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17 Responses

  1. Captain Kevin says:

    Love this!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, CK!

  3. JoelG says:

    It looks like Maximus had a rough go in this world. I pray he’s experiencing the care of His Creator now.

    I am glad Jesus is described as a Man of sorrows. Because this life is going to cause a lot of tears. It’s good to know He experiences them with us.

    Thank you, Michael. Very good observations.

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you, JoelG…and amen…

  5. directambiguity says:


  6. Em says:

    The photo of that poor cat, for some reason, reminds me of all our street people. How did we ever come to a place of tents on our sidewalks? Just drugs? A steady dose of propaganda preached in some of our schools?
    Well Satan is the master of propaganda, hate – lies. “Eat the fruit, you’ll be wise as God.” 😈
    Well, folks, we can’t handle what God knows So….
    We probably ought to read the Book He gave us and fall in line?
    Trust in the Lord and don’t dispair…. Like the old song says…
    Great post, Michael, there lurks somewhere in you the soul of a poet. Between reading Luke 8:9 and following and this post, i have lots to ponder sitting up here in the mountains today – thank you
    God keep

  7. B says:

    This is such a beautiful post. It made me cry, and yet I feel so encouraged and so strengthened for reading it. Have a 93 year-old father living in an assisted living facility in Wisconsin. We were supposed to there visiting with him and my brother for two weeks for our annual June visit. Every day I wake up fearful that I may never see him again. In April I was supposed to be sharing a vacation home with my eldest daughter and her husband and two babies and attending a wedding with them. Last month we had planned a visit to Arkansas to visit my youngest daughter and her husband and see their new house. I miss them all so much it hurts. This post has helped me so much! I know now I should be thanking God every single day that I feel the sadness of missing them; that I have surely been blessed beyond measure by these previous God -given relationships. Thank you so much for a beautiful and priceless message of gratitude, Michael!

  8. Michael says:

    Thank you, Em!

  9. Michael says:

    Thank you…that’s a beautiful application….

  10. Rob Diamond says:

    I lost my beloved wife of 37 1/2 years recently. She died on April 29th. It is the most profound grief I have ever experienced. Praise the Lord, she is with Jesus, though.

  11. Michael says:

    Rob Diamond,
    Profound grief will always follow from the loss of a profoundly loved person. I’m not sure I could handle what you’re living…our hearts and prayers are with you…

  12. Mike E. says:

    “Every tear and every joy is a prayer…” Yes, indeed brother. Great line! And true!

  13. Michael says:

    Thank you, Mike!

  14. Jim says:


  15. Owen says:

    Well said, Michael….
    We’re here to love the way God continues to love us, even though we often bring Him no end of grief…

  16. jtk says:

    Get or follow some turtles!
    They bring us great joy!
    And they will likely outlive all of us.

  17. CM says:

    Maximus, like his namesake in Gladiator, fought the good fight and found his peace in death.

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