By The RENEWing of Your Mind – Guest Post by Corby Stephens

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  1. John 20:29 says:

    Pretty good acronym to think on…
    IMO and FWIW… renewing one’s mind is not totally introspective … sorting out life with the posts and comments here on the PhxP, with so many God fearing and honest viewpoints, can go a long way to renewing one’s mind – one’s focus and thus in time one’s perspective – seeing things as God sees them just isn’t natural ?

  2. I just pledged for the PDF. Thinking about using this tool as a New Year’s jump start for people in our church.

    Corby, I had one question though. when all was said and done, I signed in through Facebook. I’m not sure which email address you would be sending the PDF to? If you know the answer, could you let me know via email:


  3. Never mind. They sent me a receipt so now I know where to look for it!

    My life was transformed by a similar type of journaling system. Looking forward to seeing some more life change. In my life, as well as others.

  4. says:

    I’ve always had a beef with Corby and that is he’s pretty consistently never joined-in any of the church’s jihads, including the 3-way within CCs.
    What kind of pastor just focuses on Jesus!
    He should be voted-off the island!
    : )

  5. Corby says:

    John 20:29 – I agree!

    PH – Were you thinking of having your own printed using the PDF? I probably should have specified that the PDF was for personal use not mass production. If you want to have a number of them printed I’m sure we could come to an arrangement. I would also be able to offer custom covers if that’s of interest.

    UnCCed – You so, kind? 😉

  6. Michael says:

    Corby is getting close to his goal… if this interests you now’s the time to sign up!

  7. Ha ha, Corby! Yes, I was thinking of printing up some copies!

    When I get mine, I’ll give it a personal test drive and see how it fits. From there I’ll contact you and maybe figure out a plan.

    Or I’ll just order some from you.

    Now, if you can, go fix the wording at Kickstarter! 🙂

  8. Corby says:

    PH – Can’t edit wording once people have selected it as a reward. Check your email. I’ve sent you one after the first one I sent a little bit ago.

  9. Well okay. Hopefully I’m the only knucklehead to think like I did. 🙂

  10. Just checked the Kickstarter…you’re almost there!

  11. Corby says:

    It funded! Thanks!

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