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  1. Paige says:


  2. em says:

    often someone will post something here to the effect “I’ll take the company of a compassionate non Christian of any stripe over you condemning legalists…”

    a glittering generality, they have a point… i think my two best reference points for Christian conduct have come from my grandfather who was an old member of the Holiness Movement and some older priests out of the Roman Catholic Church – they understood the holiness of God, but also understood the condition, the vulnerability of man

    we so need to learn how to STAND… in and for the Faith without throwing stones

  3. Nonnie says:

    Amen. Sometimes we can love people and try to show it through words of encouragement, yet it gets misunderstood. What is meant as a word of comfort, instead comes off as a slap in the face.
    I’m learning that there are times where the kind thing is to back away and love from a distance, and continuing to pray.

    I don’t think there is any “pat” answer other then the loving desire for God’s best in their life…how that is played out…..God help us and direct us.

  4. Michael says:


    I’ve learned to wait until I’m asked…I have had a few of those misunderstandings as well.
    I try to stay close enough to help if needed and far enough away to avoid getting mashed. 🙂

  5. “What would Jesus do?

    We know what He won’t do.

    Break or snuff.

    I’m with Him.

    I have to be…I’m a bit bent and flickering myself.”

    Most quotable! I will grab this and pass it on (with attribution, of course)

  6. Michael says:

    G… that cartoon is priceless…

  7. I’ve become a collector 😉

  8. london says:

    theres a fine line betwwen graciousness and enabling

  9. Michael says:


    True…and I don’t always know where that line is.
    Ask T’s mom… 🙂

    At the end of the day, I’m responsible for my actions and my attitudes…which I hope are growing more gracious.

  10. when in doubt, graciously enable, then let God sort it out

  11. em says:

    #8 – exactly right … good post for thought today and good comments all IMHO

  12. em says:

    G’s cartoon has me thinking… when i was a child, i was told that finger pointing was impolite – even to give directions (geographical ones) 🙂

  13. my late father-in-law used to point with his middle finger the way everyone else points with their index. My wife pointed that out to me once privately, now it’s under the heading “can’t unsee”

  14. Dan from Georgia says:


    Good post. Thanks for highlighting a much-ignored verse on the internet and in real life. So many people are quick to throw everyone under the bus who is not spiritually perfect. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Linnea says:

    A good word, Michael….thanks!

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