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10 Responses

  1. Captain Kevin says:

    Love this, Michael!

  2. bob1 says:

    Fantastic. Thanks, Michael!

  3. bob1 says:

    On a different topic: just came across an article that’s excerpted from Tim
    Alberta’s new book The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. He interviewed Cal Thomas, who’s disavowed right-wing politics and its fusion with Xnity. This shows what turned Thomas:

    “When Trump mentioned Pence and the evangelical audience booed their brother in Christ, I said to myself, this is the final compromise,” Thomas told me. “Here is your brother. Here is a man who worships the Lord that you claim to worship. Here is a man who goes to church every Sunday. Here is a man who has had only one wife and never been accused of being unfaithful. And you’re booing him? As opposed to a serial adulterer? A man who uses the worst language you can think of and does every other thing you oppose? Explain that to me from a biblical perspective. Please.”

  4. Captain Kevin says:

    bob1, Cal Thomas pretty much nailed it.

  5. Michael says:

    bob1, CK, …thanks!

  6. Victoria Noble says:

    I love this a lot. Great idea bout the glimmers, and I too love all things cats, southern accents, and my Bible. I really like the idea of the advent candles.

  7. Josh says:

    People like Southern Accents?!?! I been trying to rid myself of this curse my whole life.

  8. Michael says:

    Thanks, Victoria!

  9. Michael says:


    It’s not a curse, but a gift.
    I find people with southern accents easier to listen to even when they say something I don’t like…

  10. Josh says:

    Most people automatically assume we are stupid. I have trouble with people taking me serious. But it honestly has never held me back in life, so I can’t complain.

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