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  1. Descended says:

    Nice to hear the hope in your voice today.

  2. Rick from Texas says:

    More gold.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank’s Rick, thanks Descended.

    I’m pretty hopeful for a curmudgeon… 🙂

  4. Duane Arnold says:

    “There is another reason also why the soul has traveled safely in this obscurity; it has suffered: for the way of suffering is safer, and also more profitable, than that of rejoicing and of action. In suffering God gives strength, but in action and in joy the soul does but show its own weakness and imperfections. And in suffering, the soul practices and acquires virtue, and becomes pure, wiser, and more cautious.”

    St. John of the Cross
    ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

  5. Michael says:



  6. John 20:29 says:

    suffering, pain… the Lord does chastise those whom He loves… but we can come a long way gaining strength leading to purity, wisdom and discernment through the serious study of the Word. i know “word” means different things to many here, but however it comes it is always Truth and constructive or it is a distortion or simply not Truth…

    i love that simple song: “… some through the fire, some through flood, some through great trial, but all through the blood…” then there are those times when it’s ” in shady green pastures so rich and so sweet where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary ones feet…”

    i guess i just love the simple faith that our near ancestors expressed as they made their way through this life… it was a time when the Faith really did belong to the simple folk trying to stay alive and build their families – like me 🙂

    that said, thank God for the CT scan and for Michael receiving medical care now… but Lord, can You make this trial of Your son go any faster? maybe? please…

  7. Erunner says:

    I think I’ve had a ride on that very machine you pictured! 🙂 I have made the mistake of trying to avoid pain too often in my life. In my mind it was better not knowing as opposed to learning something horrible. You can get by for a while but the truth eventually finds you especially as the years add up and things become unavoidable.

    last night I watched a movie on the life of Charles Spurgeon. It is partly dramatized while there’s also a documentary portion throughout that speaks of Spurgeon from the present day. It was refreshing to see something like this as I felt I got to know Spurgeon a bit.

    You might want to view it if you’re able. I’ll leave a link from youtube where I found it yesterday. God bless you Michael.

  8. Owen says:


    I’ve had a couple of those myself, although mine only centered on the chest area.

    It is hard to keep in mind that it’s not all coming to the worst.

    The things wrong in me got fixed, and I lived. I won’t say I feel much better than before, but I’m still around for awhile.

    The soul scan, however, is still ongoing….new results keep appearing. Yet I trust in what He’s making me to be.

    You have been in my prayers for some time, I pray He will guide the doctors and bless their skills toward your care.

    I know you know this, but you’re in good, eternal hands.

  9. Descended says:

    I had a CT for intestinal issues. There was nothing wrong, really. Just some accumulated fat on my large intestine that inflames sometimes. However, they did find a degenerated disc in my lumbar. That, the doc said, is just something I’ll have to deal with when it goes. GI Joe always said knowing is half the battle.

    CT – Warm and fuzzy all over 🙂

  10. Descended says:


    Nice avatar. I still have The Black Hole children’s book!

  11. Descended says:


    You’re pretty okay for a curmudgeon 😉

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