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  1. Michael says:

    “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Return, O Lord! How long? Have pity on your servants! Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, and for as many years as we have seen evil. Let your work be shown to your servants, and your glorious power to their children. Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”
    (Psalms 90:12–17 ESV)

  2. Captain Kevin says:

    Amen to both!

  3. Linnea says:

    Yes, amen!

  4. Duane Arnold says:

    Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of Christina Tebbe, mother of my friend, Matt Tebbe, a priest in ACNA. She died unexpectedly this last week at the age of 67. Her family is grieving…

  5. Michael says:

    Lord have mercy on Matt and his family…

  6. Michael says:

    “This is the work of prayer, `to put love in where love is not’, and so to enable the Spirit of Christ to reach out into the wounds of humanity through suffering and compassionate prayer.”

    +Michael Ramsey

  7. Duane Arnold says:


    Praying for you, as well, my friend…

  8. Michael says:

    You are God: we praise you;
    You are the Lord: we acclaim you;
    You are the eternal Father:
    All creation worships you.
    To you all angels, all the powers of heaven,
    Cherubim and Seraphim, sing in endless praise:
    Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,
    heaven and earth are full of your glory.
    The glorious company of apostles praise you.
    The noble fellowship of prophets praise you.
    The white-robed army of martyrs praise you.
    Throughout the world the holy Church acclaims you;
    Father, of majesty unbounded,
    your true and only Son, worthy of all worship,
    and the Holy Spirit, advocate and guide.
    You, Christ, are the king of glory,
    the eternal Son of the Father.
    When you became man to set us free
    you did not shun the Virgin’s womb.
    You overcame the sting of death
    and opened the kingdom of heaven to all believers.
    You are seated at God’s right hand in glory.
    We believe that you will come and be our judge.
    Come then, Lord, and help your people,
    bought with the price of your own blood,
    and bring us with your saints
    to glory everlasting.

  9. Duane Arnold says:


    I’m retrograde… I still want to believe that Ambrose wrote it… even if he didn’t!

  10. Michael says:


    I think that when our faith is the weakest and most troubled is the time when we need to affirm our faith the most.
    I’m hoping that as others who are dealing with afflictions read here that they will affirm these truths to themselves…just as I’m doing.
    Whoever wrote this wrote well, indeed.

  11. Linnea says:

    Glory to our Lord!

  12. Descended says:

    God, please give us your gift of the genuine, and of winsomeness.

    We are hated but help us turn hearts by your character, your smile.

    Let those who hate us find solace and trust in our uncompromising lives and words because of your holy spirit.

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