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  1. Kevin H says:


    Good word as always on the TGIF.

  2. Xenia says:

    I recommend Tracfones. That will kill anybody’s phone-pride.

  3. John Shaffer says:

    I have a 7 year old cell phone that I inherited from my wife once she was done with it. It functions mostly as our land line at home. It primarily sits on my dresser.

    I think it takes photos.

  4. Em says:

    earlier this morning i was reading the 17th chapter of John – so it is easy to make my own application today, but we could improve our advertising skills, nonetheless … and there’s other ‘applications’ …

  5. This post is about two things I love dearly:

    1: Hatred of tech culture.
    2: The mercy of the Lord.

    Good stuff, Michael!

  6. Paige says:

    Amen and amen…… The 10th Commandment is still true today “thou shalt not covet’… the latest material/advertised/techie gadget…
    The admonition to Be Thankful in all things is still the Will of God, in Christ Jesus, concerning you/me/us/all

    Amen….Michael…glad you are well, back to work, walking in the Spirit even in material techland.

  7. Dave Rolph says:

    Yeah, you’re right. But it is still a cool phone. I see God’s hand in anything new and cool. Some of these Luddites would have told God, after He made the first one hundred stars, “Come on God! How many stars do you really need?” God seems to really enjoy overdoing it. When we are in heaven, I imagine some people will sit there on a cloud with Harp 1.0, while others will explore and create forever. Hope I’m the second type.

    (My best self-justification/spiritual mumbo jumbo for buying the iPhone 5. That and the fact that I skipped the 4s so I’m actually frugal. And yes, I pay for my own phones personally.)

  8. Chile says:

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on a tech post …

    I’m a dinosaur, but I have to adapt. College kids won’t talk, they only text, so I learned to text. No one give directions anymore, so I need a GPS in my direction app. Can’t refer to just one version of the Bible anymore, so I need my Bible with a gazillion different versions in it (cause it’s smaller than carrying them!) etc…

    My old flip phone which was fine for me, is now like an old flame … fond memories, but it’s gotta go. Gonna get an I-phone 4, cause they are giving them away for free and I can use it in other countries.

  9. Chile says:

    But I have to say …

    When I’m in Bible study and the internet in the building goes down, the class is paralyzed … till I turn the page …

  10. I’m not a big techno guy, but I do love what I have. I never buy the “new” stuff, I’m usually a couple of versions behind. My DVD broke (my last 2 were hand me downs) so I needed a new one and someone suggested Blu Ray.

    I found I could get Netflix through it so I said “what the hey!”. So now, in my upgraded techno world I have spent this week watching Murder She Wrote and Adam-12 until my eyeballs are ready to fall out.

  11. Em says:

    thank you, MLD – i’ve been way busier than i’m used to and when i’m wiped out mentally and physically, i’ve been decompressing by marathon watching all those old bridal shows that i never would have watched on cable TV (i like pretty dresses and am a romantic at heart anyway) – one ‘wedding planner’ set in Fort Worth, TX was actually good
    London suggested watching Doc Martin – the Brits are good at quirky
    sooo? so i’d been feeling guilty until MLD’s #10 … i still like using emoticons, but they’ve gone the way of the flip-phone, i guess … that’s the only one i have or want to have BTW

  12. Em says:

    my #11 could have been clearer, i was thanking MLD for what i read in his #10 – it made me feel less guilty for watching too much Neflix stuff lately – hope i didn’t make MLD feel really old 😆

  13. I am a phonophobe. I absolutely detest talking on the phone, even to people whom I love. Texting is mercy to me. My dinosaurophone texts. I’m happy with that.

  14. brian says:

    “2: The mercy of the Lord.”

    An honest confession I use to lean on this the first say one year after I became a Christian, which I know did not happen. After that and for the last 31+ years I have always considered this an extremely unreasonable expectation, and that is on a good day. I always found that strange but it is how I “feel” (another thing a Christian should never ever do).

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