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  1. dusty says:

    remember in prayer

    David H – Aunt Ramona.was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma primary lung cancer.

    Paige – bella, her cat is not well.

    Noelle – Mamma passed away

    Victor- chronic back pain

    Captain Kevin – Hi Friends, I’m really struggling with pain, fatigue, and vertigo right now. I have to be back to work officially in 12 days, and have so much to do to get ready for the new school year, but it’s difficult to focus on those tasks. Maybe God could send me a secretary/massage therapist/physical therapist/chiropractor.

    Scooter Jones- son is not doing well

    Lurkie Loo -I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed on Valentine’s day with inoperable Stage 4 glioblastoma (brain cancer). She is 44.

    surfer51 (david) “stage four” prostate cancer.

    John 20:29 – cousin Jerry has prostate cancer

    Erunner- mom has blocked arteries

    Lennea- sister salvation and cancer

    Erunner- wife RA

    Paige- 4 boys to be pleasing to God

    Captain kevin – new direction for he and his wife, work load, health

    Dan -new direction for he and wife, looking for a new church

    UnCCed- still hurting over treatment from her church

    Luisa- hurt by church

    the least of these-hurt by church

    Disillusioned-hurt by church

    Bart- hurt by church

  2. Descended says:

    Hi All

    I have a question for all Pastors and Elders coming from an assignment in my Master’s program:

    How are folks with special needs served or given the ability and opportunity to serve in your church? Basically, how is your inclusive of people with special needs?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel safe to reply, I know it is a sensitive subject, but I’m not casting aspersion. I know first hand how difficult and awkward it can be, even though it shouldn’t be.

  3. bob1 says:

    In my church, when we receive the Eucharist, most parishoners walk up to the Communion rail at the front of the church. But If someone’s in a wheelchair or otherwise disabled, our pastor walks to their pew and serves them where they are sitting.

    I’m not an elder or pastor, but just a parishoner.

  4. Descended says:

    Interesting and kind of him. Thanks for your reply 🙂

  5. Descended says:


    Dues he do the same for children or adults with obvious intellectual disabilities or severe autism for instance?

  6. Michael says:

    Take this to Open Blogging. We do not use the prayer thread for anything but prayer requests.

  7. Descended says:

    Sorry Michael

    Can I post this to the last post on Jean’s Gospel as well? It’s a fitting topic

  8. John 20:29 says:

    Late request, but if anyone checks in here this Thursday eve, one of my children was drafted to run for a local office (unopposed) – there is a meeting tonight and the LGTetc. community has gotten wind of her Christian views and are on the attack – she so needs prayer cover now … if you’re so inclined, thank you folks

  9. Michael says:


    She’s covered…

  10. John 20:29 says:

    Michael, thank you so much
    Wiith tears, (((hugs))) – consider yourself hugged dusty style. ?

  11. John 20:29 says:

    short report from my daughter… “meeting went well, all things considered” the prayer was heard, i know

    an interesting aside, the town has become a college town as our University expands and they want to be the driving force in the town – a long time friend of one of my other daughters is a professor there and knows both of my daughters – she, as are most of the educated-so-called among us these days, is very anti Christ as is the school, itself… a strong Christian is not their idea of who should sit on city council

  12. dusty says:

    Sorry i missed your request em….so glad the meeting went well. Will keep praying

  13. John 20:29 says:

    thank you, dusty… your prayer vigil keeps us all praying, i think

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