Prayer & Praise/ Praying Through The Pandemic

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  1. Nancy Holmes says:

    John Fea provided a link to America magazine which is a Catholic publication. Pope Francis’ address yesterday is translated in its complete text. I found it very comforting and inspiring and plan to read more things that he has written. He is definitely a Pastor.

  2. Em says:

    There is some comfort in the fact that Jesus is not sleeping now, Nancy…
    My nurse daughter (i am living with her) is so over extended and stressed by a hospital (run by business heads) that is trying to maintain its hotel facade through all this that she forgot to feed her horses before leaving for duty at the crack of dawn today… We have wonderful neighbors who have brought her N95 masks (we received them when the wildfire swept through our valley) and the hospital forbids her wearing them or sharing them as it will upset the patients. Say what? Last count they had 19 covid positive patients….. ?…
    Prayer as able for these folks is so very much appreciated

  3. Nancy Holmes says:

    Em–I am so sorry to hear the circumstances that your daughter in compelled to work in. I cannot fathom the logic of her employers who are setting themselves up for multiple lawsuits by their prohibitions in the staff wearing protective gear and endangering themselves and others. I realize that otherwise decent people are understandably finding these times confusing and frightening but leaders MUST make decisions that best protect everyone. How heavy and grievous this burden must be for your daughter and for you. I pray that our Lord will have mercy on us all in this incredible trial that we are undergoing.

  4. Em says:

    because i know some here prayed for my daughter’s BIL – here is what we pray is the final chapter on this one covid19 attack
    from his wife: “The man is home!!!! After 33 days in the hospital, he walked up the stairs and into our house on his own power! I never would have believed this was possible, especially during the first 2 weeks in the hospital. ”
    God bless and keep all who prayed (& those who didn’t, also 🙂 )

  5. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Hi all. Finding time to come by here in the midst of this very strange season. Em…that is crazy about your daughter’s hospital situation. Praying for them definitely.

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