special lady! Hope you and yours are doing well. 🙂

  12. Linnea says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ll pray for next month’s reprieve! She’s so close! Thank you–my family is doing well. My husband got through cancer a year ago and continues to test cancer free this year. We’re grateful to the Lord and for everyone’s prayers.

  13. mk says:

    Such wonderful news about your husband! Praying he continues to do well and remains cancer free all the while enjoying each day to its fullest. 🙂 Thank you for sharing – such an encouragement to hear about his success! God bless you and your family.

  14. Nonnie says:

    So blessed to hear these praise reports! My husband finally got on a medication to help ease the pain and it works for a few hours and then comes back, but it does help him sleep better so he has a bit more energy. Thank you for praying.

  15. Linnea says:

    Nonnie–I’m so glad he’s at least getting sleep and a little relief from the pain. I’ll keep praying the shingles to resolve quickly.

  16. mk says:

    Nonnie—my prayers continue.

  17. London says:

    A 10 year old girl was brutally murdered not far from where I live yesterday. Her mom, the moms boyfriend and his cousin have been charged in the case.
    The details are horrific.
    Please keep the police, first responders, hospital staff who are treating one of the suspects, the child’s friends, brother and teachers in prayer as everyone tries to come to grips with what happened.
    so sad.

  18. Linnea says:

    London, yes– it is horrific. Praying…

  19. Michael says:

    We haven’t heard from Em in a few days…praying all is well…

  20. Jean says:

    “We haven’t heard from Em in a few days…praying all is well…”

    Yes, your presence is palpably missing. Praying…

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