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  1. Randy Davis says:

    I’m still on godaddy I did not get a notice about the breach so I assume that it did not affect me. I have my own WordPress instillation, not godaddy.

    I have thought about moving it because body has gotten expensive and I know moving is difficult. I have forgotten so much about the components and data structure.

  2. Michael says:

    This has been a bear…to say the least…

  3. Michael says:

    I cleverly took the site down over most of the world….trying to get it back…

  4. Chris Long says:

    Hopefully this will also solve the caching problem that has been an issue with this site for a few years now that manifests on certain browsers and environments. I don’t post often, but when I do it’s near impossible to engage in any way because what I’m seeing as the latest replies can be dozens of replies earlier than actuality because of this caching. I just experienced this again last week or so when I made a comment where my browser showed there were 66 comments and continued to do so til the following day and when it finally updated, I saw that there had been numerous comments before my post that I never saw. Anyway, I’ve seen this problem across multiple browsers and systems and Internet providers in a desktop environment where godaddy was sending a cached version of the site rather than up-to-date, so hopefully the switch will fix that too.

  5. Chris Long says:

    I’m already hopeful the caching problem is now solved as the post I just made instantly appeared (as it’s supposed to) which hasn’t been the case for me for a few years. 🙂

  6. Michael says:

    I hope a lot is now fixed.
    It is noticebly faster…and the service I get from the new host is amazing.

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