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  1. First!!


    Remember what I sent you when I was in Canton? Me too…good times!

  2. Alan says:

    I am an avid Manning fan. All things Manning were obsessions for me and my son. We had every conceivable Manning jerseys. Arch committed the blasphemy of signing with Texas and I vowed to apostatize. My son stayed loyal and. Ow that he’s gone I will cheer for those accursed Longhorns.

    Peyton took four coaches to the Super Bowl. He’s the GOAT for our family.

  3. Michael says:


    Of course I do!

    I have the picture somewhere in my files…very cool!

  4. Michael says:


    Manning was a good person to embrace.
    Not only did he have a great career, but he’s still doing great things in media.

    You and your son must have had many good times and good memories together…that’s the joy of sport.

  5. Michael says:


    I think Anthony was also a big hockey fan…his team honored him.

    I’m glad he found joy in these things.

  6. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thanks for posting this Michael!

    Me?…here we go.

    I paint. Pictures. Bob Ross is cool , but I am more than “Bob Ross”. I have ALOT of paint brushes…from cheap grade-school level brushes to single brushes costing up to $95. I also have ALOT of oil and acrylic paints. Probably 20 different blues and 20-30 different greens.

    I play guitar. I also love guitar music, from John Michael Talbot to Gordon Lightfoot to Tony Macalpine to John Sykes to Michael Schenker. I am an unabashed music fan and spend ALOT of my time listening to music…metal…classic rock…New Age…Trance…Deep House….

    I take ALOT of pictures of clouds. Thunderstorms, sunsets, cirrus clouds, tornadoes, etc.

    I love to lift weights. I can’t bench press worth a dime, but because I did alot of running, skating, and biking as a kid, I can probably out-squat most of the gym rats here in town, what with their comically underdeveloped thighs and calves.

    I love love LOVE dogs and believe that I will be greeted by them in the Resurrection.

    Just a bit ‘o me there.

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    oh, and sports? Vikings, Twins, and Strongman competitions!

  8. Michael says:


    Good stuff!
    For those who haven’t seen Dan’s artwork, he’s quite gifted…there is peace in his brushes.

    I’ll bet you have a lot of company in the guitar and music hobby here…we have some other talented musicians among us…

  9. Xenia says:

    I have too many hobbies but I’ll list the top five:

    1. Translating medieval northern European literature (think Old Norse Sagas). Working on Beowulf.

    2. Knitting projects for my Etsy shop. After three years I have only managed to sell one dog sweater.

    3. Gardening. I have abandoned the regular garden plot in favor of tower planters on the patio. Seriously, we live on a big sand dune and after nearly 50 years I’ve thrown in the towel. I’d put in a hundred dollars of soil amendments and it would all disappear into the sand by the next week.

    4. My critters, mentioned in the other post.

    5. I just started making miniatures (1:12 scale). I’ve made a pretty cute couch out of cardboard and plaster. The more I say about this the sillier it sounds…

    6. I like to bake bread.

  10. Michael says:


    “1. Translating medieval northern European literature (think Old Norse Sagas). Working on Beowulf.”

    This is proof that you have to be one of the smartest people here…it must have taken a ton of work to learn to do this…

  11. Xenia says:

    Four years of grad school… but I never did get very good at it. I still need a grammar book and a dictionary.

  12. Everstudy says:


    Is it true that “Beowulf” means “Bear”? In my studying of the evolution of the english language, it came up that ‘Beo’ = Bee & ‘Wulf’ = hunter (like a wolf), and combined = ‘bee hunter’… or a bear.

    I know in old english, wolf was used as a metaphor for a hunter. That’s where we get the origin of werewolf (wer = man/male, wolf in place of hunter = => werwolf => man hunter.

  13. Reuben says:

    I love the Rockies but they flat out stink. I don’t really pay attention to much else in sports.

    I have played guitar since I was 8, lost them all with everything else and I have not played one in months.

    I love building custom remote control cars and trucks. I had a ton of those too.

    I had literally thousands of diecast cars, mostly replicas of NASCAR cars.

    I love watching old Doctor Who. The original low budget ones, not necessarily the new. The original 7 doctors are my favorite. Tom Baker started acting the part the year I was born, and I remember watching him at a very young age, so he will always be my favorite Doctor.

  14. Everstudy says:

    I don’t have a lot of hobbies.

    I was into constructed languages for a while, got pretty deep in one and still refine every once in a while.

    I played the bass for a few years, but haven’t picked it up in a long time.

    I used to run, and was really good. If I wasn’t a civil engineering major in college, I would have run on the cross county and track teams.

    I do love sports, mostly Pittsburgh teams. I bleed black and gold (Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins). And follow the local team, the Anahiem Ducks.

    I don’t follow players because they tend to jump from team to team. And there’s nothing worse than seeing a favorite hockey player jump from the Pens to the Flyers, Caps, or, worse, the Bruins.

    And I’m a dog person. Every kind, doesn’t matter. My boxer, Duke, died in 2020, and this is now the longest I’ve gone in my life without a dog.

    I like cats too, as long as they’re someone else’s.

  15. Michael says:


    Loving a team that sucks has its own rewards and sorrows.

    My Kings were a mess but after 40 years of being a fan, they won the Cup.

    I can’t even describe the feeling after all those years of failure…but it was something I still cherish.

    Your day will come…

  16. Everstudy says:


    I’m not a Kings fan, but I was before the Ducks came along. I have to credit the Kings for my love of hockey.

    And, as a Ducks fan, I can brag that we won it first! 🙂 (Yeah, I know you guys have 2…)

    And, as a Pirates fan, I totally get “Loving a team that sucks has its own rewards and sorrows.”

  17. Michael says:


    I’ll use your post to say that I love dogs as well…all animals, with the exception of snakes.

    Animals keep my heart open and enlarge it…and that’s a good thing.

    The Steelers will be good this year…great draft.
    The Penguins are toast…feel sorry for Sidney…

  18. Xenia says:


    “Is it true that “Beowulf” means “Bear”? ”

    Yes, you are exactly right. People were hesitant to say the word “bear” out loud because they feared it would summon a bear, so they used work-arounds like “bee-wolf.”

    Beowulf himself was quite bear-like. In the old stories there’s the idea of the bear’s son. A woman who had coupled with a bear would give birth to a big baby who grew up to be a big clumsy lazy man who ate a lot and generally caused trouble. The family would try to send their oafish kid off on an adventure to get him out of the house. This describes Beowulf, who killed some of his enemies by means of bear-hugging them to death. Tolkien’s bear/man character Beorn (means “bear”) was modeled on the bear’s son legend.

  19. Michael says:


    There were no Ducks when I started following the Kings…I could get their broadcasts if I sat in my old Ford pickup with a wire hooked to the antenna.

    The broadcasters got me hooked…

  20. Xenia says:


    Constructed languages… like Esperanto and Sindarin? Like Klingon?

  21. Laura Figueroa-Scott says:

    Amen and amen, Michael! From a Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Sabres, and rabid soccer fan.

  22. Everstudy says:


    Yes. As far as conlanging goes, it’s probably very basic. I never studied linguistics, so it was a struggle to try to make it semi realistic. But it was a good way to relax and not think too hard about.

  23. Michael says:


    I think of you whenever the Sabres are playing on my TV…their uniforms in the late 70’s and early 80’s almost made me change teams…along with Gilbert Perreault… 🙂

  24. Reuben says:

    Speaking of broadcasters, the two we have calling the Rockies games are just top notch. I love radio. They bring the game to life.

  25. Reuben says:

    Back when I had a radio, I would have the TV on silent for the game and listen to it on the radio. The radio delay was slightly less than the TV so it was prophetic announcing! Haha!

  26. Michael says:

    I’d try that for S.F. Giants broadcasts but the delay was too much.

    I turned off the TV and listened to Lon Simmons …

  27. Reuben says:

    There is something about the radio call that just doesn’t compare to TV. I would listen to Broncos games because the radio guy here is just way too good. I don’t even really care for football. It was the announcer that was what made it fun.

  28. Michael says:


    Absolutely…unfortunately, I think you’re the last generation that will know that joy…

  29. victorious says:

    I had no idea Fran the Man was named after a Methodist minister.

    Good article on persevering and putting what we do have into the game, until the end.

  30. Michael says:


    Fran’s dad was a Methodist minister…from a long line of Methodist ministers…

  31. Shawn says:

    I haven’t read the article of comments yet. As I was book scouting in a thrift store today I saw a Colorado Rockies game program. When I saw it I immediately stopped to pray for Reuben. It is often in the mundane that the spiritual screams the loudest. Maybe it’s just me.

  32. Pineapple Head says:

    My son watched every minute of the draft. Cracks me up. I’m good for round one.

  33. Captain Kevin says:

    “ you do something other than pray and worship 24/7.” To connect with your other article, some pretend that’s what we do. I’ve been guilty of that.

  34. Shawn says:

    My hobbies are:
    Writing (Poetry, Lyrics, Fiction, Philosophical Ramblings, Journaling, and Bible Commentaries).
    Playing Guitar (I missed my opportunity to be a rockstar because I refused to sell my soul to the devil while on LSD)
    Reading (mostly Non-Fiction)
    Translating small portions of Scripture based upon classical sources that have been translated into English.
    Gardening (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, beans, and squashes are going in the ground very soon).
    Talking to myself and the Animals on our property including in our home
    Twiddling my thumbs and poking holes in the air (an ode to my mother)

    Somewhere in Between
    I really need something to believe in
    and I’m tired of my wandering ways
    Of always living for the moment
    When the moment never pays

    All it ever brought me was hurt
    and an awful lot of searing pain
    Somehow I convinced myself
    I was winning at this losing game

    I kept hoping that the stars would align
    and the good winds of fortune would blow my way
    At least I never stop dreaming
    that the next horizon might
    bring me better days

    I really need something to believe in
    In this world hell bent on going mad
    Its aimless in every direction
    Let me tell you that ain’t even half

    Of all the nonsense I see everyday
    Turn your head and spin abounds
    Why does it seem everything’s floating
    When your standing on solid ground

    I kept hoping that the stars will align,
    and the good winds of fortune will blow my way,
    at least I never stopped believing,
    that the next horizon might bring me better days

    I looked to the left for the deliverance
    I looked to the right for direction
    But what I found was rather surprising
    Stonewalls and quicksand on both sides

    Why is it easier to fuss and yell
    than it is to talk to one another?
    When tangled in a web of lies
    nothing is as it seems

    When they say it’s an empty void
    you must be stuck somewhere in between

    Lift eyes your up to the beckoning hills
    before they burn it all down
    It is better to trust in God
    than to hide in laughter
    while shedding the tears of a clown

    I really need something to believe in
    and I’m tired of my wandering ways
    Of always living for the moment
    When the moment never pays”

  35. Captain Kevin says:

    I’ve never been a sports guy. I do enjoy some Olympic events, both summer and winter, ice skating, swimming, diving, a little track and field.

    Since you said to share without shame, I like watching old roller derby and pro wrestling videos. I know they’re not real sports. It’s more nostalgia than anything.

    Also, Michael, don’t cringe, but I really enjoy classical music, mostly stuff from the mid to late romantic and early contemporary eras. Anything by Rachmaninov.

    About every six weeks or so, one of my daughters and I lead worship at church. Just her and I and a grand piano. I enjoy it tremendously, but then I’m glad that I don’t work on Mondays because it takes everything out of me.

    I wish I had a dog or cat of my own.

  36. Captain Kevin says:

    One of my favorite songs. Scott Krippayne could’ve made it bigger in CCM, but he chose to write honest lyrics like this.

    “No More Pretending”

  37. Captain Kevin says:

    Oops… wrong thread. Sorry.

  38. Michael says:


    People having tastes that are different from mine doesn’t bother me at all.

    I want people to find what brings them joy and do it.

    When I was a kid my peers were all into Led Zeppelin and the other bands of the Seventies…I was listening to Sun Records from the Fifties…over and over and over again.

    My mom would beg me to be normal…but normal for me was Jerry Lee and Hank Sr.

    I never expected anyone to like what I like…most of my friends had never even heard of the musicians I loved.

    The only time I get my dander up is when someone acts like I’m a heathen because I don’t like classical or CCM.

    I also despise avocados and caramel…so you can have mine while you listen to Rachmaninov…. and we’ll both be happy. 🙂

  39. Shawn says:

    Captain Kevin, I knew there was a reason I liked you. I absolutely love Rachmaninov. He is my go to when I really want to get into the writing mood. Have you ever listen to Sciabin? He was a contemporary of Rachmaninov. He has some killer stuff. I need to go back and watch the Hogan, Snooka, Randy Savage, era wrestling I grew up on. Thanks for the reminder.

  40. Reuben says:


    That might be divine intervention. There is recently a development that I have been praying for quite a bit. Prayers are appreciated hugely.

  41. Michael says:


    Praying you get blessed hugely….

  42. Josh says:

    I’m a musician. It’s weird. It’s not what I do, it’s who I am. Doesn’t matter if I’m good or bad, or if anyone likes the music I make or not. Its just who I am. So that one is more than a hobby.

    I’m a moderate sports fan. If any of Charlotte sports were ever even decent that might pick up some, but for now I keep an eye on football and basketball news. I don’t care about baseball, but again, we don’t have a local team.

    My son is a kickboxer and I follow him around for training and fights. I enjoy watching other people fight. I don’t like watching his fights. He’s very good. He’s a tiny teenager but trains with grown men every night, including a couple of active UFC fighters. He loves it, so I deal with it.

    UFC 300 was a blast. He and I watch together, sometimes at Buffalo Wild Wings, sometimes just he and I at home.

  43. Captain Kevin says:

    “I’m a musician. It’s weird. It’s not what I do, it’s who I am. Doesn’t matter if I’m good or bad, or if anyone likes the music I make or not. It’s just who I am. So that one is more than a hobby.”

    Same here, Josh. I know I’m not all that good, but it doesn’t stop me.

  44. Josh says:

    Exactly. You are the only one who does exactly what you do, so you are the absolute best in the world at that.

  45. Reuben says:

    Not really relevant, but I play in DADGAD on the guitar. Have for years and years. I just use a capo a lot depending on the key the song is in. E440 became a thing of the past when I discovered most acoustic ninja type players are always in alternate tunings and I could never figure out how they were playing what they were playing. There are a few other tunings I kept guitars tuned to, but DADGAD is my fave.

  46. Josh says:

    Being a bassist first, I don’t do too much with alternate tunings. You are right though, the acoustic wizards are always in an alternate tuning.

  47. Shawn says:

    I guess I need to stop saying it is hobby for me because just like writing it is ingrained into the very fiber of my soul. I suppose my aversion to saying that music is who I am is to safeguard myself from the hurtful and demeaning comments I have received in the past. Thank you for making that statement. I will stop calling it a hobby from her on out. If I remember. Lol.

  48. Josh says:

    Yeah Shawn, my stuff is very personal, so somebody not digging it feels like an attack. But truthfully it doesn’t sound like anything else they would listen to. I didn’t even try to sound like something else. I just had to come to grips that this is what I do, no one else does it, and that’s OK.

  49. Shawn says:

    I love the D tunings (D Modal and Open D the difference is the G string is tuned to F#). On my imaginary album “The Trainwreck Suite” I have a few songs in various D tunings. The other day I fiddled around with open G and found it inspiring enough to write a couple of songs. However, though I love the tunings I am by no means an acoustic ninja just more of a piddler of rhythm.

  50. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thank you for your kind word Michael regarding my art! Much appreciated.

    Regarding guitar…I would love to experiment with alternate tunings on the guitar.

    Regarding what one like in music…yes, whatever gets you movin’….I live The Sons of the Pioneers (OLD country western) as much as I like hard rock.

  51. Michael Vincent says:

    I loved this post Michael! I am a CC Pastor, and haven’t missed a SD/LA Charger game in 20 years. (I even watched atgame at 3am one time in Israel while leading a church Israel tour) Sports brings much joy to people’s lives, and it can also be a fantastic outreach tool. (We have a UFC group of guys at our church)

  52. Alan says:

    You should run a sports thread weekly.

  53. Chris says:

    For the guitar folks (Shawn, Josh, etc) , If you haven’t listened to Andy Gullahorn, you should. He is in the same crowd with Andrew Peterson, who is one of the most genuine Christian artists out there. Lots of fantastic alternate tunings and finger picking. Thought provoking and a little humorous….but just real and authentic. Whenever I get frustrated with the music machine I revert back to Peterson, Gullahorn, Sara Groves, Ellie Holcomb, etc and remember that there are indeed real people with real struggles and questions writing real music for real people with real struggles

  54. Michael says:

    Michael Vincent,

    I know you…south of the border.

    Chargers are going to be in good shape…

  55. Michael says:


    I could do one daily…:-)
    I’ll think about that…would be fun for me, at least.

  56. Josh says:

    Chris, haven’t listened to him but I will.
    John Mark McMillan has been my go to for years in the faith / doubt/ real people / art space.

  57. Dan from Georgia says:


    I haven’t heard Andy Gullahorn’s music, but i absolutely love his wife Jill Phillips’ music. I’ll have to check him out Very down to earth and real.

  58. Chris says:

    Josh check out Andrew Petersons “Silence of God. “

  59. Captain Kevin says:

    “People having tastes that are different from mine doesn’t bother me at all.” I knew that.

    “When I was a kid my peers were all into Led Zeppelin…” Same here. My peers looked at me sideways because I listened to Sinatra, Elvis, Johnny Rivers, Neil Diamond, etc. My favorite country artist is/was BJ Thomas.

    “I also despise avocados and caramel…so you can have mine while you listen to Rachmaninov…. and we’ll both be happy.” LOL! Definitely sounds like a win-win.

  60. Captain Kevin says:

    Ah, a fellow lover of Rachmaninov!! I am familiar with Scriabin. I tend to like his shorter works such as etudes and preludes. I’m partial to the Russian composers, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, etc.

    You’re a bit younger than I, so the wrestlers I go back to are Blassie (pre-manager era), John Tolos, Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, Pedro Morales, and on and on.

  61. Captain Kevin says:

    Josh and Chris,
    John-Mark McMillan and Andrew Peterson are among the best! Definitely not cut from the usual CCM cloth…thankfully.

  62. Reuben says:

    I have never been into CCM much at all. Fringe Christian musicians were more my speed. Sounds like I might like the above mentioned. Thanks!

  63. Josh says:

    Reuben – If you decide to try JMM, start with the Borderland album. It’s a masterpiece in my mind.

  64. Dan from Georgia says:

    Someone mentioned Pro Wrestling! I grew up in Minnesota so the AWA was in our TV Sunday mornings…yes, I wasn’t in church. The Gagnes, Nick Bockwinkle, Bobby Heenan, The Crusher. The NWA was only a distant thing spoken of like it was an urban legend, what with names like The Nature Boy Rick Flair.

    Other shameless or “from left field” interests (as if I already hadn’t bared myself already) – flame away…thrash/death metal, Welcome Back Kotter, Black 70s sitcoms (Sanford and Son, Good Times, What’s Happening!), severe and extreme weather, die-cast jet planes.

  65. Dan from Georgia says:

    I have a complicated relationship with CCM. If someone gets something good from it, great! I pretty much gave up on looking to CCM for something different and creative, however. Most of what I listen to isn’t even labeled Christian. Eric Johnson, Yuna, among others.

  66. Josh says:

    Good times and the Jeffersons are the best!

    Pro wrestling? Grew up obsessed. Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling. I still watch occasionally. Me and the son watched a lot of WrestleMania this year. Sometimes going to sleep, I’ll find old wrestling episodes on youtube.

  67. Josh says:

    I don’t listen to CCM either. I’m not even sure I’d call myself a Christian. Mmmmm…yeah I would. Not sure what kind at this point.

    I listen to a lot of reggae recently.

  68. Captain Kevin says:

    Dan, I lived in NWA west coast territory, so the AWA and WWWF was like the stuff of urban legend to me. I used to read all the wrestling mags, so I kept up with them even though I didn’t get to watch.

  69. Dan from Georgia says:


    My first real exposure to non-AWA action was when we got cable and I was able to watch WCCW from The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas….The Von Erichs and The Freebirds! They were the very definition of a rivalry! “Somehow” when one team was in the ring, you knew the others were somewhere in town, about to jump into their truck and head to the Sportatorium, ready for a fight.

    Finally go to see the WCW/NWA on TBS every Saturday, and in the process, reveled in the glow of Ric Flair and others.

    Fun AWA facts – The Legion of Doom/Road Warriors got a lot of exposure in the AWA, as did Hulk Hogan. Also the AWA was the territory where Bobby Heenan earned the title “Weasel”!

  70. BrianD says:

    Here we go:

    1) I was drawn to pro football as a little kid, by the spectacle of the NFL and the uniforms. I remember being a Steelers fan – back in the latter years of the Steel Curtain era – and later dropped them for the Bengals. I suppose I don’t really have a team now, but I kinda root for the Bengals (still), Dallas and Seattle.

    2) College: GO BIG BLUE! University of Kentucky all the way. L’s down for Louisville, Duke *****, and I don’t like Arkansas but am glad they’re stuck with Calipari 🙂

    3) The Reds are my baseball team, Nashville, Louisville City and Racing Louisville my soccer teams. I have never been able to get into ice hockey.

    4) I was a big wrestling fan, too, growing up. Started with local wrestling out of Memphis (this is where Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler worked out of for years), then NWA/Crockett wrestling on WTBS, somewhat WWF. I survived the dark ages of the early ’90s, and rooted for WWF over WCW in the Monday Night Wars. Yes, I also watched ECW which had some outstanding wrestling although its product was not family nor church friendly…I dropped off from watching WWE sometime in the ’00s, picked it back up years later. I still watch WrestleMania and the big, big matches since they stream on Peacock. I’ve watched AEW, but didn’t get into it long-term.

    Favorite wrestlers? Lawler in the ’80s, Flair, the Midnight Express, Stone Cold, Mick Foley. I think Cody Rhodes, Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley nowadays are phenomenal. I watched World Class after it started going down hill (I look forward to seeing the Von Erich movie when it hits Max)

    5) I have written fiction, published under a pseudonym on various websites, with the aim of developing my skills to where I could write professionally someday. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I both lost my love and energy. Now, I’ve regained it, and am focusing on next steps to pick up where I left off.

    6) I watch lots of YouTube, mainly videos in short clips, up to 20-30 minutes long. Everything from documentaries to comedy to reviews. I do watch some of the Fox and CNN propaganda, and rely on Breaking Points for as close to an unbiased view of current events as I suppose we’re going to get right now.

    7) I also watch reruns, lately The Office, Frasier, Parks and Recreation, Taxi, Modern Family, Sanford & Son and King of Queens. When I get sick, this is my go-to to lift my spirits, and it usually works. NCIS and its spinoffs are somewhere on the back burner. The only new shows I really would watch are the NCIS-verse, Strange New Worlds and Discovery.

    8) Nature can act as a strainer for me to sift all the crap from my head. I love long drives, down the highway, or through rural areas, full of trees and grass and away from traffic and urban life and the lunatics who live and work and drive there.

    9) I also read comic books as a kid, then as a young adult, and even now. I Made Mine DC for a long long time, but now prefer Marvel both for the art and for the quality of writing and storylines.

  71. Michael says:


    Great time to be a Reds fan…fun team to follow.

    I don’t understand the attraction of pro wrestling, but lots of the readers do…

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