Prayer & Praise: July 4-10

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Welcome Michael

    I was wandering in cyberspace … aimlessly wondering what to do …

  2. Nonnie says:

    “O Lord, let everything that is sinful in us lie buried in thy mercy; Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”
    My sin is buried in His mercy. Wow. That is beautiful.

  3. Michael says:

    Be in prayer for those unemployed….many have lost their benefits and many more are going to in the coming days.

    Pray traveling mercies for Sarah and her family as they travel cross country to visit her parents.

  4. Nomans says:

    Praying for the needs of my PP family.

    Gods resources come in unexpected ways and follow obedience faithfully.

    Gen 22:10-14
    Then Abraham reached out his hand and took the knife to slaughter his son.
    But the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven and said, “Abraham, Abraham!” And he said, “Here am I.”
    He said, “Do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him, for now I know that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld your son, your only son, from me.”
    And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, behind him was a ram, caught in a thicket by his horns. And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up as a burnt offering instead of his son.
    So Abraham called the name of that place, “The Lord will provide”; as it is said to this day, “On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.”

  5. Everstudy says:

    Please keep my Grandpa in your prayers and he continues to recover from complications from surgury and grieves for the loss of my Grandma.


  6. Michael says:

    “The father in the story of the prodigal son suffered much. He saw his younger son leave, knowing the disappointments, rejections and abuses facing him. He saw his older son become angry and bitter, and was unable to offer him affection and support. A large part of the father’s life has been waiting. He could not force his younger son to come home or his older son to let go of his resentments. Only they themselves could take the initiative to return.

    During these long years of waiting the father cried many tears and died many deaths. He was emptied out by suffering. But that emptiness had created a place of welcome for his sons when the time of their return came. We are called to become like that father.”


  7. Praise
    I had a 4-5 hour surgery last Wednesday and came home Yesterday. Recovering well. My wife Debbie is amazing. The path report comes in Monday and we hope it confirms what the Doctor suspect, that mine is a low grade form of the disease. Thanks to you all for your prayers

  8. paigemom says:

    Brother Steve, you continue to be in our prayers and hearts.

    Michael, Thanks for the Nouwen comment on the father of the prodigal son. I am in a season like that for my three sons who are so very lost. I know God is faithful.

    Gosh, I’m thankful for the return of the PP, this thread, our prayer group here.

    Yes, we do pray for those who are unemployed. We are living in very difficult times.

  9. Michael says:


    I’m glad you’re glad…it does my heart good to see you here.

    UGM too…

  10. nene says:

    Oh dear me..praying for Dave right now. Lord have mercy..

  11. Sarah says:

    Hey all…just poking in to ask for prayer. I talked with Michael earlier today and he endured my venting 😉 We drove right at 24 hours of actual drive time to get here….and were met within an hour of arriving with the question of when we were leaving. A little frustrating. Mom is in a pretty high-anxiety stage, and pretty negative, aggressive stage. I still don’t know how my dad does this 24/7. He’s at the river with my husband and brother fishing right now, so that is good.

    Anyway…just would appreciate prayers for patience more than anything. My boys are pretty aware….Zach has been asked who he is and who is mother is probably 50 times since we arrived Sat afternoon. He answers with a smile every time. Such a great kid.

    Nate asked if Grandma had something in her that made her sick that made her mean and forgetful. He asked if everybody had that in them and would get that way when they get older.

    So…it’s a tough lesson. Still, in the midst of it we’ve had roaring laughter as we get into our story-telling and Zach has been on the edge of his seat listening to his uncles. We’ve fished, we’ve ridden my 20 year old scooter all over the place, we’ve played soccer and we’ve been to a parade. Not bad all in all.

    I’m here for 2 weeks and then my brother will drive us back to Nashville since Steve has to head back early for work. Prayers for travelling mercies and patience are hugely appreciated.

  12. Em says:

    praying still

  13. Michael says:

    Sarah…you will have prayers, keep us posted.

  14. Nomans says:

    Praying, Sarah…

  15. Tim says:

    Sarah – praying.

  16. Na'amah says:

    praying for you and all those you love and that you will be blessed w moments of your mother having lucidity and clarity so you know she knows you still.

  17. TonyP. says:

    Praying with and for all listed needs.

    Jesus be the Comforter that only You can be
    The Healer that only You are
    Hear our pleas for grace and mercy


  18. Michael says:

    It’s good to see you!

  19. Em says:

    Tony, what Michael said!

    you and yours often come to mind during prayer time

  20. TonyP. says:


    Thanks. It’s good to be “seen” 😉

    It’s a long hard walk in the desert some times….
    But never alone, eh?

  21. Kevin H says:


    I did not know of PP when you were a regular here. However, when I first found the site near the end of last year, I got the chance to read through a good bit of the archives before the .com site went down. In doing that, I was able to read a lot of your posts and your heart and attitude was encouraging and a blessing.

    I would sometimes selfishly wish that you were still around to provide that encouragement and would wonder where you had gone. But glad you’re back, if even only for a short stay.

  22. Kevin H says:


    Praying for your Mom and your family situation and that God would give you all patience and strength.

  23. TonyP. says:

    Kevin H,

    Thanks for your kind words. I am glad that you were blessed in some small way.

  24. jlo says:

    praying sarah

  25. Nomans says:

    Hi Tony! Geat to see you!

  26. TonyP. says:

    Hey nomans! Good to see you too! 😀

  27. Sarah says:

    I’m lurking today and avoiding heavy-lifting in reading that I’m supposed to be doing 😉

    Tony…really good to see you here.

    Things are kinda going downhill. Today was the first day Mom did not know who I was. I was in the kitchen and she asked who I was, I told her my name and she asked why I was here and who I was with.

    She has asked me multiple (probably 20x) times how long we are staying….or if we are leaving today. When I say we are staying for a week, she says she’s just not sure she can handle that. She asks for us to leave today.

    It’s just a bit wearying today…..

  28. TonyP. says:


    Thanks, praying for you guys and your mom.

  29. TonyP. says:

    On a day like any other, I call on Your grace
    On a day like any other, I call on Your mercy
    Be with those in need,
    Be our light in the darkness,
    Be our Lord and our Savior,
    Remind us of Your overwhelming love for us

    Thank You Jesus, for all that You have done

  30. Sarah says:

    Thank you all for your prayers. Today has begun better 😉 I’ll be trying to poke my head in here and stay in the loop for prayer requests.

    Yesterday I had to run into town for a minute, and on the way back I was listening to Macy Gray’s “There is Beauty in the World.” Not exactly the deepest of lyrics, but the line that has stuck with me is “When you don’t know if you’ll make it through / remember God has given you beauty in the world.” That line keeps going in my mind…

    Father…thank You for the beauty in the world.

    In the midst of fears, in the midst of uncertainty, in the midst of sorrows, You have surrounded us with testimony of You.

    The detail of the hummingbird, the glory of the sunset, the majesty of the mountains, the awe of the oceans.

    Great and wondrous, small and intricate. Your hand is all around us, reminding us constantly of a God who pays attention. A God who created not only our minds and our souls and our beings, but who created color and sound.

    Lift our heads when we are overwhelmed, and remind us of Your beauty in the world.

  31. Sarah says:

    Lyrics to Rich Mullins’ song….

    And the moon is a sliver of silver
    Like a shaving that fell on the floor of a Carpenter’s shop
    And every house must have it’s builder
    And I awoke in the house of God
    Where the windows are mornings and evenings
    Stretched from the sun
    Across the sky north to south
    And on my way to early meeting
    I heard the rocks crying out
    I heard the rocks crying out

    Be praised for all Your tenderness by these works of Your hands
    Suns that rise and rains that fall to bless and bring to life Your land
    Look down upon this winter wheat and be glad that You have made
    Blue for the sky and the color green that fills these fields with praise

    And the wrens have returned and they’re nesting
    In the hollow of that oak where his heart once had been
    And he lifts up his arms in a blessing for being born again
    And the streams are all swollen with winter
    Winter unfrozen and free to run away now
    And I’m amazed when I remember
    Who it was that built this house
    And with the rocks I cry out

    Be praised for all Your tenderness by these works of Your hands
    Suns that rise and rains that fall to bless and bring to life Your land
    Look down upon this winter wheat and be glad that You have made
    Blue for the sky and the color green

    Be praised for all Your tenderness by these works of Your hands
    Suns that rise and rains that fall to bless and bring to life Your land
    Look down upon this winter wheat and be glad that You have made
    Blue for the sky and the color green that fills these fields with praise

  32. Sarah says:

    Keep in Prayer:

    EverstudyPlease keep my Grandpa in your prayers and he continues to recover from complications from surgury and grieves for the loss of my Grandma.

    Dave Friend of Madisson*Bella’s who unexpectedly found a large mass on his brain. He had surgery on Tuesday to remove the mass. Please pray for healing and for no cancer.

    Michael Pray for work to come soon, and for his health.

    John & Debbie (DMW) Continue to pray for them as the deal with pain. Pray as well for John as he tries to find work that will be conducive to caring for Debbie and not too physically taxing on him.

    Erunner’s brother-in-law Jeff Has had to go back on the ventilator, but he is responding to stimulation even though still in a coma. Pray for him and his wife (Erunner’s sister) Julie and their three children as they walk through this long trial.

    Michael Whitman Pray for a job search for him that can provide while he pastors and the church is in tough times financially. Continue to pray for his family as they raise four foster kids along with their own children.

    BrianD “Need prayer for a potentially bad situation at work…it’s not like I can get up and leave, so that option is not open to me…” Update: Continue to pray about his work situation, and also about plugging in to a new community group.

    Nick Hurtado Nick is the nephew of a good friend of Jlo, she says, ” (he) is battling bone cancer, if the Lord prompts, please pray for him. His story can be found here.

    Kerry JimB shares this: “Guys and gals, can I ask you to pray for a woman in our fellowship here who has partnered with us in this church plant pretty much from the beginning? Her and her husband are great servants and have been involved in lots of ministries through our church. She has been ill for a few months, and going through dozens of expensive tests and scans. Today, she received her diagnosis: MS. Please pray for Kerry. Thank you folks”

    Glenn – caring for his mother

    Captain Kevin –continue to pray for him as he deals with pain and with vertigo and lack of sleep because of the pain. Continue to pray for healing.

    Steve H – cancer. He is waiting to hear the pathology reports this week. Pray as well for his family and church as they walk through this time with him.

    Karen Stewart’s family Karen went home to be with the Lord on 6-2 after a long struggle with cancer. Be praying for her husband Jeff, and their three children as they grieve the loss of Karen.

    Nate friend of Cap’n Kevins. Read the link…hard to give a concise update:

    Jerry F “God has been so good to me throughout the years and has ALWAYS gotten me through the very hardest of situations. Countrywide Home Loans was bought out through Obama’s stimulus by Bank of America. In the switch I am hearing that a lot of folk’s home loans were “messed up”. Mine is one of them. A lot of details here but, I need prayer for the problem that is facing us right now. The bank wants us to come up with about $7,000.00 to come current, as they see it–this is a wrong amount but, I think it’s better to give them the money than to fight it.

    I am confident that our LORD is able – there is no doubt. I would like prayer though just the same. Thanks.”

    Linnea“Would you all pray for my former colleagues, Patti, Karen, Lori and Andi, that they come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior?”

    JaneFrom Linnea: “One more request…would you pray for Jane, who is dying of congenital heart failure? Her twin sister, Joan was my 2nd Mom when I was growing up, and the whole family treated me as their own.”

    Dusty Her grandfather passed away on June 7th, and the hospital said they couldn’t find the body. Pray for peace and for Dusty’s heart in all of this.

    KatrinaFrom Linnea: A prayer request…a young friend of ours (Katrina) hit a tree at 60 mph in the wee hours of the morning. She is in critical condition, with burns on her legs requiring skin grafts and the likelihood that she will lose her toes on her left foot. Would you pray for her, her family and that they would come to know Him?


    (see this link for more information: )

    Be praying for these who need work:

    Nene’s friend Mark


    “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me? Jeremiah 32:27 ***”

    Erunner His granddaughter was born on May 29th!! Her name is Mikaela Paige Acosta. She had jaundice for a little while, but now is home with mom and dad!

    Papias He got a job!!!!!!

    Em’s Daughter She was spared from a bad accident driving home the other night…thankful for God’s mercies as no one was injured in what could have been a bad accident when a man in a wheelchair went out into traffic.

  33. Sarah says:

    Praying, Holly.

  34. Captain Kevin says:

    Long-but-worth-it Post Alert:

    Is God Almost Sovereign? by Chuck Swindoll
    Just before Moses died, he spoke these words to God. Read them carefully:
    “May the LORD, the God of the spirits of all flesh, appoint a man over the congregation, who will go out and come in before them, and who will lead them out and bring them in, so that the congregation of the LORD will not be like sheep which have no shepherd.” So the LORD said to Moses, “Take Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your hand on him; and have him stand before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation, and commission him in their sight.” (Numbers 27:16–19)
    I don’t know your circumstances today. I cannot be certain how God intends to use this episode from the life of Moses in your own life. But I do know what it’s like to be a shepherd . . . and so I can imagine some possible scenarios.
    It may be that these words fall on a very hungry heart. Or perhaps you have been strengthened and encouraged with the thought that you’re exactly where God wants you to be. Or maybe you’re engaged in the challenging task of finding a man or a woman for a position that carries a huge weight of responsibility . . . and you’ve been reminded that you are dependent on God, more than ever, to locate His “Joshua.” Or perhaps you are that Joshua, and you’ve been asked to accept a responsibility broader than you ever dreamed.
    Whatever your circumstances, I want to remind you that our heavenly Father cares about areas of your life that would seem insignificant to a distant deity. I know you’re aware of these things—you’ve preached them often. But may I remind you of what I often remind myself? He’s never too busy to hear your hurts, to wipe away your tears, to whisper words of encouragement, and to put His big shoulder under your load. He’s the God who cares about the details.
    As I write these words, I’m praying that our sovereign Lord might be a very personal comfort to you this week. I pray especially for you pastors who are wrestling with loneliness and discouragement. Even though you’re surrounded by people and their admiration, deep inside there’s an ache. Believe me, my friend, God can meet your need as only He can, even as He did in the heart of Moses just a few hours before the great man’s death.
    If you’re God’s Joshua, you don’t need to worry that you’ll be forgotten. You needn’t fear that the shadow of your predecessor will eclipse you and your ministry in the years to come. In fact, you don’t need to worry about anything. If you’re God’s Joshua, you’re right where you ought to be.
    Remind yourself that He is sovereign. He has everything under His control. He will have His way in His time and for His glory. That includes your life, your position, your past, and your future. Worrying over any of that is a waste. He’s got every detail covered.
    Yes, every one.
    Think of it this way: there’s no such thing as God being almost sovereign.

  35. Em says:

    how far is Borrego Springs from Lake Elsinore – every body ok down that way?

  36. Em says:

    CK, praying for those pastors… for all our carping, we desperately need God’s men (& women) that He’s appointed to lead us

  37. nene says:

    Cptn K – your post from Charles Swindoll was perfect timing, and deeply needed at this moment….muchisimas gracias!

  38. TonyP. says:


    Excellent post. Thanks.

  39. TonyP. says:

    Remember today that when you are in your hustle and bustle of life and you spare that moment of time to think of God, that He has had you on His mind ALL day.

    His is the eye that sees
    His is the ear that hears
    His is the heart that aches

    He loves you

  40. Tim says:

    “Think of it this way: there’s no such thing as God being almost sovereign.”

    Amen & amen.

  41. TonyP. says:

    Hebrews 4
    14Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. 15For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet was without sin. 16Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

  42. Em says:

    something just hit me as i was reading Hoestra’s morning devotion on 2Ti 1:12
    “For this reason I also suffer these things; nevertheless I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day….Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.”

    by today’s definition (in churches, as well as in the Western world at large) our incredible gift from God, the Apostle Paul was a loser… just one of those momentary glimpses of Reality for me
    God keep

  43. Cheri (sisterD) says:

    I want You on my mind all day long. I want to honor You and Bless You. I want to be a light in this much too dark world. I want to wipe away tears and hold hands. Thsnk You that even in this confined space we can do just that for one another. Bring a smile to a weary face. Lift the down cast spirit of a worried soul. Put a song on the lips of one who has no words. Make a way in the dark path for a traveler who passes this way.
    I praise You^

  44. Em says:

    amen, Lord, what Cheri prayed, amen – strengthen us to walk as those who heal, not those who wound… grant us discernment to use Your Sword only when called by You, but forgive and rebuke us when we do as Peter did at Gethsemane

  45. TonyP. says:

    Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit as Comforter:

    And first, we will remark, that God the Holy Ghost is a very loving Comforter. I am in distress, and I want consolation. Some passer-by hears of my sorrow, and he steps within, sits down, and essays to cheer me; he speaks soothing words, but he loves me not; he is a stranger; he knows me not at all; he has only come in to try his skill. And what is the consequence? His words run o’er me like oil upon a slab of marble—they are like the pattering rain upon the rock; they do not break my grief; it stands unmoved as adamant, because he has no love for me. But let some one who loves me dear as his own life, come and plead with me, then truly his words are music; they taste like honey; he knows the password of the doors of my heart, and my ear is attentive to every word; I catch the intonation of each syllable as it falls, for it is like the harmony of the harps of heaven. Oh! there is a voice in love, it speaks a language which is its own; it has an idiom and a brogue which none can mimic; wisdom cannot imitate it; oratory cannot attain unto it; it is love alone which can reach the mourning heart; love is the only handkerchief which can wipe the mourner’s tears away. And is not the Holy Ghost a loving comforter? Dost thou know, O saint, how much the Holy Spirit loves thee? Canst thou measure the love of the Spirit? Dost thou know how great is the affection of his soul towards thee? Go measure heaven with thy span; go weigh the mountains in the scales; go take the ocean’s water, and tell each drop; go count the sand upon the sea’s wide shore; and when thou hast accomplished this, thou canst tell how much he loveth thee. He has loved thee long, he has loved thee well, he loved thee ever, and he still shall love thee; surely he is the person to comfort thee, because he loves. Admit him, then, to your heart, O Christian, that he may comfort you in your distress.

    May we remember this truth.

  46. Em says:

    amen, Tony
    when will we learn that love is not an emotion – not God’s kind of love, at least

  47. TonyP. says:


    I know I forget that He is not at all like me. And praise be for that, cuz I am a fickle one!!!!!!!

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