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  1. London says:


  2. The Dude says:

    I know quite a few burned Christians who are the same way.. they stand at the church door but won’t come in.

  3. Michael says:


    That’s exactly what I was getting at…you made the right application. 🙂

  4. Xenia says:

    I am sorry to inform you, Michael, that the orange cat you are attempting to bring into your household is almost certainly a member of the Assassin Cult, of which my own Mr. Noodles is a novice.

  5. Michael says:


    He’s a reluctant killer! 🙂

  6. Xenia says:

    I told the story here of how Mr. Noodles (who looks exactly like the cat in the photo) tied me up one day and how after I escaped from that peril, he waited til dark and booby-trapped the door?

  7. Michael says:


    He loves you…he just needs some accommodation. 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    Pretty kitty… 🙂

  9. The Dude says:

    I have a special place in my heart for Orange Tabbies. Tomcats are my preference.

  10. Xenia says:

    I love him very much.

  11. Xenia says:

    He just grabbed my watch and ran off with it…..

  12. Paige says:

    Another stray here, who enjoys your company, ‘food’ and ‘pets’….Thank you.

    Great analogy…and thank you for being so cool to stray cats and ‘sheep”.

  13. Em says:

    i’m betting that cat’s owners have a sad story of their own… desperation that caused them to abandon the cat, most likely left indoors when they departed? perhaps he was chased out by the angry landlord?
    our the churches have too many “landlords” IMV … a twisted version of protecting their church? perhaps so, but their standards are skewed in favor of standards that seem to me to be very carnal …
    Miss Kitty and the big fellow… interesting contrasts

  14. Papias says:

    The cat may never go inside and you may never know why. Knowing that they are cared for outside may be all they want.

    I wish I knew how to apply to this to our latest cat adoption. She came to us with behavior issues and continues to make a mess. Honestly, I don’t want to send her back, but if she doesn’t learn how to live in the family, I don’t know if she will be able to stay.

  15. Jim says:

    Great post!

  16. Francisco says:

    Michael, he looks like simba in the Lion King now. Looks like someone has done a good job at feeding him.

  17. Linnea says:

    We acquired a male orange tabby stray many years ago. As he ate from our household, he became quite accustomed to us, and in fact, like a dog, went on a walk with us every night. He even accompanied my children around the neighborhood on Halloween. He was the best cat that ever had us….really a sweet, wonderful cat. We still miss him.

  18. Em says:

    “The cat may never go inside and you may never know why. Knowing that they are cared for outside may be all they want.”
    if the cat is leading a good cat life outdoors, it may be all that Michael wants also as a non-neutered male cat doing what most of them do, could have Michael living outside in a very short time…

    just sayin’ (that’s a Dusty quote that i picked up years ago 🙂 )

  19. JoelG says:

    What Jim said. Great stuff thank you.

  20. Paul A. Lytton says:


    Is it possible for you to post your personal email address here? I have a very important (To me and hopefully too you and many others on this site) issue I wish to bring up. If you do not wish to do that, please contact me at:

    God bless you,

  21. Nonnie says:

    Your story has love, sorrow and hope. I guess life is like that.

  22. ? says:

    Very interesting contrast with our adopted tabby.
    We got her at 8 weeks old. Apparently someone found them as babies-mom was dead and they were nursed till old enough to put up for adoption.

    We realized early on that she did not like to be pet, ..maybe the top of her head a little and that’s all. She will try and claw us, or run away, although in contrast she is usually near, but at a distance of at least 2 feet away. Never gets too close.

    She squints her eyes when we talk to her , and we have come to learn that is her way of affection.

    Having her has made me ponder a lot since every other dog/cat I have had was very affectionate, and outwardly returned love.

    She is 2 1/2 now.
    I learned if nothing else from this cat the selfishness I have had in owning a pet. How much do we all expect a return of our love?

    I continue to love her even with nothing given back outwardly in return.
    I suspect our heavenly Father does the same with us.

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