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  1. Paige says:

    Yes, amen….”if you’re going to preach-teach it, you’d better live it”….. the daily ‘sermon’ of a God glorifying life.
    My short answer to his first question is ‘no’…. While I don’t ‘feel’ it much now, I sure felt The Presence when I first believed and I now believe enough to KNOW He is Real, whether I ‘feel’ it or not.
    Will so n so go to hell? God knows…. and I have unwavering confidence in God’s persisting pursuit of a person’s soul, “He isn’t willing that any should perish”…. all saved? I don’t know, but I know God is Right, all the time, every circumstance for every individual.
    Thus, I cannot say, tears or not, ‘so n so is going to hell’. I am not God and I don’t know how He interacts with souls, even to the last minute.
    I have 3 adult sons, who currently reject Christianity…. do they reject Jesus in their hearts? I am not God, thus I cannot say. …. and the end of their life story hasn’t happened yet.
    All I have is this moment and minimal ‘control’ of my own life…. but God’s grace, I will live it for the Glory of God….

  2. How fast are you going to be driving when he asks “where do babies come from?” 🙂

  3. Rob Murphy says:

    I like this so very much. This year I watched my kids grow in their own faith and trust in God as I was in a hospital bed and watched them watching me and my wife and us watching them and through all of it I know that everything I believe about God’s presence and grace is true and whole. I am just now getting hold of John’s words when he says “I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in truth”. I didn’t know it until I started to see it, and found that I had underestimated the joy that faith and confidence brings.
    I never had seen God from that hospital bed / death’s door before. Wouldn’t have known him now like I do if I hadn’t been there. It was the best way for Him to show Himself to me.
    And now, at the same exact time, my heart breaks like it never did before and I think and pray differently when I read Paige’s words above. How much I want for all us to know confident, whole hope for our loved ones and what a breathtaking battle is going on for those we love so much.

  4. Michael says:


    That one was easy…I told him to ask his mother. 🙂

  5. I wonder if anyone asked Jesus those kind of questions based upon how they understood what he was saying? Good things to ponder Michael.

  6. Michael says:


    I’m honest with Trey…sometimes I don’t feel it and sometimes I feel abandoned…but I’m not.
    He’s taught me more about how to talk and think about hell than any book I’ve ever read.

  7. Michael says:


    We are trained to be glib and have easy answers at our fingertips.
    I wonder as well if anyone asked Jesus to more fully explain the things His disciples were teaching…

  8. Michael says:


    Great word from you today…thank you.

  9. Paige says:

    Totally. Kids are so real…. no wonder Jesus said ‘out of the mouths of babes”

    Yesterday I listened to a radio-edited John Piper sermon on the Glory of God in Marriage on the Family Life Today website…. then heard it again in the car on the way to work.
    Heavy…so real….so liberating…. it’s all All ALL about the Majesty and Wonder of God and the Glory that is due Him and how we cannot even being to grasp it…. whew…. totally colored my mind and heart…. beautiful.

    sorry for this long url…..

  10. Captain Kevin says:

    I don’t like this thread very much. The application is too close to home.

  11. Michael says:


    If it makes you feel any better, remember that I had to live it before I could write it…

  12. I don’t describe the Gospel much in terms of going to hell but it does frame the matter of urgency in a way that we dare not ignore. I prefer a message that is less focused on damnation but at least Trey ‘gets it’ that loving your neighbor would mean sharing the Gospel.

  13. Michael says:


    He got the emphasis on hell from other well meaning family members…but once you open that door you better explain the heat.
    I’m persuaded that many who refuse to embrace Christianity do so because they would then have to cope with the realization that someone they loved is in hell.
    We need to recognize that.

  14. Nonnie says:

    “….. if you’re going to teach a child that a loved one may spend eternity in hell, you better do it with tears in your eyes.”

    I have tears in my eyes reading this.

  15. Ricky Bobby says:

    MLD, LOL! 😆

    I love seeing the faith my kids have. I refrain from doing anything or discussing anything that will get in the way of that childlike faith (within reason) and I affirm what I can affirm honestly while keeping a close ear to make sure they aren’t indoctrinated with some of the harmful things that can come from Christianity*.

    Good article Michael. A lot of truth packed in there.

    My kids do learn more from me by how I treat them and their mom and others (thank god they don’t read my blog dialogues 🙂 than any lectures (I don’t lecture, but I was raised by lecture and decree etc).

  16. Ricky Bobby says:

    I don’t like the fear-based stuff, though and have had to balance that out with my kids. Fundamentalists sure seem to love the Hell Card and Hell Narrative a lot, which can be really destructive and not at all helpful if their goal is truly snatching folks from their Fundamentalist concept of Hell.

  17. covered says:

    great stuff! MLD, you crack me up 🙂

  18. London says:

    When i was in High School a well meaning church had an “friendship evangelism” class. I attended cause I wanted to learn how to “witness” to people etc…Learned all the techniques and did fine.
    Until they handed out this poem which basically boiled down to a HUGE guilt trip. The guy in the poem died and is talking to the reader about their friendship…it ends with him being at the “pearly gates” and being assigned to hell.
    The last line, is burned into my memory…”…I can not now call you ‘my friend'”

    Warped me for a long time. I’m terrible at “witnessing” (not as bad when I was a Baptist and that was the focus) so imagine the guilt I carried around because of that stupid poem.

    Having children think they are responsible for people’s eternal destiny is a form of mental and emotional child abuse I think.

    Not saying that is why you are doing with Trey, AT ALL, but I do think it’s not something children should be responsible for. It’s a very heavy burden to place on them.

  19. Witnessing in the Lutheran church is very different from what you see in most evangelical churches. We just tell people the gospel and about Jesus (both the same thing) and perhaps answer questions. We don’t cajole orask for decisions etc.

    We are clear in our own minds that we are not in the Christian making business.

  20. London says:

    I”m beginning to think that what we are stopping people from by not “witnessing” is a better life now…not hell. I think we’d be better off telling people what a difference in makes in life now instead of the whole “avoid hell” thing anyway.

    It’s easier for me to think about saying “hey, do the Jesus thing….life will be better now” than…”you’re going to hell FOREVER if you don’t be a christian”….

    still not good at it….but at least that’s my new thinking. Salvation isn’t about being rescued from Hell in the afterlife, its about being rescued from hell now.

    don’t know how exactly, still a new thought i haven’t worked out..but i think it’s true somehow.

  21. fyi says:

    London, salvation is not about being saved from hell. That’s the reward. Salvation is about being saved from sin. The sad truth is that people want to be saved from hell (consequences of sin) but they do not want to be saved from sin. Still, we tell them…

  22. “Trey, guess what, there is a Creator, Someone so wonderful and amazing that He made all that there is, the beautiful Earth, the stars, the mountains, the ocean, trees, clouds, rain & snow. And He made you, and made you wonderfully, and so amazingly it can make you just stop and say, “Whoa!”

    He wants you to know His Name. If you read these 4 Gospels you’re going to find His Name is “Jesus”. He took care of “the hell thing” so that all you have to do is love Him, trust Him, and love others. He cares about all those other people and took care of “the hell thing” for them too, so just spend your time every day including Him the best you know how.

    I love you Trey, and Jesus does too! Want to go to the skate park?”

    ~ One of a million possible things you can say to your son.

  23. Ricky Bobby says:

    fyi said, “salvation is not about being saved from hell. That’s the reward. Salvation is about being saved from sin. The sad truth is that people want to be saved from hell (consequences of sin) but they do not want to be saved from sin. Still, we tell them…”

    That’s a false gospel, IMO. I used to believe this Lordship Salvation type position, but it simply doesn’t hold up either philosophically or empirically by watching humanity (and especially those who are in the “church”).

    Salvation is about being saved. We don’t really know how it happens and we don’t really know for sure if God follows through with his promise to “love his enemies” in the end or not.

    Here’s what we know for certain, verifiably so: “Go and sin no more” is the Standard and everyone fails it. No one is “saved” and then stops sinning. No one is “saved” and “sins less” or sins “less severely”…the sins sometimes change but there is no ceasing to sin.

    We also know that non-Christians and even Atheists can example the “fruits of the spirit” defined as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control…while Christians* can exhibit the fruits of darkness in spades.

  24. London says:

    FYI…I think that people typically say that to be saved means you don’t go to hell.

    If you ask around, you’ll find that to be true. Not many people, except church people, would say that to be saved means you’re saved from sin.

    try it and I think you’ll find that to the true.

    Regardless, I am definitely not advocating any one say that salvation is from hell. In fact, that was pretty much my entire point.

  25. Ricky Bobby says:

    Personally, I am now of the Position that true “salvation” is God following through on his promise to “love his enemies” and the “new law” that Jesus supposedly spoke of…the Law of Love.

  26. covered says:

    RB, this is sort of a radical position you are taking. Do you realize how many people have been waiting and praying for you to come to this conclusion? Count me as one of your friends who prays for you.

  27. Ricky Bobby says:

    covered, think God is probably real in some form, and if Jesus paid the price etc, and if God is truly “good” and truly loves his enemies, then it will all work out for everyone in the next somehow.

    I dont’ know what form God is in or if he is even a ‘he’ like we understand “he’ etc. I do understand what a Universal Truth is supposed to be and I do understand that if something is described as Universally “good” and “love” etc how that should look like if we are truly eternal beings in some capacity (life after death).

  28. Ricky Bobby says:

    I don’t think my expressing some sort of belief or correct doctrine or doing good things as much as possible or avoiding bad things as much as possible really factors into the equation.

    I think it all boils down to 1. Does God exist 2. Is God truly “good” and “love” as we have a universally accepted understanding of those terms 3. Whatever happens will be apart from our understanding and ability to do anything about.

    I have faith in a “good” and “loving” God who has the final say vs. faith in man telling me this “good” and “loving” God will nuke most of humanity in hell forever and forever with no end and most didn’t even hear one of a bunch of different versions of “the gospel” presented by most Christians*

  29. So why did Jesus die? … to keep a promise?

  30. covered says:

    RB, there was a period of time where you were bitter and angry. I think that during this period you functioned and processed thoughts with your own wisdom and a lot of emotion which is understandable considering the circumstances. To make the comment that you made, it seems as though there’s been a change and that change appears to be a bit more faith and a bit less dependence on your education/wisdom. Just a personal observation nothing more.

  31. Ricky Bobby says:

    MLD, dunno why Jesus had to die. Doesn’t make sense, but neither does anything else in the bible. God could have waved a magic wand and created us without the ability to sin if he is truly all powerful.

    Why would God promise to “love his enemies” and “law of love” and then nuke folks in hell with no end?

    None of it makes any sense and I don’t know for sure, I just know what “love” and “good” are supposed to look like and I know that God probably exists, we didn’t come from nothing and we didn’t just happen by chance etc. There seems to be an intelligence to the Universe and things seem to have some sort of order and purpose and force that holds it all together etc.

  32. MLD, in a sense, yes, if you count OT prophecies of a suffering messiah as a promise. But in another sense, no, He died because I CAN”T keep a promise.

    I know you weren’t asking me. 🙂

  33. RB, it makes perfect sense. You just don’t want it to.

  34. Ricky Bobby says:

    covered, I would agree with some of that assessment. I have been renewed in whatever my faith is. I believe that God “is” in some capacity, but I am far from an orthodox position and I don’t feel the burden to have to know for sure about stuff. My faith is in a good and loving God and I’ll appeal to his mercy and I hope he’s merciful to all his enemies and truly loves them too.

  35. Then again, I’m just one of them there backwoods fundamentalist, right-wing, redneck, bapticostal, heaven and hell, Jesus-believin’ idiots. So what do I know?

  36. Ricky Bobby says:

    Kevin, you are entitled to your opinion, but I’m sure if we spent some time on a thread asking and answering questions, it would become apparent very quickly that while you state, “It makes perfect sense”…it would be shown that you have no clue as to what sense it really makes from any sort of logical/reasonable perspective. I know b/c I’ve spent the time having the lengthy discussions with anyone who will have them with me from all sorts of Christian* and other philosophical belief systems.

  37. I may have missed it – where did God “promise to “love his enemies” and “law of love” …

    I know that he told us to love our enemies etc – but did he say he would?

  38. Captain,
    I think Jesus’ death actually accomplished something and was not a sign of a promise kept … like the rainbow.
    But I know that you said in a sense. 🙂

  39. Was just sitting here reading the comments and I thought to myself “You know, Jesus came to die for so much more than ‘just’ to save us from the consequences of our sin.”

    This is the good news, but the good news has many more facets than just this one thing.

    Here are ten of them:

    1. He died to become our High Priest who can sympathize with us in our weakness. Heb. 4:15-16
    2. To show His Love by giving Himself for us. Eph. 5:25
    3. To reconcile us, through His death, so we can be holy and blameless. Col. 1:22
    4. So that by His obedience, we can be made righteous. Rom. 5:19
    5. So that we could belong to Him. Rom. 7:4
    6. To destroy the power of death. Heb. 2:14-15
    7. So that the children of God might be gathered. John 11:51-52
    8. To give us, not just safety from wrath, but resurrection. Rom. 6:5
    9. To disarm the spiritual forces of evil. Col. 2:14-15
    10. To ransom people from every tribe, language, people and nation. Rev. 5:9

    The gospel is like a multifaceted diamond. And these 10 are just a small fraction of the good news.

  40. RB,
    The Bible is very clear about one thing – who it is clear to and to whom it is hidden.

  41. London says:

    If Jesus came only to die, that kind of sucks.
    I think he came for much more than that. To show us to live in the here and now. Not just focus on the after life.
    But what do I know…

  42. London,
    Here are some reasons for the here and now that He died:

    1. To bear fruit for God. Rom. 7:4
    2. To purify our conscience. Heb. 9:14
    3. To reconcile us to God. Rom. 5:10
    4. To make us zealous for good works. Tit. 2:14
    5. To give us a mind like His. Phil. 2:5-8

  43. Michael says:


    That’s good stuff.
    I’ll add one more that London is kind of alluding to.
    He came to initiate the kingdom…now.

  44. Jesus came to live the perfect life that we could not live in order to fulfill the covenant and to die the death that we could not die to atone for the sins of all man / woman kind (I’m not letting the women off the hook in this one. 😉

    I don’t believe (others can, it’s a free world) that Jesus came to be an example for us – or to be our life coach. Jesus really didn’t do what he did for us … he did it for the Father.

  45. London says:

    Yeah, more of what Michael said and less of all the reasons to die things.
    I think we, as Christians need a lot more reasons why it’s important to live, than we do reasons that dying is so fantastic. Guess that’s sort of what i’m saying but probably makes no sense to anyone else, and i’m perfectly ok with that.

  46. I don’t understand how any of the reasons I gave seemed to say that dying was fantastic.
    They were all just awesome things our Lord did for us
    Am I not allowed to be joyful about that?

  47. The question doesn’t need to be answered.
    Not gonna allow someone to snatch the joy I have from those things today.

    Have a good day all.

  48. One other thing before I forget…
    “Jesus really didn’t do what he did for us … he did it for the Father.”

    Not buying it.
    Jesus can’t do it for both us and the Father?
    I know he can.

  49. London says:

    Gee Derek,
    I’m sorry that your not understanding what I am saying would snatch your joy away.
    Have a nice day.

  50. London says:

    and who in the world said anything about you not being “allowed” to be joyful….sheesh.

  51. Ricky Bobby says:

    MLD said, “I may have missed it – where did God “promise to “love his enemies” and “law of love” …”

    Well if there’s any truth in the bible, it supposedly has Jesus (who is supposedly God or God’s son or God and God’s son) stating it here:

    “43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[i] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

    Basically, according to the bible you profess as perfect, infallible, without error or contradiction, you have Jesus (who you say is God) saying that there’s a “new law” and that law is to “love your enemies” …” and by doing this “love your enemies” you are being “perfect” as your ‘heavenly Father is perfect”.

    Couldn’t be any clearer. You are to be perfect and love your enemies as your heavenly Father is perfect and loves his enemies.

  52. Ricky Bobby says:

    Michael said, “He came to initiate the kingdom…now.”

    The reality of our current and past existence does not seem to support this thesis in any way unless the “kingdom” is seriously flawed.

  53. “…it would be shown that you have no clue as to what sense it really makes from any sort of logical/reasonable perspective. I know b/c I’ve spent the time having the lengthy discussions with anyone who will have them with me from all sorts of Christian* and other philosophical belief systems.”

    RB, I picture you standing before God making this same statement.

  54. Ricky Bobby says:

    MLD, basically, Jesus tells us in one bible narrative that anyone can love those who love them, the true test is to love your enemies and those that hate you and despise you…and by doing this you are being perfect just like your Dad in heaven, ergo Dad in heaven loves those who hate him and despise him too.

  55. Ricky Bobby says:

    Kevin if I ever stand before God (in whatever form) I can guarantee you I will do nothing more than express wonder and apologies for anything that I may have had wrong and will ask him for mercy.

  56. Ricky Bobby says:

    I have Atheist friends who express similar. They don’t “hate” God, they just don’t see any evidence he exists in the form you say he does. They say that if they end up standing before “God” they will gladly believe and do whatever it takes to make peace with him etc.

    Why is it too late if it takes the same proof Thomas required to believe only after physical death?

  57. I apologize for the snatch the joy comment.
    It was more of my attitude than yours.
    Your comments seemed to say that none of the reasons I stated were any good whatsoever to you.
    I must admit it got me bummed for a minute.
    But, I thought on those reasons for a little longer and they brought me right up again.
    The Blessed Hope is the one that keeps me going in this world.

  58. MLD,
    Your #40 has much truth to it.

  59. that is not what Jesus says is the criteria for belief – in fact he says the opposite. He said, and i am not looking at it, that Thomas saw, but we are commended because we believe without seeing.

    So your atheist will be left holding the bag if they listen to you for theological advise.

  60. Ricky Bobby says:

    Well, if it’s any indication, I feel love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control when I have faith that God is truly good and loving and merciful and forgives his enemies even those that despise him (as Jesus supposedly stated in the bible).

    I feel the fruits of darkness when I hear of your god who smites his enemies and nukes folks in hell for eternity with no end even though most never got a chance to even hear the “correct” gospel or they didn’t get the evidence they required like Thomas did etc.

  61. jamesk says:

    RB should change his screen name to Vizzini, because, truly, he has a dizzying intellect.

  62. jamesk,
    I snorted on that one!
    Always love a good Princess Bride quote..

  63. Ricky Bobby says:

    Well, we can get snarky and start poking fun, I’m always game for that. Note that I didn’t launch the first volley.

  64. Q says:

    “Why is it too late if it takes the same proof Thomas required to believe only after physical death?”

    Thomas was reproved for his unbelief.

    Now you know, Jesus does not like this,

    How will you get out of it?

  65. Q says:

    Theology from an 11 year old, Hmm.

    Skate Parks are like heroin dens, meth is on the menu.

  66. Michael says:


    Exactly what the hell are you saying?

  67. Q says:

    Hmm, to which comment do you ask? I made two (2), Or I could include the H word to add drama.

  68. Linnea says:

    Michael…great post!

    I had lunch today with an ex-boyfriend’s aging mother–both her boys have cancer now and she lost her husband and best friends within the last 3 years. Why do you ask, did I have lunch with a woman I knew 30 years ago? Because at my most vulnerable time, she loved me, accepted me, took me in, and was a role-model for me. We don’t forget how we’re treated. Trey doesn’t have the life experience to know that yet, but that’s what Jesus does for us. And we don’t forget it. That’s where personal testimonies of the Lord’s love go a long way.

    Thanks for reminding us of that, Michael 🙂

  69. Michael says:

    Linnea…well said, my friend.

  70. Michael says:


    Your #66.
    What is it that you are saying?

  71. Q says:

    Well it won’t mean much to most, but I was raised in Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Pacific Beach. I have in-laws who have been flown around the world (Europe…) by Nike and others for their ‘skate park’ skills, and I know the culture.

    Meth is on the menu.

  72. Q says:

    Maybe just tattoos.

  73. Michael says:


    My child does not do drugs and he has no tattoos.
    I am with him every moment that he is in the park.
    A number of us are trying to change the culture, not just by making wicked insinuations about other peoples kids, but be being there.
    Please feel free to go somewhere else and bear false witness against people you don’t know.

  74. Q says:

    No-one beard false witness. You are the king of logical fallacy.

    Will you be with Trey at 15, 16, 17…

    It’s more of likelihood.

    If you are going to these places and don’t know it you are ineffective.

  75. Q says:

    Skaters for Jesus.

    A new movement.

    X games for Christ.

  76. Michael says:

    While I’m at it, you horses ass…
    My kid has some pretty difficult issues.
    After much testing at great expense the doctors said that the best thing we ever did for him was pad him up and take him to the skatepark.
    The skills he learned and the physical coordination he gained greatly improved his brain functions as well.
    He’s a bit of a miracle…he shouldn’t be able to skate at all, but he persevered until he excelled at it.
    He’s already overcome more in 11 years than most people do in their lifetimes.
    I’m proud of him, grateful for him, and I won’t let some know nothing Pharisee taint what he’s done and what a lot of us are trying to accomplish with “that culture”.
    That might be a place where Jesus would hang out…while you talked about drugs.
    Don’t bother trying to post on this blog…you are not welcome here.

  77. Q says:

    Michael, why would you ban me for saying what is true.

    I am not condemning you or your son, just testifying of the dangers.

    Should someone alerting of potential problems be silenced?

    No way.

  78. Q is a Quack – don’t worry about him Michael – I am sure that he is just projecting his past and current life failures.

  79. Michael says:


    You know nothing.
    I am there every day.
    I know the “dangers”.
    I also know that some us are trying to be fathers to fatherless children and we’re helping a few kids find a better way.
    Those kids have all the critics they need, so if it matters to you then shut the hell up, load up a cooler, and be there there for them.
    Otherwise go blog about what a jerk I am somewhere else.
    I don’t want you here.

  80. Michael says:


    This one made me mad.
    Really mad.

  81. Q says:

    Yes you do.

  82. Q says:

    Circle the wagons much?

  83. Q says:

    “This one made me mad.
    Really mad.”

    Or I strenuously object.

  84. Q says:

    Let my comments go!

  85. Some day, some kid who’s on the verge of having his life ruined will be wondering where he can turn for help. By the grace of God, he’ll be reminded of that old guy with the cooler who always hung out with his son at the skate park, and that will be the beginning of a miracle.

  86. Q says:

    You and Greg Laurie have selective comments in common.

  87. Michael says:


    I hope so.
    It’s enough for now that we’re there with our water and a big first aid kit.

  88. Michael says:


    You are banned from this site.
    I own this site.
    I pay for this site.
    I choose what happens on this site.
    No one has any “rights” on this site but me.
    You wanted to take a shot at me, you took it.
    Enjoy it.
    You’re done.

  89. Michael says:

    One of the other parents started making skateboards with the kids in the park.
    He has helped some of the highest risk kids straighten out…and he makes the best skateboard on the market.
    Some pretty cool stuff can happen when people choose to get involved…

  90. Q says:

    That is not completely true, you let MLD take a shot at me without being able to respond.

    Is half truth truth?


  91. Q says:

    Greg Laurie would be proud.

  92. Q says:

    You comment at me and do not let me reply, cowardly behavior.

    But hey who knows, right.

  93. Q says:

    Post my comments and you will be found out?

  94. Michael says:


    For the sake of showing what a nut you truly are, I will post your comments and one more before I ban you permanently.
    Then you can explain how Greg Laurie and I are connected and how I will be “found out” by posting your bizarre comments.
    Here we go…

  95. Michael says:

    Make it good, Q…

  96. Q says:

    Gee, I’ll do my best.

    You and Greg control comments, the ones you do not like you dispose of.

    My comments were after I had been banned and directed towards you, Then you saw it to your benefit to/and let them go through.

    Poor form.

    Let’s go back on topic about skate park culture and “how the guy with the cooler’ effects people believing in Christ.

  97. Q says:

    Why am I in moderation after you said “Make it good, Q…”

  98. Michael says:

    All your comments were posted before you took a shot at a kid….then I moderated you and you demanded I release the ones that followed.
    I did.
    Greg and I both think we own our own blogs.
    You’re probably right about that.
    Now move along.

  99. Q says:

    My comments are not in context,

    You replied and and had plenty of time to let my comment go through.

    I did not bring the ‘kid’ into it it you did..

  100. Q says:

    Micheal, are you retarded?

  101. Q says:

    You are still holding back the conversation in chronological order.

  102. Michael says:


    Help me understand something.
    You come on my blog, insult me, offend me, and somehow think you have the God given right to post here.
    How is that?

  103. Q says:

    Why am I in moderation after you said “Make it good, Q…”

    This is still in moderation.

    Probably because of you skate park ministry.

  104. Michael says:

    I said you had one shot…and that meant you better make it good.
    I’m not “retarded” but I do have a brother with Downs Syndrome.
    Want to take at shot at him too?

  105. Q says:

    “Help me understand something.
    You come on my blog, insult me, offend me, and somehow think you have the God given right to post here.
    How is that?”

    Maybe you could answer why I can’t.

    I am a Christian, I have rights in the body of Christ and if that is not enough i’ll pay for the sight for a year.

  106. Michael says:

    You can’t because you have have insulted me, my son, and my ministries.
    You have rights in the Body of Christ…but this isn’t a church.
    This is my website and no one has any rights here other than what I grant them
    This nonsense about how it somehow belongs to everyone in the church universal is bizarre.
    I’m done now.

  107. Q says:

    I have not insulted your son, just an 11 years old thinking on theology,

    I would never insult your son, period, you bring him up not me.

    I know the skate culture, maybe everyone does.

    But for sure I do.

  108. Michael says:

    I have spent part of almost everyday for the last four years at a skatepark.
    We know what goes on.
    We’re not stupid.
    We want to help.
    My son loves skating with a passion.
    We’re trying to make a difference.
    That’s what I thought Christians were called to do.
    Your mileage may vary.

  109. Q says:

    Michael, I said what i said.

  110. Alright Q, we got it already, you know the culture. Now don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  111. London says:

    Where does it say in the Bible that anyone that’s a Christian has “rights” in the body
    The only time I recall reading about anyone saying they had “rights” while protesting treatment they were receiving it was Paul and he was appealing to his rights as a Roman citizen. Not as a christian

    No one has “rights” to piston a blog unless the blog owner says they do.
    Same as no one has rights to go on another person property unless the owner says they can.

  112. Michael says:


    I’ve never understood that or why people that don’t like what you do want to be part of the community.
    There are a lot of blogs out there I disagree with…I don’t read them nor do I have any desire to participate on them.
    Makes no sense to me…

  113. #107
    I agree whole heartedly with Michael. This is his blog. He is the king as am I of my blog as is anyone else with their own blog. It’s good to be the king!

    He has done a magnificent job of keeping his blog from overflowing it’s banks. The flow can get swift.

    I remember when my son was 9. He asked me a lot of questions also. One day he says, Dad, do you think that I am “saved,” will I go to heaven?” It had begun.

    I didn’t have an answer for him. I took him to Greg Laurie at CCCM on that Monday night. When the alter call was given my son went forward on his own. He returned to his seat visibly glowing. I knew something had happened for him.

    Apparently Jerald, a worker at the platform, had lead my son in a prayer for salvation and for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My son spoke in tongues that night.

    All of his questions were answered, phew…

    How do you answer the blunt honesty of a young man’s questions with out the typical shot from the hip answers? I can totally relate to Micheal’s reaction to his son’s query’s.

    Now my son is 34 and has a “Dennis the Menace” son of 4. Man is my son in for it…LOL!

    His son pied in his mother’s new shoes and went and told her what he had done. Then the other day he stuck his peepee through a knothole in the back fence where his friends live and pied to the bafflement of his friends. His friends mother wasn’t to happy about that.

    Recently my grandson didn’t get chosen for the Q and A session in front of the class at school. So while he and the kid that had been chosen happened to be side by side at the urinals in the restroom at lunch he turned and pied on the kids leg.

    He has discovered that his manhood has some power of a sort. I wonder how my son is going to go about all of this. Not easy to raise a son at times…LOL

    My grandson got in a fight today at school and the other boy chomped down hard on his finger. His dad had to take him to the doctor because it was swelled up.

    I still pee in my own back yard against my Ash tree…

  114. Michael says:


    I’m busy.
    I’m not interested in you paying for any of my web space expenses so you can post here.
    Take your money and start your own blog, do your own writing, and build a community of people that enjoy what you do.

  115. Michael says:


    Thank you for the kind words…and you’ve got your hands full with your grandson. 🙂
    I’m glad my boy is asking hard questions…it’s far better than not caring at all.

  116. Muff Potter says:

    You are a good man. Be smarter. Q is like Mordred of old. Their kind know full well that they can never take down a good man in a fair fight, so they resort to probing for a weakness in order to draw you out, to cause you to make mistakes. Don’t let him do it and he will be taken by his own craft.

  117. Steve Wright says:

    I’ve never understood that or why people that don’t like what you do want to be part of the community.
    Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity Psm 133:1

    Wanting to “be a part of community” is not the same as wanting to disrupt community, to screw up the good time of others..

    Just like disagreeing with someone as to their beliefs or methods while remaining friends is not the same as character assasination and personal attack.

    And there is such a thing as spiritual warfare. So if God sees unity as good and pleasant…well, make your own application. It is TGIF after all.

  118. Michael says:


    I think that’s a good word…thank you.

  119. Michael says:


    That’s because you and I agree about…some things. 🙂
    It is spiritual warfare…I was supposed to be doing research for my book!

  120. Your right Michael. (#116) Your son is actually being prompted by the Holy Spirit to question the foundation of why we believe as we do. From my perspective, it is a very good sign!

    Trust that God is on His throne and in complete control and will bring forth the fruit in due season.

    Your a great father and a wonderful Dad as far as I can gather. Our lives are sign post pointing in a direction that our sons will follow…if your son follows your example he will have done well…

  121. Steve Wright says:

    That’s because you and I agree about…some things
    I’ve always been impressed you do not seek only an echo chamber here.

    Both our blogosphere lives would be a lot easier today if you had. 🙂

  122. Michael says:


    These are difficult times to raise kids in so our hope is in God’s providence in our kids lives.
    My prayer is that he exceed me in every way…which won’t be that hard. 🙂

  123. Michael says:


    That’s a fact! 🙂
    If everyone agreed with me it would be boring and no one would learn a thing.
    I would have lost interest years ago.

  124. OK, enough of the love fest – where is Reuben? Dodgers 10 Rockies 0 6th inning. 🙂

  125. filbertz says:

    I’ve been reading all day, but haven’t taken the time to comment…just wasn’t sure what was worthwhile to the conversation. Here’s my two cents: affirmation is overrated; real ministry often happens out of sight; fruit takes time to ripen; we give power to our critics; Trey’s questions are ahead of schedule; the Holy Spirit is our only hope.

  126. Michael says:


    Well done!

  127. Michael says:


    Bleh…it’s hockey season!

  128. That’s like figure skating, isn’t it?

  129. Michael says:

    Yes…without teeth and with sticks.

  130. brian says:

    Often young people can say very profound things. I often get my theology from such situations. It is raw, can contradict, often makes to much sense for theology but it is so human. As for the exercise and coordination aspects of sports for people with challenges such as developmental disabilities, I dont know Trey’s challenges other then what you share, but my experience has shown that sports can be very soothing. Especially “repetitive” or motion oriented sports like running, skating, riding a bike, swimming etc. Dancing, playing the piano or guitar are also very soothing and helpful. I think that is why computers can be very helpful because they are predictable and dont deviate.

    I dont have much to offer in this, I use to find great joy in sharing my experiences concerning my observations in the field I am in. I try not to do it that much anymore.

  131. “I dont have much to offer in this, I use to find great joy in sharing my experiences concerning my observations in the field I am in. I try not to do it that much anymore.”

    Brian, I beg to differ. You have very much to offer. The insights you gain through your work are profound, and I not only enjoy when you share them, but am often encouraged in my own work.

  132. David Surfer Dude, your grandson is obviously an alpha male. He’s just marking his territory. 😉

  133. Nonnie says:

    Just catching up here. Wow!
    I think Linnea telling us about how that woman, 30 years ago, impacted her life, is such a testimony of grace.
    Michael I hope you are encouraged by that, because that is exactly what you and some of those other dads are doing for the kids at the skate park. You are there, “dwelling amongst them” and living out the kingdom before them, loving them right where they are.

    I picture you being there with you water and big first aid kit. Physically you are giving them drinks and patching up wounds….but spiritually…..bringing them living water and binding up the broken hearted.

    Praying for those skater kids today and your ministry there.

  134. Reading the Bible in the home, and bible stories verbally told at night, was the norm while my children were growing up. They went to sunday School each Sunday, and vacation Bible school, then a neighborhood Good News Club. It was in those out places where they were taught by godly teachers that they made their decision to follow Jesus. Hell was not the big issue, only a part. The experience of receiving Jesus into your heart often brings a light turned on and peace – – – this is confirmation enough. Growth takes place when they pick up the Bible for themselves and meet the Father in prayer.

  135. I forgot to tell you I came over from Rick’s Saturday short cuts.

  136. Michael says:

    Welcome, Hazel!

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