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  1. Em ... again says:

    the applications here are too numerous to count – those of us and those we love who have experienced those self appointed gatekeepers can only wish that the house had had a Michael at its head…
    how many pastors out there are unaware of what’s going on when they’re not looking and are wondering why so many visitors peel off and go elsewhere?
    are you sure that cat is a he? he/she or it can come live with this cats-not-in-the-house old lady any day, it would get a cat door to the garage bare minimum – but Miss Kitty… she’d better stay where she is… tell her granny Em is ashamed of her 🙂
    i think the reject deserves a name BTW

  2. Paige says:

    Oh, I love this in so many ways. Thank you….

  3. Michael says:


    He’s most definitely a he…when I can afford it, he needs a trip to the vet to change that a bit.
    He hasn’t told me his name yet… 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    Paige, thank you for always encouraging me!

  5. Em ... again says:

    Michael, i hope there are more stories to come about this shy, desperate little panhandler
    we need (talking about me with regrets) to see that stray in the corner who is looking for a place to find salvation

  6. Owen says:

    Michael, I can’t think of a better way it could have been put across – “to seek and save the lost.”

    Thank you.

    Your other kitties need to stop being jerks. 😉

  7. Michael says:


    There will be…he’s sitting outside my door waiting for me right now…

  8. Michael says:


    Ever tried to discipline a cat? 🙂
    Thanks for reading, my friend.

  9. Owen says:

    Indeed Michael, I have on occasion. Not a terribly fruitul effort, either….. the cat made it clear to me that it would not tolerate further efforts.

    Enjoy your new friend, and hopefully over time Miss Kitty will come around.
    And I , too, am looking forward to learning the newcomer’s name.

  10. Owen says:

    Although i will mention – my mom raised kittens, and had very good results with a squirt gun to enforce things such as staying off the furniture. But even so, when they became fully grown, they didn’t always remember their training, either.

  11. Em ... again says:

    #7-Oh, Lord Jesus… your observations on this little cat are so touching already
    how many are figuratively sitting outside the door of the church on the corner because we won’t let them in?
    this little guy is another Balaam’s donkey, perhaps

  12. Owen says:

    Em – yes, the warning from the Sheep and the Goats comes to mind….

  13. Pretty deep mate, we have all been there at one time. Certainly a lot to think about when I have been on both sides of that transaction.

  14. Cash says:

    This is such a beautiful analogy. “Real mercy is full mercy.” Love that!

  15. surfer51 says:

    Interesting how persecution and the spreading of Christianity always seem to be in the same place.

    Kind of like stamping on an oil fire expecting it to go out…

  16. Em ... again says:

    this new cat of Michael’s looks so much like a stray that turned up when my grandsons were toddlers – the little boys named her “Puggles,” only they knew why – such a gentle cat, i’m not sure she even knew she had claws
    some folk name their pets after Bible characters, that’s never seemed right to me… Moses is a cute name for a droll old galoot of a dog and, if i had a duck, i might name it Noah …but ?… dunno … just seems presumptuous or unseemly or something

  17. surfer51 says:

    Donnie escaped the gas chamber at the LA Dog Pound three times!

    The rescue team bailed him out on Saint Patrick’s Day and named him accordingly.

    He loves his dogs and other cat friends.

    He is one of my most loving cats.

    Here he is loving on one of the twin girls who adore him…

    My home is exceedingly blessed with a large animal family.

  18. The Dude says:

    Don’t worry about Miss Kitty.She’ll get over it……..

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