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  1. Em says:

    Wonderful analogy! ! !
    The difference between religion(what we delude ourselves with) and a waiting relationship with our creator!

  2. LInn says:


    Thank you for the good word. We are in the midst of moving my confused dad to assisted living (with his wife, who has been in a skilled nursing for three months after a stroke). My relationship with my dad has always been a bit up and down (let’s just say three marriages marred by domestic violence). But, I’ve tried to understand and grown to love him as I do share some characteristics with him. Now, he needs me and calls frequently to uravel his confusion. I will be glad when the transition is over and I can see him in his own safe place. We’ll be ablel to talk, play scrabble, and talk about old cars.

  3. Michael says:


    I pray it goes well and he settles in with peace…

  4. Owen says:

    Michael, I’m so happy to read this – I kept wanting to ask how he was doing, but was afraid I might be touching a sore point….
    So glad he came home to stay, and that you have another companion!

  5. Michael says:


    He’s still not exactly an emotional support cat, but then, neither am I. 🙂
    Maybe we’ll get better together…

  6. Linn says:


    Cats know their people. The kitty I have now I never imagined, after three weeks under the bed and three months behind the toilet in the guest bathroom. But, she is now on the bed, on the kitchen counter (looking for snacks), in my lap, and slaps me if I miss her “let’s play” cue. She has turned out to be an absolutely fabulous kitty companion. I would have been okay if she remained in the bathroom, but she has proven to be much more. Love and patience usually work with kitties.

  7. Donner says:


    Thank you.

  8. Paige says:

    Love this. And…. incidentally sorry to read the thread about your mom’s cat.

    We’ve moved recently and three of my four pampered cats stay inside. Rocky Brown, however, is constantly in and out, in and out.. RockyBrown found a local ‘friend’…. whom we have named Vicki. Visitor Kitty. Vicki reminds me of those who have heard the Gospel and been blessed by all that God gives, but refuses to come inside.

    Vicki is on the doormat twice daily. Gobbles food and treats, loves pets and conversation, but refuses to come inside. She will look in the glass door at our life inside for hours. She sees the other cats, who are not afraid of her. RockyBrown is her ‘friend’. He walks right by Vicki without a hiss.

    I keep telling Vicki that life inside is heavenly. But she won’t take me up on it. Yet.

  9. Owen says:

    I don’t know, Michael, I think he’s supporting you by his presence. Don’t try and tell me you’re not benefitting from it…. 😉

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