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  1. CM says:

    Hello Michael,

    My reply in no particular order:

    #Bonus: What about minor league games? Those can be just as exciting and fun as the MLB ones. And the ticket and concession prices cheaper.

    #1: What happened may I ask? Also I was tempted to go into the Apple stores and look at the Fanboys and the employees to point out that CPU in the iPhones are made by TMSC (and before that Samsung), the OLED screen on the iPhones is made by Samsung, the facial recognition VCSEL is made by either Lumentum or FInisar, the Wireless/RF chip is likely made by Cree/Wolfspeed or Broadcom, and so on. And I will complement them on borrowing other ideas and making it seamlessly integrated for the masses for a while. But they have gotten to clever by a half since the iPhone 7 or so.

  2. CM says:

    Hello Michael,

    And yes I never drank the Apple Kool-Aid and nor bought into the cult of Jobs. Yes he was brilliant, yes he took various individual technologies and integrated them into elegant devices that could be almost used intuitively. But I also rememeber the adage “Form follows function.” Jobs understood that. Apple really has not since Jobs died, they are very much running on that legacy.

  3. Michael says:

    Hi, CM,

    There won’t be much minor league ball without the majors that support them.
    What happened…I had to replace my old 7Plus because the battery was shot.
    Trey and I got matching iPhone 11’s…they had a deal and I need deals for stuff like this.
    I spend a lot of time in the car and most of my wake time multi tasking, so having a bluetooth earpiece is critical…and the new phone wouldn’t hold a pairing.
    So I found 120 pages of the same issue on the Apple support pages with no fix…I called Apple because I had Apple Care.
    I expected they would just swap out the phone…
    A solid month of them downloading logging devices, sending stuff to engineers, hours of phone calls, endless gas lighting when everyone I talked to outside of Apple said it was a known issue.
    Finally, I gave up and Verizon sent me a refurb for my month old phone.
    Same problem…

  4. Em says:

    I was recently warned that Apple had gone “bad.”
    Can we shoot anyone caught defacing depictions of our Lord and Savior? Guess not, but…. a bad move, i suspect
    Anarchy unchecked? Won’t this lead to a dictatorship?
    Bonus- no sweet sound of a bat connecting spot on with a pitch? No sweet sound of a glove snagging a ball? No peanuts to shell? sigj. 😞

  5. Xenia says:

    I don’t know much about baseball but I can tell you a thing or two about the knitting “community.”

    In recent years, knitting has been discovered by hipsters, both male and female. Some of these knitters have extreme views and have taken over the numerous knitting communities of Facebook, Instagram, etc. The biggest online knitting social group is Ravelry, and I was an early member. (I am no longer a member as they forbade any conservative opinions.) What has happened is if an ordinary knitter says something even remotely politically incorrect, they get mobbed. Hundreds of “woke” strangers will rip your grandma to shreds and will post her photo on Twitter and will run her out of business if she has a yarn shop. This happened recently to a young man who said he was worried because his yarn shop was near the Minneapolis riots. He just said he was a little scared. Hundreds of SJW people descended upon this poor man like sharks after bait. He tried to apologize; they wouldn’t accept it. He tried harder to apologize; they still wouldn’t accept. The shop owner himself was very liberal, but it wasn’t good enough. I don’t know what they wanted him to do as nothing would satisfy the mob. This is happening all over the western world now in every “community.” You wouldn’t believe the nonsense what’s currently happening in the strange little world of Tolkien studies. Moreover, the phrase “Anglo-Saxon” must never be used to describe the Old English language. If you study Old Norse you must be a Nazi. (Well, some are, actually…)

    If you decide to keep quiet, they hate you more for being silent. I have pretty much curated my Twitter and FB feeds to weed out the extremists but the people I previously thought were reasonable are falling all over themselves to grovel to their new masters. “Oh, kick me again, please. ”

    Listen, if you see a video or photo of an ordinary person on Twitter or FB, caught on camera being politically correct, do not participate in the mob! Chances are excellent the photo/video has been doctored or there’s more to the story than meets the eye. I do not want to live in a world where some jerk with an iPhone can take a video of me in the grocery store to post on Twitter for the world of SJW to mock. It’s hard enough that God is watching me all the time…

  6. Michael says:

    Once again your comment is the frosting on the cake…what you described is exactly what I find loathsome…

  7. Michael says:

    Apple was once worth imbibing the Kool- Aid…it’s just another corporation now.

  8. Mike E. says:

    Regarding the removal of statues. I believe the Confederate Flag needs to be banned in public displays; Statues of Confederate Generals ought to come down; and military bases shouldn’t be named after Confederate leaders. “if we cleanse the culture of all symbols of injustice, do we then pretend injustice never happened?” That’s a valid concern, so I’d recommend replacing all removed statues with statues that commemorate the victims of the oppression, not the perpetrators.

  9. Michael says:

    I have no real problem with the removal of Confederate symbols. The danger is that believing that removal of statuary equates a change of heart…it doesn’t. It just embitters the unchanged…

  10. CM says:


    In honor of the knitting community I present this amusing commercial for you:

  11. CM says:

    Michael and others,

    What about college baseball? Is that something worth checking out?

    In regards to the statues, they should placed in museum in their complete historical context. If that cannot be removed, then additional displays, signage (and QR codes for smartphones) should be placed to explain the backstory of the person depicted as well as the real backstory on their construction and emplacement. By historical context one needs to fully explain The Myth of the Lost Cause narrative, how it came about, why it is a myth and not history, and so on.

    On a unrelated note, the Myth of the Lost Cause is why CSA Army General James Longstreet (whom Lee said was his strong right arm) is only honored in 2 places in all of the South (his figure on Stone Mtn GA and a small museum in Gainesville, GA – the home of his youth).

    If you want to get a pro-statue neo-Confederate’s head to explode ask him this question:

    “If the statues are only about honoring the skill and gallantry of the Confederate generals and their soldiers, why are there no statues or other honors for James Longstreet (other than the 2 places mentioned?”

  12. MM says:

    A neighbor of mine just had a good friend die in a bicycling accident. He was descending a hill at a fairly high speed, his wife was ahead of him and then he lost control and landed head first. Needless to say it ended poorly for him.

    As he lay on the ground dying, bleeding from a skull fracture (he had a helmet on) a motorist stopped, grabbed their cell phone, took a picture of the dying cyclist and immediately posted it on a social network. The motorist did not call for help, nor lend assistance. All done before his wife got back to the accident scene.

    My neighbor and friend, a lesbian and not a Christian BTW, said this, “where have people’s humanity gone?”

    The same story, just a different day.

    What makes those who claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior any different?

  13. CM says:


    I am stunned. Can that person be criminally charged for callous indifference or something like that?

  14. Xenia says:

    CM, thank you! Great ad!

  15. Dan from Georgia says:

    My take on Apple is that it SEEMED to me a while back that only hipsters and oddballs used Apple computers (back when it was just computers that they sold). Today just about every person I see has those hair-dryer shaped wireless earbuds dangling from their ears, all the while staring into their iPhone screens.

    I do like my iPad I have to admit, but I HATE that Apple takes pride in telling us what we want. Ironic.

    I thought I would miss MLB baseball, but for some reason I just don’t care right now about it.

    Item #6: one of the problems is that Christians are deluded into thinking that talk about injustice and racism are “liberal” and “Democrat” issues. I was appalled at the comments on under the racism articles. Apparently many Christians still are on the wrong side.

  16. sarahmorgan says:

    Isn’t one of the definition of redemption: The thing that was once known as bad, is no longer remembered for the bad things done in the past, but for the good things done since the bad things were rejected and ended?
    I used to live on Ft. Bragg. I probably, if asked at that time, would’ve surmised that it was named after a military leader, but I never knew it was named after a Confederate general. Nobody mentions, much less reveres or celebrates, that particular fact. Ft. Bragg is known to most folks of the last several generations as the training location for a myriad of US soldiers, many worthy of honor. The talk of renaming it ticks me off.
    I refuse to support any organization that doesn’t allow for the redemption of individuals…in fact, such organizations are evil.

  17. CM says:


    Your welcome. So are there any biker types (or other contrary stereotypes) in your knitting community?

  18. CM says:

    Dan fro GA,

    You had those hipsters, but then you also had the Apple Geeks, as well as the Apple snobs/fanboys.

    The first 2 groups were alright despite being quirky. The last group is insufferable as they are the ones that have the attitude that if it is not Apple, it’s excrement. They also liked to use and show off Apple products like fashionistas use and show off Louis Vitton and Coach purses.

    On an unrelated note, did you see my earlier comment about the 2 honors given to James Longstreet are in GA?

  19. CM says:


    Most soldiers probably don’t care what is their base name (unless it used as a joke). Their unit is what commands the loyalty and respect. To the Airborne soldier, it is the 82nd Airborne Division that commands the respect.

    Second, things get new names all the time. Units get reassigned all the time. The 4th Infantry Division was based at Fort Hood but it relocated back to Fort Carson, Colorado in 2009. We have numerous heroes and leaders from the 20th century that can be used. Omar Bradley, Matthew Ridgeway, and James Gavin were the COs of the 82nd Airborne Division.

    During WWII, Gavin was often referred to as “The Jumping General” because of his practice of taking part in combat jumps with the paratroopers under his command. He was the only American general officer to make four combat jumps in the war. Gavin was the youngest major general to command an American division in World War II, being only 37 upon promotion, and the youngest lieutenant general after the war, in March 1955.

    Braxton Bragg is known as being one of the most incompetent generals in the Civil War. So I find it ironic that our elite, most highly trained US Army units are on base named after him. What is worse is the an even more incompetent general, Leonidas Polk is honored as the namesake to Fort Polk in Louisana. Many of these bases were built during WWI under Friend of the Confederacy POTUS Woodrow Wilson and I am sure if the US Army asked for local input on the names no doubt CSA Army Generals would be recommended.

  20. MM says:

    “I am stunned. Can that person be criminally charged for callous indifference or something like that?”

    Maybe, but like all things, especially with the current mania, not one policeman or DA would ever prosecute such a thing.

    For the Apple debate:

    I think Apple products, laptops, phones, watches and iPads are all great. I have no problems with them charging premium prices and have little expectations for their social contributions. Apple’s a business and making money is what keeps it afloat and really is its general purpose and reason for existence.

    What I have difficulty with, pertaining to Apple, is the hypocrisy of their “social” and ecological positions. These people build the products in China, not the USA, and they avoid paying US taxes by off-shoring a fair percentage of their profits.

    But, since I’m fully aware of the way they do business I and it’s all legal the only thing I could do, if so inclined, would be to buy another brand(s). The only problem is they all do the same thing.

    Maybe we should do as Greta says, just shut it all down. That’ll show them; won’t it?

    That’s as political as I’m going to get right now.

    Learn His words and vote/walk my conscience every day.

  21. CM says:


    I am not faulting Apple for its busines practices and such. My take is that for many longtime Apple users (like Mchael) and observers their halo has been tarnished in recent years. And Michael is far from the only one.

  22. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    regarding 2, one of the more depressing thoughts that recurs for me is that I stopped being at MHC years ago but the way the cumulative majority of people behave on social media makes it seem as though a vocal chunk of people on social media have all of the vices of MHC and probably will never realize it because a fair amount of that episode as been memory-holed by folks who have moved on or found new causes to be part of (whether backing a Sawant in Seattle or wearing MAGA hats).

    With respect to 8, it might be because half my ancestry is Native American but WHO gets given second chances and who might just get shot the first time is part of what at least some people are protesting. It’s disappointing but not exactly a surprise to learn some people have been shot in the CHAZ/CHOP and it’s even less surprising that conspiracy theorizing has happened about it.

  23. Eric says:

    #5 is on the money.

    #6 reminds me of what Forsyth wrote in WW1 (sorry, he’s not easy to read):

    That the greatest and cruellest war in the world should take place between the two nations for which evangelical Christianity has done most, and to which its history owes most, would be serious for that form of faith if the Roman form had been capable of rising to the moral opportunity and taken the occasion to protest. It is a staggering blow to a faith that grew up in a long peace, a high culture, a shallow notion of history, society, or morality, and a view of religion as but a divine blessing upon life instead of a fundamental judgment and regeneration of it. It is fatal to the piety of pony carriage…

  24. MM says:


    I’m not bashing anyone for their views on Apple. At one time having those Apple stickers on ones car and wearing white ear buds was a sign of being cool and in the right crowd. I always thought Jobs was a genius in the way he marketed the brand and actually made it almost a religious cult.

    I still am a fan of the products and will continue to buy them into the future.

  25. Babylon's Dread says:

    Speaking is how we relate… speech is the beginning and foundation of relationship. When speaking fails only violence is left. No one is listening. We are entering the violence stage. Lies did it. People of the lie can only kill after the lies do their work.

  26. filbertz says:

    dread, that is why the servant/least-of-these role Jesus engendered is so revolutionary and powerful–it defies both speech and violence. It’s not weakness to serve.

  27. Em says:

    “No one is listening.” …… we are, indeed, treading some very dangerous ground right now…
    “It’s not weakness to serve.” amen to that, but, sadly, most of the unredeemed (& some redeemed) interpret it as weakness…
    I won’t be here that much longer, but i wish that i didn’t feel that the good years for this nation are behind us… with 8 grandchildren and, as of now, 3 greats this is a very sorrowful prospect… does any good come out of chaos? Doesn’t globalism set the stage for The Anti-Christ to rule?
    God keep all and by Your mercy and grace, give us clear minds….

  28. directambiguity says:

    Apple: “Slavery gets shit done!”

  29. China has a lot of clout. That market is bigger than North America. Apple and other companies can’t sell there without comitting to invest some in the mainland, either directly or in the supply chain. TSMC is a huge player for fabless companies or almost fabless like Apple. If there were reunification, on-shoring would be huge. Western companies don’t want their significant IP going to the CCP.

  30. Michael says:

    Which set of lies are you referring to?
    The ones I’ve referenced for 15 years that the right has broadcast about migrants and immigrants?
    The lies about the drug war?
    The ones that the right told for eight years about Obama?
    The countless documented lies Trump has told?

    Somehow, I do not think those are what trouble you…so which current set of lies have sent you over the top?

    Make no mistake here…the political left has it’s own lying swine, but war chants over lies is a bloody joke on both sides of this divide.

    Blame the media…but remember the media you favor is full of lying bastards who tried to incite blood for 15 years over migrants…

  31. Michael says:


    The same claim can be made toward every tech company and big box retailer in this country.
    America has always relied on slave labor…

  32. Michael says:

    If violence comes…and it will…it won’t be over some noble ideal. It will be the rage of petulant liars who believed their lies and corruption would give them victory beforehand played out by the sides.
    The dead will be those who were foolish enough to have believed them…

  33. CM says:


    Another thing is even if wages in China and other countries increase to levels that are not slave labor, for most of the disposable manufactured stuff, it will still be cheaper to make them overseas. People tend to forget the economic law known as “The Law of Comparative Advantage.” This is why everyday clothes are made in Vietnam and Bangledesh and commercial aircraft are made in the US. Outrage machine populists Trump AND Sanders have the same tariff and trade policies, and they completely ignore that pesky Law of Economics.

    And as I pointed out in an earlier post, many of the iPhone components (especially the more sophisticated ones like the CPU, the VCSEL, and the RF/Wireless chips are NOT made in China).

  34. Michael says:

    I’ll just say this and be done.
    Today, America is a beast nation and a vast part of the church is it’s whorehouse.
    Until we reckon with those facts, the end is near.
    It might be anyway…

  35. Michael says:


    That’s nuance and nuance doesn’t sell.
    Most truth is nuanced…

  36. Michael says:


    One of the reasons I’m terrified of surgery is the fear that I won’t make it and leave Trey to navigate this new world too soon…I hear you…

  37. CM says:


    Unfortunately yes.

    In regards to the beast and whorehouse, P.J. O’Rourke wrote a book many years ago about Washington DC (especially Congress) titled, “Parliament of Whores”.

    I remember reading somewhere about how there is nothing new under the sun.

    In regards to surgery, all I can say is get multiple opinions from the doctors, surgeons, specialists. Do your homework on their background, experience, patient reviews, etc. Also look at where the surgery will take place, how it is on pre- and post- op care, etc. I am sure you have already done much of this, so this is mainly a sanity check. Of course this ties into Proverbs 11:14 (among other Scriptures), so it looks like you are following Scripture in this regard (and in other ways I am sure). Therefore, one can be confident that God will honor your faithfulness.

  38. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    “Today, America is a beast nation and a vast part of the church is it’s whorehouse.
    Until we reckon with those facts, the end is near.”

    A beast nation … today but not from its inception? Hasn’t the United States’ wealth been built on a combination of slavery and usury for some time? If we really reckoned with those facts we’d consider, at least, the possibility that 1) the end is inescapable and deserved and yet still 2) a terrible tragedy for countless people.

    Ezekiel was instructed to pronounce an oracle against Tyre in Ezek 26 and then to lament in Ezek 27-28. In Jeremiah 7 the prophet is told to not bother interceding on behalf of the people but we have Lamentations. It seems that as industries go American Christians who venerate the Beast tend to sell just the oracles of judgment or the songs of lament without keeping the two together.

  39. Michael says:


    I’m on Medicaid and we only have one hospital here that does open heart surgery.
    I’ll trust God has me here for my good…

  40. Michael says:


    The Constitution is a brilliant document and our declared ideals were holy…but time has eroded our taste for such.
    I keep waiting for the adults to take over…then I realize these are the adults…

  41. Duane Arnold says:


    “I keep waiting for the adults to take over…then I realize these are the adults…”

    I keep waiting for the old white guys to get out of the way. I’m seeing a lot of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are smart, work hard and have something to contribute. If they can become part of the decision making process, I think it will be a change for the best.

    Currently, however, we have the elderly Roman senators debating and insulting each other in the forum, while the Huns and Vandals are at the gates. Not a recipe for success… just ask Augustine.

  42. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    “I keep waiting for the old white guys to get out of the way. I’m seeing a lot of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are smart, work hard and have something to contribute. If they can become part of the decision making process, I think it will be a change for the best.”

    Honestly, as a 40 something I felt like I needed to read this. I admit to being very, very jaded about even the ideals at this point, though Michael is right that the Constitution is brilliant document and the ideals are good (I hesitate to go so far as to say they’re holy).

    I’m hoping we get more voices like Frederick Douglass than William Lloyd Garrison but the Garrison voices seem to be more prominent.

  43. The first article on loyalty is gold.

  44. Michael says:


    You are far more encouraged than I am…I hope you’re right.

  45. filbertz says:

    the way to get the old white guys (and in the case of Dems) and gals out of the way and get the talented, forward thinking fresh faces into leadership is to stop voting the old guard into positions of power. But those same geezers have $tructured things to keep them there. This requires a greater turnout of voters in the younger sectors of our society–and insistence on their right to vote and their need to vote. Old farts show up and vote for the status quo.

  46. Michael says:


    You’re right but it goes beyond that.
    We need better candidates…

  47. filbertz says:

    you mean besides 70 & 80 year old white guys? this election may turn on who is VP choice of Biden.

  48. Duane Arnold says:


    Yes, they need to vote and, hopefully, they will. Additionally, the status quo need to make “room at the table”. I’ve almost stopped serving on boards and committees, locally, regionally and nationally, as most of them are self-perpetuating. That is, the same old white guys stay on way past their sell by date. Real leaders do not miraculously appear. They are grown. They serve on boards and committees. They learn how to develop consensus. They learn how to deal with opposing points of view. We have done poorly in terms of making a place for women, people of color and our younger colleagues in such forums. Yet it is where they learn. Too often we have not given them that opportunity…

  49. MM says:

    While the subject is old whites guys on boards, considering the current and on going debates on “white privilege” and “systemic racism” I thought I’d post a couple of links.

    The first is the Doctoral Thesis of Robin DiAngelo, who is probably today’s foremost lecturer and instructor to white people about their bias and privileges due to race.

    White Fragility
    Robin DiAngelo

    The second is a very thoughtful rebuttal to many of Dr. DiAngelo’s ideas and concepts.

    The Epistemological Problem of White Fragility Theory
    Jonathan Church

    Good reads and they will enlighten and maybe take away some of the guilt being laid down on many these days.

    Because of the two links I know this post will probably be filtered. Thank you.

  50. Jim says:

    Daily PSA-The US has always been an oligarchy. The candidates, including their age and race, are irrelevant.

  51. Dan from Georgia says:

    Hi CM!

    I did not see your earlier comment about James Longstreet. I am going to do some reading up on him.

    The Apple fans…I agree how some are insufferable. I remember when the iPad first came out, and some media outlet showed a guy holding up his new toy like Charlton Heston’s Moses held up the ten commandments tablets in said movie.

  52. filbertz says:

    jim–an oldguyarchy? 🙂

  53. CM says:


    Old Cubans in Miami drinking espresso and playing dominos. Old Jewish guys in NYC playing chess in the park. Old SBC members having their senior mens’ fellowship (correction breakfast) at the nearby Waffle House. Those are examples of oldguyarchy. YMMV.

  54. Jim says:

    “Old Cubans in Miami drinking espresso and playing dominos”

    I love those guys. Their coffee makes my temples twitch.

  55. Duane Arnold says:


    Just for the sake of accuracy, Dr. DiAngelo’s doctoral dissertation was not ‘White Fragility’. It was ‘Whiteness in Racial Dialogue: a Discourse Analysis’. ‘White Fragility’ was a later book… Additionally, my comment was not primarily about race, but about diversity with reference to age.

  56. CM says:


    Was the book more less a copy of his dissertation (put into book form)or was something he wrote separately using extensive material from his dissertation.

    I am thinking about what Dr. Brian May did:

    Leave it to me to put in a reference to an truly outstanding musician when I can. 😀

  57. CM says:


    That coffee is good, but they load it up with sugar to be able to drink it. Otherwise it is quite abrasive and clings to your digestive system like tar for a roof. That being said, a Cuban sandwich properly pressed is truly awesome. Just imagine what it will like when the taint of sin is removed in the New Heaven and New Earth.

    Which brings me to an interesting theological observation: Since the presence of sin which has afflicted the entire universe since the fall will be gone, then it stands to reason that _everything_ in the New Heavens and Earth will have all their characteristics, properties, etc as God intended before the Fall. So how will that change things? Think about it. Our sense of smell and flavor is tainted by the fall, the all the characteristics and the components of that Cuban Sandwich is tainted. Which means we don’t have even a reference point to compare.

    Food for thought.

  58. Duane Arnold says:


    Her idea of ‘White Fragility’ came later… by several years. BTW, I’m a fan of Brian May – perseverance!

  59. MM says:


    I stand corrected, the link is not to her actual dissertation but rather a reference which brings what can be (or I understand to be) considered a summary of that dissertation. No, I have not read her actual dissertation, however I believe reading it, the paper referenced in the link, brings a good understanding of her position(s) and what she has taught for almost two decades.

    My post has nothing to do with your references to age or diversity. Considering all the pain our nation is currently going through, it is purely a thought which may help us understand the current rage and mania.

    I posted the links purely for consideration and a historical perspective with the current BLM and white privileges rhetoric spreading through our world these days like a wildfire through dry grass.

    I think it also demonstrates there is “nothing new under the sun.”

  60. MM says:


    Robin J. DiAngelo, is a woman.

    Maybe a little “gender” issue? 😉


    Here is a link to the actual dissertation from the U of W.

    Very similar but more formal, due to the dissertation, than the previously posted link.

  61. CM says:


    I stand corrected. I was thinking of Christopher Robin or Robin Williams I guess. 😀

  62. CM says:


    Here is another doctoral dissertation title:

    Alberti Before Florence: Early Sources Informing Leon Battista Alberti’s De Pictura

    A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Art History by Peter Francis Weller.

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