New Calvary Chapel Scandal On Julie Roys

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4 Responses

  1. Steph says:

    Shocking!! ahHahahahaha!! Not the first time that I’ve heard they won’t allow people to go to any Bible study other than a Cult Chapel.

  2. JD says:

    Last time I checked, wasn’t this still a free country?
    Maybe I should check again.
    Vote with your feet folks.

  3. Officerhoppy says:

    Hence, the problem with the unaccountable pastor. I was a cc pastor for 20 years. Thru a subcommittee, we set up a system of checks and balances. I was proud of the work we did. Several cc’s in the nw used it as a model for their own by-laws.

    Though i am no longer cc, I think a lot of the cc’s on the west coast have awakened to the family of a pastor controlled church.

  4. Officerhoppy says:

    Btw—I did an interview with Rebecca Hopkins (no relation that i know of) over the Courson thing. She indeed is a good investigative reporter.

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