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  1. directambiguity says:

    We were talking about masks and whatnot at the gym today and Jack (white friend) said there is police violence but this is ridiculous… Horse (black friend) said there is more than you think Jack. Horse also said Kapernick should have been punished by his boss for kneeling, that he would get fired if he did it. Interesting conversation.

  2. jtk says:

    I just read a fascinating book on race (mostly concerning black people and white Southerners), which a black man I used to minister to sent me (before the Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd murders).

    Here’s a sermon concerning the book:

    It’s called “Right Race, Wrong Culture.”

    It has some great perspectives in it.

    It also states that only 2.5% of churches are multiethnic, defined as membership at over 80% of the same race (whether than be black, white or otherwise). The pastor is encouraging all of us to strive towards a multiethnic church. It’s quite fascinating and it’s helped me as I think and pray and minister through these times.

    One personal take away: its difficult for each of us to not get defensive when we consider race.

  3. Jean says:

    Getting something off my chest:

    If the CDC came out with guidelines for a phased re-opening of the states, and if the White House Coronavirus Task Force announced and promoted those re-opening guidelines publicly, but then the President of the United States (who is the ultimate authority for the Task Force) tweeted “Liberate [X]” State governed by Democratic Governors or in other venues undermined Democratic Governors by urging their citizens to complain and protest against their governors’ re-opening plans which follow the CDC, and at the same time, the President heaped praise on those Republican governors who ignored the President’s own CDC guidelines an re-opened without seeing specified decreases in case counts, is anyone surprised about where we find ourselves as a nation today?

    Does anyone think (and please speak up if you do) that a Real Estate developer knows more about pandemics, coronaviruses and infectious diseases than multi-decade experts like, for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci?

  4. CM says:


    No one with the intelligence of a coconut or higher lifeform would think that. The problem is far too people (especially the MAGA-cult) do not have that. Considering the coronavirus cases are exploding in Trump states and will likely kill many would-be Trump voters, I have to say that Darwinism will triumph over terminal stupidity. And I will not feel the slightest bit sorry for them anymore than I would drunk college students running across busy highways.

  5. Em says:

    Might be surprised to know the real Fauci and Trump has more substance than his enemies credit him…
    A lot of competence is in knowing with whom to take counsel.. .

    Just sayin’. 🙆

  6. CM says:

    And apparently Trump does not heed counsel for the most part, except those who stroke his ego like his sycophants and Yes Men.

    But then Trump would rather defend a Confederate statue rather than an American soldier having a GRU bounty put on his head in Afghanistan.

  7. Schadenfruede, CM? I’d bet over 95% of the protesters and rioters aren’t trump supporters. Most of the deniers seem to reside in rural states where the virus will never gain much traction.

    I come from a rural county in the California foothills. A friend there told me that the entire staff of a cafe we met at earlier this year came down with the virus. Here in the silicon valley, we are still a hot bed. 20% more of our worksite is returning to work Monday, 2nd tier worker bees. I was part of the 3rd tier cohort and have been working since April, thankfully. Given the current trajectory, I think the USA will reach 300k deaths by November. Even so, we’re doing better than Sweden.

  8. jtk says:

    “Does anyone think (and please speak up if you do) that a Real Estate developer knows more about pandemics, coronaviruses and infectious diseases than multi-decade experts like, for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci?“

    i hate when a question goes unanswered, so here you go: no, of course not.

    But I’ll present a realistic counter argument/question:
    how difficult is it to get a rich, old, white man, who has had lots of success in his business, to change ANYTHING significant he says or does?

    I bet it’s near impossible for most all of them.

  9. CM says:


    Though Andrew Carnegie in later life did donate much of his fortune to the building of libraries, lecture halls, etc. across the US. During the last 18 years of his life, he gave away $350 million (conservatively $65 billion in 2019 dollars, based on percentage of GDP) to charities, foundations, and universities – almost 90 percent of his fortune.

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