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  1. We write the story every day, sometimes God insists on publication, other times He simply treasures what we add to His journal

  2. Jean says:

    I think God calls each of us every day, but are we listening?

  3. perhaps we’re too distracted by our phones to look up and live in the 3d realtime world He blessed us with?

  4. …God calling… phones distracting…
    …this is why I keep my day job šŸ˜‰

  5. The city needs to be named Phoenix …

  6. Captain Xthian Steve Bones says:

    Parallel to some areas that the cross of
    Christ that burns the things of Babylon that have infected some hearts and minds; rids us of.

    And then begins to rebuild with the help of mature saints of God.

  7. Another Captain???!!!!! ^^^^^^ Inconceivable!

  8. Awesome reminder Michael! Thank you for helping us to see Jesus and His work in both the spectacular and the mundane.

  9. Dang, I killed the thread before noon!

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