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  1. Sarah W says:

    Wow it feels like ages since I posted in the Prayer thread. I think all of the craziness of the last few months has worn me out, and I found myself this morning looking for those old touchstones that bring us back to some structure and peace.

    Thankful for Michael keeping this touchstone alive for so many for so long. Praying for y’all this morning…for that whisper of Advent season beginning. Praying for grace for each as we navigate this season in the midst of all the emotions right on the surface. Praying we walk in a way which brings calm and peace.

    Praying for God to meet us in the midst of this season when our ears are a bit more sensitive to His coming. Praying that the astonishing reality of the Incarnation permeates our souls.

    And praying for great delight among our children, filled with wonder…and that the deep, deep reality of Advent soaks through their souls.

    Ahh. Good to step back in here and pray this morning.

  2. dusty says:

    My mother-in-law is in the hospital. She broke her femurleg bone and they did surgery putting in a rod down the middle of the bone. She &as since developed pneumonia and they have her on morphine. It does not look good. Buster thinks about 48 hours.

    If you would pray for our family…..thank you

  3. Michael says:

    Praying, Dusty…
    Thanks, Sarah!

  4. dusty says:

    Lungs are shutting down despite being on oxygen.

    She lives in OR so we will not see her again this side of heaven.

    Thank you michael for your prayers

  5. dusty says:

    Remember i n your prayers

    Paige and her 4 boys

    Michale and up coming surgery

    Linnea and her sister who has cancer

  6. dusty says:

    She has passed

  7. Michael says:

    Our condolences and prayers for you and your family, Dusty.

  8. dusty says:

    Thank you big brother

  9. dusty says:

    Remember ebrother and his mom who has artery blockage

  10. j2theperson says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Dusty. 🙁

  11. dusty says:

    Thank you j2tp

  12. Linnea says:

    Oh my gosh, dusty…I’m so sorry. Praying for you, Buster, and your family. Lord, please be with dusty and Buster’s family and give them strength, peace, and joy even in the midst of this loss.

  13. dusty says:

    Thank you linnea

  14. nene says:

    Oh Dusty..I am just so very sorry…Please give a hug to Buster.

    It’s been ages since I have been own dad is on Hospice right now and will pass soon. I am in Wi and any prayers for him are greatly needed. His name is Norman. I really don’t know where he is with the Lord. He is 93..he fell in his assist living and hit his head. He probably had a stroke.

    This community is never forgotten..thank you Michael for a safe place to go.

  15. dusty says:

    Nene thank you for your prayers and hugs

    Will be praying for you and your dad, Norman

  16. nene says:

    Thank you Dusty. I am praying for you both tonight. I am just so sorry.

  17. dusty says:

    Nene tanks so much. .. hugs

  18. I usually don’t come on the prayer thread so as to not be a lightening rod. But I must give a shout out to old friend nene. 🙂

  19. mk says:

    Dear Dusty –
    My condolences to you and your family. Lifting prayers tonight.

    Also praying for Nene’s dad.

  20. Erunner says:

    I’m sorry dusty and nene. My heart goes out to you and your families.

    My mother seems to be the same. She enjoyed Thanksgiving with us. Tests to come and praying for the best.

  21. nene says:

    Love you guys. ❤️

  22. dusty says:

    Thank you mk

  23. dusty says:

    Thanks ebrother

    Will keep praying for you and your mom. Glad to hear you had a good thanksgiving with her

  24. mk says:

    A prayer request for my mom who has been battling cancer. Seems she’s taken a turn – tests will be run tomorrow to determine what’s happening. So difficult being 1100 miles away from her and my family. Praying her faith perseveres and for God’s peace to comfort her.

  25. mk says:

    Erunner – praying for your mom as well.

  26. dusty says:

    Mk, praying for you and your mom.

  27. mk says:

    Thanks Dusty.

  28. dusty says:

    So nice to see all of you!

  29. London says:

    My Mom is having surgery on her spine Tuesdays. She has two fractures they are going to inject “cement” into to give some stability to them.
    Prayers appreciated.
    It has been a long and stressful year.

  30. dusty says:

    London, praying for you and your mom.

  31. dusty says:

    It has been like a family reunion today….still missing some folks but still very nice to see you all here

  32. nene says:

    This is like a family reunion…Praying for Londons mom, Erunners mom, mk’s mom, Michael..Linnea, Dusty…Lord have mercy on our loved ones….praying for peace in their hearts…

  33. dusty says:

    Michael thank you for creating a safe place for us to open our hearts and be real about our feelings, joy, sorrow and all in between….a place we can always come home to when we need a hug.

  34. mk says:

    This really is nice seeing so many here tonight. 🙂
    London, adding your mama to my prayers. I just booked a flight home for this Thursday and my brother will arrive Friday. So thankful that all my siblings will be together with my mom this weekend.

    Thanks Nene for your prayers.

  35. dusty says:

    A place where we can come to with real prayer requests…not the ones expected to come from Christians…oh everything is fine…when nothing is fine…when our heart is broken and tears sting our eyes. You made this place for us. Thank you.

  36. Em ... again says:

    it’s 2 am here and i decided to see if i could get onto the internet and check my email and the PhxP sites
    35 posts on the prayer thread? i’ve just completed reading the list (joining in praying as i read) – so many seem to be doing vigil with loved ones now…
    all is well up here in the mountains, but for some reason i am seldom able to get connected to the internet…
    i won’t be posting often, but prayer continues as the folks who come to visit this site come to remembrance… dusty, London, Erunner… all the families
    i will be in prayer with all of you for the host here as Michael faces his surgery – we owe him much for this place of affirmation of The Faith and ourselves on this pilgrim walk, no matter our forms of worship

  37. JD says:

    Praying for you all. My folks passed away several years ago, wish I’d had this kind of community’s prayer support. Thank you Lord for our parents and for what they taught us and did for us.

  38. Xenia says:

    Lord, have mercy.

    Memory eternal!

  39. Michael says:

    May the Lord have mercy on all here…thank you for praying and sharing.

  40. Linnea says:

    Nene…praying for your Dad, Norman tonight…
    E-Runner-praying for your Mom…
    mk…praying for your Mom, safe travels for you and your family, and a joyous reunion.
    dusty..continuing to pray for your family
    Michael…praying for wildly successful surgery

  41. dusty says:

    Remembering in prayer

    Linnea and her sister who has cancer

    Erunner and his mom who has artery blockage

    Erunners wife who has RA

    Nenes dad who is on hospice

    Michael who has upcoming surgery

    Mks mom who has cancer

    Londons mom having spinal surgery today…praying things went well and for a quick recovery

  42. mk says:

    Thank you Linnea and Dusty. Joining in prayer with y’all this morning. Blessings.

  43. London says:

    The doc just came out to talk to me.
    My moms surgery went well.
    Thanks for the prayers.

  44. mk says:

    Wonderful report, London. We’ll keep your mom in prayer for a smooth recovery.

  45. London says:

    Thanks MK.

  46. Michael says:


    Glad to hear it…it’s been a long year for you and your mom…

  47. London says:

    Oh yes it has…

  48. Erunner says:

    London, happy your mom’s surgery went well.

    My mom has lost another three pounds. My wife’s platelets both white and red need to be doing better.

    My sister lives with our mother. She’s been taking her to doctor’s appointments, etc. for almost two years.

    My sister has very real issues of her own and I recently reconciled with her. As things have been happening with mom recently she has suddenly been very short with me. My sister has no license yet drives our mother’s car to do everything. She has zero income and zero assistance so mom’s supporting her now for eight years.

    Over three years ago mom and I set up powers of attorney, etc with me as her agent for everything. This covers finances and her health. I wanted to talk to my sister about this but she won’t do it in person. So over the phone I’ll have to tell her what mom’s specific wishes were when we set things up.

    My other siblings knew and agreed with everything and this was done when our sister wasn’t talking to anyone. She’s cut herself off from the world and needs help. This news isn’t gonna go over well but it’s time.

    This and a few other things have me feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. This is the place I share and have shared for years. So once more I ask for your prayers.

  49. mk says:

    I will pray.

  50. Erunner says:

    Thank you mk. Your prayers mean a lot.

  51. dusty says:

    Praying erunner

  52. Bob Sweat says:

    You got it “E”!

  53. Michael says:

    So…today I have an appointment with my cardiologist to go over my test results.
    Tomorrow I go to my GP to discuss tests on a growth on my thyroid and a spot on my lung.

    Other than that, I’m good… 🙂

    Prayers appreciated for all that and for all who come to this list seeking hope and comfort.

  54. dusty says:

    praying for you today and tomorrow Michael.

  55. Michael says:

    Thanks, Dusty.
    Cardiologist says my heart has stabilized and we’ll check again in six months.

    On to tomorrow… 🙂

  56. Erunner says:

    Praying things go well for you Michael.

    My sister called today and all I can say is I’m blown away. The last weeks she’s been cold and rude with me. When I answered she went on forever about everything as if we were best buddies. I thanked God as she talked.

    It was then time for me to tell her the news and she was very quiet, asking a few questions along the way. She kept saying how healthy mom is and was a bit surprised that I was scared that something major could happen. I explained why and I think she understood. I’m trying to prepare myself now for the future so God willing I will be okay when the time comes.

    I talked about the money and she was open to all of my questions. I explained I could have had the bank put me on the the accounts and that only I would be able to sign checks. I explained I didn’t want to do that.

    I told her mom worries a lot about her as to what will happen to her when mom dies and she was very quiet. I let her know I know she’s driving uninsured and putting mom at risk and let that be and asked her about getting a license. Again she was quiet.

    I shared with her about the toll of being a caregiver could be and at some point she might crumble under the pressure.

    She understands the total authority I could exert but told her I wanted us to work together.

    I got off the phone thanking God as I couldn’t have written a better script.

    I hope and pray this is genuine on her part. I pray I was wise in what I shared. All I can say is thank you. I’ve been up since 2:30 thinking and praying about today. I ramble a bit but that’s how I communicate. 🙂 God bless!

  57. Michael says:

    Blessings on you Erunner…

  58. Erunner says:

    Thank you Michael.

    I’ve had two people tell me my sister might be playing me based on her track record. I’ve proven to be naive to a fault in the past so I have to be open to what they say. If anyone has something to share I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  59. dusty says:

    Praying for you today Michael. Hoping for good news

  60. Em ... again says:

    praying with dusty today… so much to cover with prayer now it seems…

    Erunner, FWIW – i had a similar arrangement with my mother in her final years…
    i was on the account, the bank statements came to me, but when it came time to write checks – once a month – i sat down with her, made out the checks and handed them to her to sign so that every penny withdrawn was signed off on by her until she was no longer able to so participate (years) – a bit of a nuisance for me, but it kept everything clearly on the up and up – i finally had to confiscate her credit card as she sat with catalogs and the telephone ordering whatever took her fancy and she didn’t have that much money anymore… hard to do, but so much easier to function when it is done
    praying for Mrs. Erunner

  61. Em ... again says:

    #60 should have added that electronic banking is not a good idea for seniors and we do have banks that offer free checking to us elderly ones 🙂

  62. dusty says:

    Still praying for you Michael.

  63. Erunner says:

    Thank you Em. Mom has lost the ability to write so my sister signs her checks. She seems unable and uninterested in understanding her finances although she realizes her savings are low. I’ve watched her get totally confused trying to use her credit card and now she can’t sign if she did.

    I’m going to meet with the man who has her money invested and learn the rules as to what will happen when the day comes I have to arrange her funeral and close out everything. I’d like that to be some time down the road.

    My wife’s issues are so numerous right now. R.A. is running it’s course since forty years ago.

    I do appreciate your concern and prayers.

  64. dusty says:

    So sorry you are going though this Erunner. I am praying that the reconciliation you had with your sister is genuine on her end as it is on yours. Praying for sound counsel from your mom’s money investor.

    praying for you all

  65. Erunner says:

    Thank you so much Dusty. Give my best to Buster.

  66. dusty says:

    Michael, still praying for you

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