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  1. London says:

    This is the best thing about this blog. Knowing there’s always some place to post a prayer where people you know love you and care about you will see it and encourage you, pray for you and share in your joy or sorrow.
    I’ve been glad many, many times for it.

  2. Lutheran says:

    Thanks be to God for BridnD and Nomans!

  3. Nonnie says:

    I too am so thankful for this thread. You all have prayed for me and my family over the years and we have seen the Lord meet our every need. Praying for this community today.

  4. Anne says:

    May we all be granted the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Giving thanks for each of you who have touched my life throughout all the different seasons of Phoenix Preacher’s existence.

  5. Nonnie says:

    Amen, Anne
    This community is important and sadly, some have an agenda they want, which seems to only cause destruction. On the other hand, most of us are very happy to trust the Lord to direct Michael as to the tone and direction of this site. I, for one, feel privileged to be here to fellowship with a diverse amount of believers here and pray for one another. God bless Michael for persevering here and having a place we can meet and pray for one another, encourage one another, challenge one another.
    Father, today I pray for Michael…..lead, strengthen, and direct him. Amen

  6. Michael says:

    I really need to find a new job…while I have the one I’ve got.
    Praying for guidance in that area while seeking it for this site as well.

  7. Nonnie says:

    Praying, dear friend.

  8. Reuben says:

    Asking for prayers for the company I work for, Timberline Mechanical. Colorado is in a huge winter drought, in accumulations and temperatures. As a result, calls have dropped off dramatically. I have been cut back to 32 hours a week. That is a 20% cut in pay. There have been layoffs. I am assured that I will not be one of them. I have 13 hours of pending work so far for this coming week. That is catastrophic.

    Praying for PhxP. Praying for Michael.

    It would seem that I have no way out of being elected as vestry at our church. Pray that I get it together on this. My heart is not really in it at the moment.

  9. Nonnie says:

    Praying for you and yours, Reuben.

  10. Em says:

    amen to prayers posted and praying with

  11. Em says:

    praying that we all seek the mind of Christ now

    just a ponder for the times

  12. Sarah says:

    I’ve been offline most of the weekend fighting some flu / bug / cold thingy.

    I’m saddened by Brian and Nomans leaving the blog, and yet I do completely understand.

    These are the moments that it feels like the blog is banging its collective head against the wall.

    Praying for wisdom for Michael as he continues to lead and define this place.

    Praying for grace for those who come here seeking ministry or healing or simply a listening place.

    Praying for an ability for each of us to view the other as more important, to view the others’ needs as priority. Praying that we act in a way that brings glory to God. How that looks and how that plays out is as different as our personalities, and yet there is character and there are attributes that mark as us His. May those shine forth more brightly than our selfishness, our arrogance, our anger.

    Praying for this place, for this day. Praying for the many names that come to mind when we hit these moments…names of many who have made this place such a unique spot. Praying for each and remembering with thankfulness.

  13. Xenia says:

    The PhxP is at a Sudetenland point in its history. The blog owner has to decide if he’s going to be Neville or Winston.

  14. FWIW – Xenia, i think i know exactly what you mean by those words – my sentiments also … however, it simply may be time to quietly close the door here – it is that time for me (but this almost simultaneous turn on the blog came as quite a surprise) … praying that God gives Michael wisdom and strength and great blessing

  15. filbertz says:

    I want to assure you of my prayers during this season. While I am not full of faith, God suffers with weaklings like myself—and while the things of ‘sight’ seem insurmountably complex, the solutions borne from faith are plain and often unusual. Opinions are typically spoken from ‘sight’ while faith solutions tend to be counterintuitive and different. May God direct your thoughts and heart in this season.

  16. Fly on a Wall says:

    Firstly, I want to thank BrianD and Nomans. They have done great things for this blog.

    Secondly, I’m new here, so I don’t know what to say about Michael’s blog.

    I really like it, sorry if that sounds childish. I don’t want to see it go. I support whatever Michael’s decision may be. But I’ve made myself too controversial and I’m going to start lurking. TBH: I don’t understand the dynamics of this place. Which may be part of the problem.

    If this ends up being the final hoorah, I thank everyone who has touched my life here. Best of wishes on your life journey. And thanks to Michael for his selfless hard work in providing a place where we come together.


  17. Hmmm, your blog, Michael, you state you want a new direction, want to publish other articles which reflect your present phase of your spiritual journey, your interests, insights, things you think, articles of faith you would like to see discussed… There is absolutely no one stopping you from continuing except you. Your publication schedule depends on your personal creativity, your willingness to share, risk, engage in dialog or avoid it.

    Here’s a personal commitment and statement from an old time guy here.

    First, I probably chased off a few folk, offended them by my insistence on being verbal and challenging and transparent in my deconstruction of my faith. You patiently endured me when I was my most unlovely, and that grace has helped me become a better person. But I’ve never owned my own destructive and challenging ways ’til now, so, here it is, an apology for any and all whom I’ve ever offended. Please, return to the blog, support Michael, no longer from afar, but vote with your presence.

    Second, the commitment, to be supportive, less strident in my faith outworking, to be more in-working, so that I can contribute to an atmosphere of safety and let you make this place into what you envision for it, even if its by virtue of the fact that you simply don’t want to make it what it’s been.

    Third, and finally, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your personal property, especially your intellectual property. This is YOUR blog so assert yourself, demand control, demand the boundaries you expect from yourself and if anyone, me or any other person isn’t cutting it then say so, even if it requires membership or subscription.

    Just my thoughts on a Super Bowl Sunday, rooting for The Bay Area Team solely because that’s where I’m from, shallow man that I am.


  18. Sarah says:

    G-man…I don’t always agree with your theology, but you treat people with compassion more often than not and have been an element of kindness around here.

    Whenever we hit these moments, and we’ve had a few, I always think back to a crazy day in Florida over Labor Day Weekend a few years back. I literally thought that Steve was dying. We were on vacation with the boys and Sammy was about Maddie’s age now…just a peanut. Steve passed out on the boardwalk and stopped breathing. I remember that moment of great fear, of trying to keep the boys calm and not let them see my fear, and of wondering what on earth I would do. God surrounded me…a kind woman swept the kids up and kept them engaged with the showers at the end of the boardwalk. Another woman had seen him stumbling from the beach, watching from the 22nd floor, and came…she was a nurse. Two men grabbed his legs and lifted him up to start circulation. They were emts. Someone else had already called the ambulance.

    When I walked into the hotel room to grab dry clothes and follow the ambulance, with Steve now conscious but not out of the woods, I sat down and posted a prayer request on the prayer thread.

    I knew that there would be someone online that would see it and pray, and I knew they would pray when all I could do was hold myself together long enough to get to the hospital and keep the boys from being afraid.

    I was right. When I got back from the hospital there were posts of prayer and of support, and thankfully all turned out well. He was dehydrated and had gone into some shock from breaking a bone in his foot earlier.

    I wasn’t on Facebook then, and there is a community of my ‘real life’ friends there that has become a place to turn as well. Still, this was a place of people who cared and I knew it.

    I still know it.

    Whatever the outcome of this latest time of processing…I’ll always be thankful for this place.

  19. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Glad Ravens won and happy that Ray Lewis is going out a winner. Ray really inspires his teammates and they love him. As far as this blog goes it is what it is, this seems to be a recurring theme here where the blog gets threatened to get shut down. Maybe people need not to expect too much out of an internet blog anyways.

  20. Ray Lewis got away with murder 12 years ago – no wonder he thanks God.

  21. immrsw says:

    S.R., i predicted the Ravens would win – heard a voice, don’t think it was God, tho

    that said, “it is what it is?” right now what it is is time to pray for a man named Michael, a servant of God whose ministry blog has blessed every single one who has come here and read – what it is is a lot more than the mood of the blog IMHO

    God keep all close, confident and comforted in His grace and power this night

  22. Em says:

    i have no idea why the signature came out as it did and put my 21 in moderation – would appreciate it’s erasure

    S.R., i predicted the Ravens would win – heard a voice, don’t think it was God, tho

    that said, “it is what it is?” right now what it is is time to pray for a man named Michael, a servant of God whose ministry blog has blessed every single one who has come here and read – what it is is a lot more than the mood of the blog IMHO

    God keep all close, confident and comforted in His grace and power this night

  23. Lutheran says:

    I’m,praying for you, Michael, and Reuben. Grateful for both of you and for this blog!

  24. Lutheran says:

    I also wanted to say, Michael, that you need to do what’s best for YOU. I’d be sad if the blog ended, but will get over it. Praying for you. I believe you and the blog have already done a world of good.

  25. brian says:

    Michael I pray you keep the blog open, but not make it about defeating the evil in the church, that cant happen on a blog it will happen at the local level, if people wish to expose it let them and bless them. But think on this, a blog that has prayer for jobs, job search ideas, educational ideas, how to help family in needs etc. Some say this is compromise well maybe it may be, but no you are not. You went up against the corporation, you cant win against that monster. What you can win are the day to day battles people go through. My prayer continue your blog but steer it wide to the local need of the local folks. Making connections to help just one person. There are other blogs that deal with spiritual abuse, CC abuse and so on. Nothing wrong with a strategic “withal” and regrouping.

    Prayer for a new job, amen, same here, though I love my job I cant continue in it to the physical issues. I mean the constant pushing, changing, lifting, pulling and so on have taken a toll, from the very first time I got a metal chair upside the head to the being pushed down a flight of stairs it has taken a toll on me, my joints are swollen to twice their size and my back is a wrench. I mean even the morphine they gave me did not take the pain away, it did not even dull it. My prayer is that we will be Christians and seek to help each other, there is abuse and its awful but this blog is not the community it was. It tried that and the corporation won, it will always win on that front, trust me it always will win. But we can help on the more individual level, meeting people at their needs. I admit I failed at this on several occasions on this blog. I would trade all my rantings for just one person helped in this community. I have been here for years and as a fly on the wall I can tell you service is the only way to truly find healing.

    My main prayer is for Michael, that he be healed, have a good job and the economic resources to help his son. All the rest of it is white noise as far as I am concerned.

  26. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    I Didnt know you were in Atlanta 13 years ago

  27. brian,
    You have helped far more people than you will ever know, but I want you to know that I am one of them. You are so grounded in reality, plus you have a self deprecating sense of humor and a dark side that all works well to keep me encouraged and stretch me to work through issues of theology that don’t fit the nice neat boxes that Bible Answer Men or Pastors with Perspectives offer in their pithy radio shows.

    I join with you, asking God to give you and Michael opportunities for a job which will allow you to use your gifts and talents.

    And that Reuben may have more hours or side jobs which meet his family’s needs.

    And, anything else folks are facing, may you find answers and confidence to look for them, and the empowerment to act on your instincts and do all the common sense things you know to do while counting on God to weave the substance offstage.

    Would appreciate you all remembering an extended portion of my family tonight. We just got word that a member attempted suicide, and they’re in the ER right now as I’m writing this.

    Thx in advance

  28. Nonnie says:

    Praying G man. Lord have mercy. We pray for comfort, survival, hope, new beginnings. May this person and the family be embraced in your love.

  29. Sarah says:

    Praying G.

  30. ( |o ====::: says:

    Thx, she made it.
    Psych ward for now.
    Hoping no permanent damage from the Tylenol

  31. Nonnie says:

    Glad she is alive and praying no liver damage. May God fill her with hope and peace.

  32. Anon says:

    Thanking God for helping me to better grasp -through this blog- the issues/stucture involved in leaders and/or followers becoming corrupt. It’s helped me to be able to heal, understand, and still love the universal church. Without this, I think it would be much more difficult for me to have moved onto another local church after my church leadership imploded due to their sin being exposed.

    I thank God for the resource this place has been over the years for myself and for those we could direct here.

  33. John Duncan says:

    This is long but if you stick with it it is a praise report

    This last year has been the hardest I’ve had to go through. Pain is a terrible foe, it changes everything you perceive. When physical pain passes a certain point that you cannot take your mind if if it for a moment, when you can’t sleep, when my wife hit a point a a mental meltdown, when I called every phone number I have of people who live close enough to help and they have no room in their life to help. (I am not saying that to criticize them,it is a fact that in this age, in this part of the world, they really with all their heart want to help, but life has filed their they just have no room, no time, they really CAN’T help) at the lowest point my doctor who has been more a friend than doctor for reasons still unknown to me just did a 180 in his attitude. My last visit was because I was knocked out in an accident and I have no memory due tithe fact that my head was slammed into the window so hard that when I came to I was totally confused and in horrible pain and I didn’t even know what happened. So the DMV took away my driving privileges until I can get Adorno take to my doctor that he just needs to say that I have no known medical conditions that would cause me to loose conciseness. My doctor told me he will not do it. O asked if I had any conditions that he knew of that would make me a danger on the road he said no but that he still will not do it. That means I my never be allowed to drive again.

    A woman who came to our church over 20 years ago just decided that she just had to do something, so she called a girl who was a friend of her son when they were,title,and she putting sin motion,a young woman named Kindra showed up not just willing to work for minimum wage. She is a God send. She is 25 and has room her life. I bought an electric tricycle that goes almost 10mph, and have to ride mr bicycle to get groceries Etc. things are turning. Last Friday I had my first of avert long series of injections for the five ruptured disk, today I started a medication and as of now I am off pain pills for the first time in a year and a half. I am actually starting to feels human again.. I don’t know if God ever lets me drive again,and in this area not driving makes life very vary hard, but I like riding that electric trike and so far I have met and had conversations with tale at 20 people that I would never have met if I could drive.

    I don’t know what God is up to, but He is reshaping our lives, and My God has often used adversity to put His people in a better place that they never would have gone exception so crisis redirected their life.

    So this is a praise report,the Body of Christ is wonderful, and there are time that when I speak about the church that I forget that I am talking about His Bride. When I remember I think of how a guy might react if I said rotten stuff of his Bride to Be. So be it the church that I pastored or the local Assembly of God they together are blessing an old man and his wife and supporting us. I love the True Church, I don’t care what label they may have on the outside, the true believers helping and loving each other is a beautiful thing.

    This blog has connected me to people of every brand name Christian and the help and prayers,and the thanks that have raised up to heave has glorified God.. The True Bride of Christ is spread out through all the churches that have all the heartbreaking problems that need to be brought into the light, but tonight all the rotten leaders thar ruin it for all theGodly leaders .. Well for me I just want to thank God for the Church.

    I once did an out door wedding and I was just telling the worship team to begin when a brides made came and told me that someone dropped a bottle of fingernail polish on the brides dress and they asked me await to do,some said there a business across the stree She ran and told them what happened and came out with bottles of White Out,they went to work and in twenty minutes a perfect and beautiful appeared…and I think there is going to a lot of white out used on The Bride of Christ … The Church is going to be a mess,but will be in a moment and a lot of white out We The Bride of Christ will appear perfect and beautiful, so for today we see a real mess,in a moment each of us will be perfect ..

  34. sarahkwolfe says:

    DMW…thank you for posting that.

    I could use prayer…have a pretty bad round of bronchitis going and little Miss Maddie is down pretty sick as well. She does not have pneumonia, but has bronchitis. My very kind pediatrician called in meds for me today after listening to my breathing and being concerned (we were obviously there for Maddie).

    It’s been about a week, little more, of this and I need to get better. Much going on, including a trip to NM a week from Friday…and much to get done in the homeschool front. And I’ve been asked to write a meditation for the women’s retreat that is due Monday…

    With that, I’m off to bed!

  35. jlo says:

    Sarah, praying.

  36. erunner says:

    My sister lives with my mother going on five years. She is destitute and refuses to see anyone or talk to them. She has had a notoriously horrible temper throughout her life. She used to be successful in her work and had a large personality. Something happened after she took a few years off from work to travel and relax and was unable to find work. She despises me.

    I take care of my mother’s affairs as far as taking her to doctor’s appointments and shopping. She has trouble with her memory with beginnings of dementia. My mother does everything humanly possible to keep me away from her home. As I take care of her meds I have two months worth sitting here and told her I would not be stopped and am going over today to set things up and have a look around. She called me a little while ago trying to force me to come to the hospital where she volunteers to drop the meds off. I refused and I could tell she is nervous big time because of my sister.

    My brother and sister live out of the area but they both wonder along with me if our sister is somehow abusing our mother emotionally. My mother provides her and her dog everything. Our sister receives no mail and it is clear she wants nobody to know where she is. She won’t consider trying to get any type assistance. She’s 55 and obviously has major issues to deal with which she won’t do and our mother can’t see she’s not helping things.

    This is an awkward and difficult situation. Prayer would be appreciated.

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