Prayer & Praise: June 13-19

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  1. Tim says:

    Please pray for the local rescue mission here that our church has been volunteering at for the past year+. The city council voted last week to shut them down, and the doors are officially closing tomorrow.

    There were permit violations & some other issues…but I’m not aware of anything that could not have been worked through.

    Some people want to shut their eyes to homelessness & pretend that it goes away.

    Please pray for both the homeless & for those who lobbied to shut down the mission.

  2. Sister Christian says:


    praying even now for the situation, knowing how frustrating permit issues can be;
    the flexibility possible and the specificity which can sometimes be unreasonably enforced.

    Is there any chance they can reopen in another location? Or is there an interest for anyone else to pick up the ministry, also in another location perhaps more suitable for conforming to the regulations?

  3. Sister Christian says:

    and what solution or options has the city council offered the homeless?

  4. jlo says:

    Out of sight, out of mind, if you don’t have to look at the homeless you can pretend it’s not a problem. Tim, will be praying.

  5. Linnea says:

    Would appreciate prayers for my marriage this morning…things aren’t going so well.

  6. Sister Christian says:


    dear sweet sister
    praying for you even now

  7. Sister Christian says:

    Remembering Steve Hopkins in prayer as well

  8. jlo says:

    Linnea, praying.

  9. Em says:

    Lord,”Thy designs cause thee no fear or care of unfulfilment, they stand fast as the eternal hills. Thy power knows no bond, Thy goodness no stint. Thou bringest order out of confusion, and my defeats are Thy victories: The Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” amen

    Lord, our hearts are deceitful and our minds are so vulnerable, too. Give us a hunger for Your supply of wisdom and strength – surprise us again with joy in knowing more of You.

  10. Sarah says:

    Praying for our congregation this morning as a woman who has been there from the beginning I believe is struggling with late stage cancer. She went in to the dr with pneumonia and they found a large mass on her lung.

    Heavy hearted this morning as there is so much that has happened here in the last 6 months.

  11. Nonnie says:

    Praying for these loved ones here.
    *Linnea, praying for your marriage tonight.
    Thank you Sarah for posting the update of the prayer list.
    God keep each one in His love and care today.

  12. Erunner says:

    My tooth pain is gone but I still need to visit the dentist.

    My mother wrecked her car in the parking lot again while parking. She hit the bumper of a pickup as she was pulling in and her front bumper is mangled. Tuesday I’m taking her in to see her cardiologist as she is having leg pains again as she walks. Later in the month she’ll be getting an MRI to assess what’s going on as far as her memory lapses. Thank you for praying.

  13. Sarah says:

    Erunner…praying for your mom and your dentist appt.

  14. BrianD says:

    Pastor Brian’s emphasis last week and this week was on evangelism – be missionaries to your culture, your workplace. Make non-Christian friends at work, with the parents of the other players on your kid’s swim team, sit next to strangers in the food court. Get to know people, spend time in their lives, to tell them about Jesus and get them to church. Community groups should be planning outreaches to their neighborhoods, cookouts, parties, picnics in the park.

    This is in keeping with our church and another A29 church here in town, where being missionaries to one’s own neighborhood and community is emphasized.

  15. Tim says:

    SisC & jlo –
    The newspaper is reporting that there were some questionable practices with the owner of the mission & that his board all resigned shortly prior to the final vote by the city council. At this point, I’m not sure what’s factual or not…but even if the mission director did things wrong, I’m not sure why he couldn’t have been given 60 days (or whatever) to comply to certain requirements, pay appropriate fines, etc., before shutting the doors to the place.

    There were complaints by the neighbors that they didn’t want the rescue mission there. Of course, the only things that were there prior to the mission were some old empty buildings that served for squatters and drug-addicts. Just logic would say that the rescue mission was an improvement.

    We’re going to have some time of dedicated prayer for the homeless this week – during the time that we’d normally be volunteering at the mission. As it stands, there aren’t too many options. The Salvation Army can’t take the majority of the guys there, so most of them will be on the streets.

  16. BrianD says:

    Oops…wrong thread πŸ™‚

  17. jlo says:

    Tim, will continue in prayer with you. A big part of what my husband and I do is reaching out to the homeless and the disenfranchised.

  18. London says:

    this is dorky but…I got “suckered” into being a teacher’s helper all week for VBS at a church down the road that’s partnered with us on some of our community projects. It was my intention to work a couple days in the kitchen or something, but somehow ended up in this other role.
    I’m pretty far out of my comfort zone in alot of ways. Didn’t have the heart to tell the woman that called that I didn’t want to do it. UGH!
    I’m trying really hard to just think of it as a lesson in learning how to “play”

  19. Believe says:

    The Holy Spirit has prompted me…and I’ve responded (again). I am praying for a miracle.

  20. Na'amah says:

    London πŸ™‚

    you will be sooo loved by the kids… a man participating will be something new for many of them if its mostly populated by non churched kiddos

    and playing is a very important skill set

  21. London says:

    That would be true except I’m not a man. πŸ˜‰

  22. Na'amah says:

    London lolol they will still love you, kiddos are so accepting prior to approximately 10-11 yrs of age

    one of the absolutely hardest activity as a mother for me was playing “teatime” w my daughters or “house” w their kitchens (UGH!) and Candyland (yeesh) until a girlfriend informed me i was supposed to remove the ‘return to beginning’ card out of the deck!!!

    looooved playing w the boys racecars, legos and other stuff

    and …. play is still an important skill set from your words here i have not been left w the impression you require assertion skills…the person requesting your assistance must have been quite convincing of her need.

  23. Em says:

    London, i second Na’amah’s observation – kids need real people, so just be yourself and affirm the little sponges – i wasn’t a church kid and i remember being forced to go to VBS – it gave me a very low opinion of ‘Christian’ ladies as a whole – it was clear that they were doing their duty and didn’t like kids who came in off the street very much…

  24. Sarah says:

    London….I’m sure you will do great. Praying that you find yourself laughing and find as well that there might be one kid who needs you there….someone another adult wouldn’t get.

    Our friend from church, Nancy, is continuing to fail. Her breathing is very difficult and she cannot have visitors. They are expecting some test results back today that might give some ideas for treatment. Prayers are needed.

    I’m stepping away for a few days….will be praying for our needs here on the blog.

  25. Tim says:

    London –
    A huge THANK YOU from just another parent who has been looking for various VBS programs for his daughter this summer. Our 6 year old went to a VBS last week while I was in Cali, and she absolutely loved it. I can’t begin to express what a wonderful ministry it is to the community, when it’s done well.

    I hope you have a great time.

  26. Everstudy says:

    Hey, could you pray for my grandparents? My grandpa had to have hernia surgery last week and is still recovering and my grandma has been diagnosed with cancer. She meets with the doctor today to go over her test results and treatment options.


  27. jlo says:

    Lifting in prayer the needs of the saints.

  28. London says:

    Ok…every survived day one.
    That is a good result right? πŸ˜‰

    Actually, it was kinda fun. The church did a great job getting the place decorated and there were quite a few adults that got dressed up and into the parts (no, not me)…
    Kids had a great time. We, of course, had the group that was the worst behaved of all of them. :mrgreen: Actually, we just had 2 kids (cousins) that were a bit of a hand full. I’m sure tomorrow they will be better.

    I am really not very good at being “nice enough” to teach kids I think.

    I’m the assistant to a teenage kid who is doing a pretty good job actually.

    Kinda fun…best part is at the end of the week I can say, “ok..I’ve done that now” and check it off the list of things I’ve never done before.

    I need a nap!

  29. Believe says:

    Praying for Matt and Esther…and for George and Debbie Bryson.

    For repentance and reconciliation.

    Praying for the Holy Spirit to move and work a miracle for God’s glory.

  30. Believe says:

    Praying for my brothers, many of my other family members and many former and current members of Calvary Chapel Visalia who have experienced a similar hurt and difficulty through similar ministry philosophy and action as George Bryson.

    Praying for healing. Praying that Godly leadership abounds in the CC Movement. There are many more good examples than bad. Praying that the good is promoted within the Movement and that the bad is challenged and repented of.

  31. jlo says:

    London, glad to hear it was kinda fun.

  32. Em says:

    reading the list and praying for bodies, minds and souls that are looking for our Lord’s mercies

    God keep all close and comforted this night

  33. jlo says:

    out for my prayer walk.

  34. DriveBy 8-) says:

    From those moments where I finally stop and listen
    And hear Your voice so clearly,
    full of love
    full of peace
    To those moments when You shout so loudly
    And I plug my ears and shy away

    I hear You, and I know that You are there.

    Your grace and Your peace are mine for the taking
    Yet sometimes I hesitate
    And You still hold out Your hand
    Waiting for me to come back

    Thank You
    In SPITE of me,
    I praise You

  35. jlo says:

    Nice drive by. (no sarcasm ) normally when we get a drive by it’s to take a pot shot at someone, this one was to praise the Lord. I think DriveBy 😎 is giving new meaning to a drive by.

  36. Sarah says:


    Sometimes in this walk we make through this world things just don’t feel very stable.

    The world shakes around us….sometimes physically.

    Lots of times emotionally.

    Words that have cut continue to shake us years beyond the exchange. The realization that those we are to trust are more concerned with themselves than with our need or our fear.

    Disease destroys our bodies or our minds…..we see those we love becoming different people as their minds stop working. We shake as we realize that we probably won’t get out of this life without some pain.

    Father….sometimes the ground just doesn’t feel very stable.

    These are the times that we need you most present with us.

    Whisper in our ears that even when we shake you are near.

    You are our Father.

    Hear our hearts as we try to express them, and often fail. Hear our hearts as we try to love our brothers and sisters, and often fail. Hear our hearts as we try to honor you….and often fail.

    Take up our failings and transform them by your Spirit. Take up our words and translate them so they are words of life and grace. Take up our immature love and transform it to bring hope and security and peace. Take up our feeble attempts to honor you and replace our righteousness with Yours….

    Father…make the rock solid beneath us. Turn our gaze towards You.

    Our Father who art in heaven.

    Be our Father….

  37. jlo says:

    good night all, may God keep you close this evening.

  38. Erunner says:

    Took my mother to her cardiologist today just to learn he wants her to see a vascular surgeon. This could lead to bypass surgery on her leg(s) depending on what he determines. She has good blood flow in her calves but the problem is in her upper legs where things are clogged up.

    I went to the dentist and have an abscess which means a root canal after antibiotics.

  39. Sarah says:

    Praying for you, E, and for your mom.

  40. Erunner says:

    Thank you Sarah. I pray that your parents are well and that life in Nashville is beginning to improve after so much suffering.

  41. DriveBy 8-) says:


    Meet Michael where he is and lift him up. Remind him that he is loved. Place his feet firmly on the Rock, and let the waters of doubt, pain, and worry rush away from him.

    Grace and peace Michael, my brother.

  42. DriveBy 8-) says:

    Help us to find You
    Help us to HEAR You
    Open Your word
    Open our eyes
    Open our hearts
    Guide our steps
    Let our worship and praise of You be for You and You alone.
    Heal our wounds
    Lift our spirits
    Be our God in all things

  43. London says:

    whew…just 2 more days to go…


  44. Sarah says:

    The latest on our friend from church Nancy:

    “Hey friends…doctors are sending me home tomorrow with hospice care…said I have no more than a month to live…we don’t believe that for a second! “I will not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord!” I started taking a turn last this morning, I was dressed, make-up on, laughing and ready to go. We are witnessing a true miracle! Praise Jesus! Thank you for your love and prayers”

  45. Dusty says:

    Our Nancy?? When did this happen? NO!!!

  46. Sarah says:

    Dusty… see my 11 and 28

  47. Em says:


  48. jlo says:

    Way too cranky for this place today, going off line, but will keep all in prayer.

  49. Everstudy says:


    My family could use some prayers, my grandma died this morning from cancer. Seemed to take a really quick turn south yesterday.


  50. Sarah says:

    Jlo…praying for your day.

    Everstudy, so very sorry. Praying for your family.

  51. BrianD says:

    Everstudy, so sorry to hear of this. Thoughts and prayers, bro.

  52. Sister Christian says:


    Prayers for you and your family. So sorry to hear of the turn of events.

    praying your day gets much better and quite joy filled.

  53. Sarah says:


    This is a strange prayer to begin. A final prayer typed on this keyboard and sent off into the internet.

    A new way of praying was learned here.

    Praying with fingers instead of lips.

    You have taught us much here. Many needs and pains and hurts have been expressed.

    I have grown and learned here more than I could have imagined.

    There are still needs here which we have not seen the answer to….and that’s a little hard.

    I confess…it is hard to see this page close.

    But. You are our great Heavenly Father. Our gracious and kind God who holds these cares in your view.

    The closing of this page is not the closing of these prayers.

    These people are cared for. They have those in their midst and in their touch taht hold them dear. Raise up new pray-ers to carry their needs.

    Take all these needs that are listed, Father, and bind them in our love. We give them to you, and give each person to You and ask that You care graciously and tenderly.

    Bind every hurt.

    Hold every fearful one in Your embrace until the fear is gone.

    Quiet every anxious heart.

    Still every one who feels they cannot be still.

    Provide every need for those who are without work or income.

    Please, Father, heal our sick ones.

    Send us all out from this place, filled and renewed in Your Spirit and with eyes open wide to where You would have us put our energy, our heart and our prayers.

    Bless all who have entered these pages. Carry us in Your way, and thank You, Father, for the countless prayers and tears and joys that have come across our hearts in this place.