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  1. Gary says:

    “So we bid you, by the time the sun goes down today
    or by the time the sun comes up tomorrow,
    by night or by day,
    that you will speak to us in ways that we can hear
    out beyond ourselves.”

    That’s what I want.

  2. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I praise God for my promotion that I got on wednesday. My company promoted me to Regional Manager and I start that position Monday. Its only because of Gods hand that I got this and its only gonna be because of the strength he gives me that I am going to be able to do well as it will be a challenge.I know its cause of Gods favor as I don’t even have a high school diploma to my name. God has brought me thru some trials at work and at times I didn’t know if I wanted to stick with it but he is good.

  3. Nonnie says:

    Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate 41 years of marriage. We both know it is all by God’s grace, healing and restoration, that we can rejoice with one another today.

    I am praising God for His tender mercies toward us.

  4. PP Vet says:

    Wonderful news, Solomon, and congrats to you both, Nonnie.

    Just learned my very elderly aunt when passing raised her hands and said my late mother’s (her sister’s) name. What a joy to know they are together.

  5. Gary says:

    6 weeks ago I was let go from my job of over ten years. 2 weeks later I had another job. It turns out they just wanted me part time and temporarily. My wife and I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and when we came back I was out of a job again. The 2 companies owe me almost 3 k and we are broke. Please pray for God’s guidance and for His provision. Thanks.

  6. Gary says:

    One of the many ways God shows me His care is my car. I call it God’s car cuz it must be God holding it together. It has almost half a million miles on it and it still runs great.

  7. Nonnie says:

    That was a beautiful testimony.
    Gary, praying for your job need and for everyone here who needs work.

  8. Scott says:

    Regarding Solomon at #2, congrats on the promotion!

    I was reminded yesterday of a quote (that has different wording) I heard many years ago: “Success is when preparation and opportunity meet”.

  9. Linnea says:

    What Gary said @1…Amen.

    Congratulations, Solomon!

    Precious Nonnie– so happy to hear of your anniversary. May it be a joyous day!

    PPVet- wow!

    Gary- praying for a job.

  10. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Thank u all and praying for you Gary on getting gainful employment

  11. Praying and praising for all so far.
    My new job is going great so far. I seem to be fitting in and learning it at lightspeed. Great time too. The business is set to expand greatly and there may be room for advancement.
    I just praise the Lord for the job and I pray that everyone who is on here can be blessed the same.

  12. Michael says:

    Amen…glad it’s working out!

  13. Gary says:

    Thank you all for praying for me and my job situation. Yesterday I made a short list of the 2 likely places to look for work. There are only a handful of companies who hire estimators. Most use salespeople. The first company didn’t look promising so I concentrated on the second company. I got their number and called. No answer. That’s odd for a business. I called again and no answer or voice mail. I asked my wife to look online as she is way more adept online. She only found the same number I had. Bummer.

    An hour or 2 later I received a fax. It was a purchase order from one of the Lowes stores I used to service. They had sent me the purchase order by mistake. They should’ve sent it to the office of the company I used to work for. I started to write a note so I could fax it back and let them know. I looked closer and I saw that the name of the contractor wasn’t my old company but the company I’d been calling. The phone number was right there staring me in the face! So I stared right back.

    I called and set up an appointment to fill out a job application and hopefully talk to the owner. I also told the lady about the p o and I faxed it to her. I went there this morning and as I was filling out the application there was part of a page I couldn’t read. I went back to the lady who’d given me the forms and there was another lady there talking to her. I waited until they stopped. The second lady started walking toward me and I showed her the page and asked her if she could read it. She took my stack of papers and said she couldn’t read it either. Then she started looking through all my papers. She saw the p o and asked what I was doing with it. I told her that’s why I was there and told her how I got it. She said that it seemed that I was meant to be there. Then she left.

    When I was done the first lady made a call and told me to wait. A few minutes later she came to where I was waiting and said to follow her. I got to see the boss! As I walked into his office I saw that in the adjoining office was the other lady. She was the bosses wife. I talked to him for about an hour while he looked over my papers and it seemed to me that he was getting friendlier by the minute. When our conversation was done he asked his wife if she wanted to ask me any questions. She had been listening in and she did have some questions. She also seemed to warm up after a few minutes. By the time I left I got the impression that they may actually hire me, or at least they wanted to. I had made the suggestion that they could expand their business to the most lucrative part of the Bay Area and the boss liked that.

    So it looks like I have a new job. There was nothing firm but I’m expectant. Thanks for praying and don’t stop!

  14. That is great, Gary!

  15. jlo says:


  16. Nonnie says:

    Gary, what a great testimony. Keep us posted. Continuing to pray.

  17. Gary says:

    I went to talk to my landlords today to tell them I didn’t have July’s rent. They were understanding and very gracious. I offered to pay what I had but they said I might need it for other living expenses. Then they gave me coffee and fresh veggies they had just picked. before I left they said they would pray for me. Thank you, Jesus.

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