Prayer & Praise: March 7-13

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  1. BrianD says:

    I could use some prayer…

    I walked out on my church’s Redemption group tonight.

    It suddenly seemed all wrong for me…not wrong or bad in itself, but wrong for me…the facilitator, the atmosphere, opening up to strangers…I freaked out and left.

    I suck at the Christian life. I’ll fess up to it.

  2. Dusty says:

    praying Brian

  3. Glenn says:


    I just prayed for you. You may have done the right thing –
    sometimes those kind of groups can be “just wrong.” I
    wouldn’t sweat it too much.

  4. Nene says:

    Hi BrianD. Thank you for all your skills/time here..I was pretty sad/mad tonight when I saw the .com site down. Praying tonight for you. As Glen said above, “sometimes those kinds of groups can be just wrong.” I love that!! (thanks Glen) If I had a nickel for all the “wrong groups” I’ve been to..

    Praying for this family this evening…praising God out loud here…I worked two days in a row!! This is big.. for me that is. Things have changed so much with the job world.

  5. jlo says:

    BrianD, praying.

  6. BrianD says:

    I spoke with one of the leaders through email this morning. He’s encouraging me to give it another shot.

  7. BrianD says:

    and, in the end….as this is my church…and as these guys are not coming off as self-righteous, “follow me or else I’ll drop mars hill discipline on you” jerks…but rather as grace-filled, Christ-like brothers…I need to honor their guidance and authority.

  8. Jerry F says:

    Hey, Nene, that’s really good news. You’ve been in my prayers–hang in there.

  9. Psalm62 says:

    God keep all close and comforted this nite

  10. Dusty says:

    Nene’s dad – will have to move and he does not do well having neighbors

    Nene – healing for her fractured foot

    Sarah – her health, the health of her mother and father, ministering to someone in a struggling marriage,

    Erunner – brother-in-law Jeff in a coma,

    Linnea – Son(20)needs healing, encouragement, wisdom, discernment, faith, hope…pray also for Linnea and her husband as this is also difficult on them.

    Bigfala Mike – for his ever growing family…bringing in many children into their home.

    Nancy – healing for her brother-in-law Keith

    Tom S. – Son has a skull fracture from a biking accident

    Michael – health

    Please Note – healing for major surgery

    DMW – health

    Sister Christian – ministry in France

    Michael Spencer (iMonk) – diagnosed with cancer

    Captain Kevin – health

    Brian D – guidance regarding church

  11. Dusty says:

    Lord God, I ask for Captain Kevin that You would intervene. Remove whatever it is that is causing him such miserable health trouble and pushing him into depression. Lift his spirits, touch his body, bring total and complete healing.

  12. Dusty says:

    For Please Note I ask that You continue the healing process from his surgery. He had such difficulty with the last surgery- I ask that this time You please bring perfect healing. Multiply his energy levels as he is always doing for others at the cost of his health. Protect him from infection.

  13. Dusty says:

    Father for iMonk, be with Him…teach him, counsel him during this time to be an even mightier warrior. I ask for total healing from the cancer because I know You are fully capable of doing so….

  14. Dusty says:

    I ask for healing from cancer also for Karen. She and Jeff have shown the will not be swayed from their faith…be merciful Father and deliver her.

  15. Dusty says:

    Father You are our healer, the One who heals us….be our Healer now…in this time that so many are ill…You are our Comforter….comfort us now when we so desperately need You. We run to You, Who is our Rock of Refuge, Who urges us to run to You.

  16. Nene says:

    Thank you kindly JerryF, I only sub, but was (gratefully) working non stop for a long time. Last June the layoffs hit, the trickle down effect occurred. Tomorrow brings a new day! 🙂

    Today was the day my dad was find out about his living situation. Nothing happened, so I will continue to trust in God’s plan. Even my dad was surprised, the word he used was bewildered…

    Lord I ask you to be right now with Linnea’s son. May you provide as many resources as possible to help him. Please Lord, bring healing to his heart, soul, his physical body, his mind…be with Linnea and her husband as they go about their days at work, and home. Lord provide down time for them so they may be refreshed in you, and get rest.

    Father God, be with bigfella Mike’s family tonight. May your spirit penetrate the hearts and minds of all those in his home. Lord I pray that this growing family will be blessed in your love.

    Lord, please help Michael deal with the issues here, provide encouraging people to surround him. May the stress from this site be made so very small. Father You are big, and man is small. Heal his body Lord, and please provide for him. Bless this place Lord, and energize it, as it continues to help the broken.

    There are so many needs here Lord, how we need you…how we love you, Father God you are our king, our Lord.

  17. Jessica Menn says:

    I have a small prayer request. I’ve kind of avoided saying anything because so many people are going through really tough stuff and have some really hard prayers. But I’m not going through tough stuff. Basically, I’m getting married in June and my fiance and I just bought a house–we’re closing on the 31st. Last year, before I had any idea any of that was going to happen, I signed a year long lease for my apartment, and now I really need to find someone to take it, hopefully this month but at least by the end of next month. Because things are going to get tight if we have to keep paying for this place while also paying for our house.

  18. Nene says:

    Jessica, how much is the monthly rent?

  19. Jessica Menn says:

    It’s $340 a month. Heat is not included.

  20. Nene says:

    thanks Jessica..just wondering is all, will pray..

  21. Jerry F says:

    Jessica, we’re here and we are suppposed to care for the family in prayer or action if we can. Great news about your wedding! But, it always seems there are little chinks in the smoothness if the fabric sometimes. Didja talk to the owners about a release? Just thinking out loud. Will pray for a resolution.

    Nene, my son is a sub for the school dist. here. He worked for a few weeks then nothing because the policy is that 2 people have to out for 1 sub to fill in. Nuts, huh? So, we have a hard time filling spots because the subs leave to find other work. Frustrating. Keep that foot wrapped and don’t walk on it too much if you can. Praying for you now.

    Captian Kevin, did you get our mention of thyroid testing? It could be the problem…just a suggestion.

    Thanks MOM Psalm62 for your covering wings of prayer. I apperciate it so much as I’m sure we all do. Glory to GOD!

  22. Jessica Menn says:

    Yes, I talked to them. I get released when someone else rents it. I must admit, I’m a little ticked off, because when I first rented this place 3+ years ago, although I didn’t ask about it, they volunteered the information that they realize things come up and life changes happen and they are “understanding” about that. I guess in their minds being understanding simply means that they’ll try to rent it again or you can try to get someone to take it, but if they can’t or you can’t then you’re still liable for the rent. I would not call that understanding myself.

    My apartment seems like a good deal, so I should be able to find *somebody* over the course of a month and a half–I already had one guy come and look at it yesterday. If I just post a Craigslist ad every 48 hours someone should eventually take it. But, I would really like to just have this out of the way. 😐

  23. Psalm62 says:

    Jessica, thrilled with the news of God’s blessing you with your lover and partner! Lucky fella.
    if rents are up in your area can’t you reason with the landlord, along the lines of: if i sublease this unit you’ll not be able to raise the rent… on the other hand, if you release me from my lease, then you can ask a higher rent of the next tenant? praying with you

    reading Dusty’s list and praying

  24. Psalm62 says:

    because i know folks here lift such things to the Lord …
    i decided to try one more time to install my printer from my (no cd drive) netbook via the HP web-site. installation successful and i’m ready to tackle my taxes today – no excuses left!
    thank you pray-ers and thank You, Lord – it’s peaceful here at my house again 🙂

  25. Sister Christian says:

    Reading through Dusty’s prayer list and written prayers and joining her in a hearty Amen!
    Praying for The situation with Jessicas apartment.
    Praying for those in need of employment
    Praying for those in need of healing,
    Gods guidance, direction and wisdom
    Praying for gods provision to all who are in need.

    Heavenly Father
    as you are so exceedingly gracious and good to your children
    as you hear our pleas, meet each one who reads here, who prays here in this place
    fill them with peace, assurance of your guidance, and confidence of Your care
    Father we love and adore you and rejoice in your care for each of us.

  26. Jessica Menn says:

    ***Jessica, thrilled with the news of God’s blessing you with your lover and partner! Lucky fella.
    if rents are up in your area can’t you reason with the landlord, along the lines of: if i sublease this unit you’ll not be able to raise the rent… on the other hand, if you release me from my lease, then you can ask a higher rent of the next tenant? praying with you***

    I’m not subleasing it. I’m trying to find someone who wants this apartment and then they would lease it directly from the landlord. When they sign their lease agreement my lease agreement is cancelled.

  27. London says:

    A few months ago, I spoke with a recruiter guy who was very favorable about my resume and skill set…said he thought for sure he could place me. Then…I heard nothing back. This is a guy I know of and respect…so it was weird.

    Today, I woke up to a voice mail and email from his company for a position working with an old client. It’s the perfect role really…

    Good money, minimal travel, working on a project that is just starting (not the mess I went into last time), full benefits etc…

    Best part is it’s mostly working at home, so I would be able to continue to build the non-profit/ministry organization we’ve started over the last year or so here.

    I’d actually be able to contribute to projects at church and with our group…

    This “feels” right…
    but I’m a bit afraid to get my hopes up cause I’ve had about 4 “near misses” in the last few months where it looked like things were going to work out and then didn’t at the last second.

    I’d feel comfortable working with this group as it’s folks and a company I already know.

    Please pray this will work out!


  28. Erunner says:

    Just returned from the ER where our daughter is. She’s dehydrated and has a bit of an infection. Tests indicate the baby is fine. Please pray that Erin can carry her baby to term with a non eventful delivery. Thank you.

  29. Jerry F says:

    Lord, for London, let it work out. Bring peace of heart.

  30. Jerry F says:

    Thy will be done…
    almost forgot that.

  31. Psalm62 says:

    praying with all – Lord, You love London, Jessica, Erin and those that love them, too – praying for their ways to be sheltered and blessed by You now…

  32. Nene says:

    Erunner, Your daughter and baby are being prayed for right now….London, prayer for you and this job situation as well.

    JerryF. Wow, that type of sub policy is the pits. If it happened here, I would consider being a regular teacher again. If that happened, you would see me on this prayer list full time. 😉
    My foot is elevated as I type.. 🙂 Sorry, I know this is a prayer thread…

  33. jlo says:

    London, praying

  34. Dusty says:

    Praying for you tonight nene.

  35. Dusty says:

    SisterD, praying also for you.

  36. Erunner says:

    Our daughter is doing well. They did a test to see if the baby might be arriving super early and from what I gather that shouldn’t happen. She is on anti biotics for a UTI and ate with us last night. Thank you for praying.

  37. Jessica Menn says:

    Things are looking up re: my apartment situation. There are two people who are interested in it. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will work out.

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