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  1. Owen says:

    That’s one smart kitty you’ve got there, Michael. Also loving..
    I’m a CPAP user myself, and I found that after an adjustment period (trying to sleep with something strapped to my face) I wake up with more energy than I used to. Also less chest pain.
    It’s increasingly difficult these days to find or create quiet, we need reminders like your post that doing so has to be intentional.

  2. Michael says:


    Now I’m wondering if the mask is going to freak her out…
    I think most of us do not even realize how much our devices have us trained…and what we’re really missing…

  3. Michael says:

    Sites broken…working on it…

  4. Em says:

    Working now – thought it was my fire tablet

    CPap… due to a nagging daughter my late husband finally gave in and used one for years… You most probably will feel better as Owen said

  5. Owen says:

    Also wanted to mention (you may have already heard this), those with heart issues really need to treat their sleep apnea – there’s a lot of extra strain on the heart when it’s not getting enough oxygen while sleeping. I was waking up with chest pains and side pains before….my GP and my cardiologist have both been bulldoggish about using the CPAP.
    I’m using a Resmed machine, it’s fairly quiet depending on my pressure setting.I am curious to hear how Miss Kittty handles it.

  6. Michael says:


    I finally got the clue that I have to do this…lots of related issues I hope go away if I do.

  7. Paige says:

    Life saving cats. Praise God….. hope you find the CPAP to be helpful. Miss Kitty won’t like it, but she’ll get used to it …. that has been our experience here. 🙂

  8. Reuben says:

    my cats sense when we are sick, and dump love on us. James has been buried under cats due to a sinus infection. Good stuff.

  9. Randy Davis says:

    While we are declared to be new creatures, we are still becoming and still broken. Being new creatures is our future destiny that protrudes back to us, the future that becomes the present. So we still have broken relationships that need to be fixed. And we must daily seek Christ, not because of any failure of his, but, as broken people, we have not learn to rest in Christ cling to him. We have not arrived at home. But Christ never lets us go. It is not out salvation to lose but his to keep. It’s a lesson that I’m trying to recapture since difficulties.

    I guess you got cat-scanned by Miss Kitty. I use a biPap and have to have use oxygen. I won’t lay down without my mask. I’m am very claustrophobic and prone to asthma attacks because of my COPD. So I take a small dose of Xanax at night so I don’t wake up stark, raving mad in the middle of the night. So, if I can wear one, it will be a piece of cake for you. And you will feel better too.

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